Tim Tebow’s Terrifying ‘GMA’ Corn Maze

Tebow faces off with the Lara Spencer and Ginger Zee in search of the golden pumpkin

Link To Video

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7 Responses to “Tim Tebow’s Terrifying ‘GMA’ Corn Maze”

  1. bubbaelvis says:

    Wow, kind of painful to watch. At least Tim makes the most of it and has some fun. OK NFL get this guy back on the field where he belongs. This proves he can master anything.

  2. andrea says:

    Very sad to see this. If this is the quality of morning shows nowadays I am deeply embarrassed.

    Hope Tim gets picked up by a team soon so he doesn’t have to do any more of this stuff.

  3. ck says:

    Kinda sad that it has come to this and don’t wish to see T2 being obviously exploited by GMA…a show I rarely, if ever, watch!!! He is BETTER than having to settle for the likes of these people impo!!!

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