Tim Tebow’s LSU Comment Is Painful Realization Of Muschamp Era Failure

October 28, 2014
10:40 am | 22 hours ago
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Glenn McGraw
Florida Gators, Tim Tebow, Will Muschamp
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Listen, I love the Florida Gators as much as the next guy. I’ve spent a total of 10 years, between college and post-graduation, in Gainesville. And I always support my team, but at some point we all have to face reality: the Muschamp era has been a failure.

No, I’m not booing the Gators on the field. I never condone that, because these are college kids working their asses off. But I’m also not going to wear rose-colored glasses when there’s something that isn’t working.

Think about this for a minute: You sit on the board of a major corporation. A few years back you hired a guy as the CEO to lead the company into the future. Fast forward four years and not only has there been no progress made, but you’re staring at some backslide. Do you sit back and say, “Hey, he’s a nice a guy and he’s trying hard,” or do you stop the bleeding and make a change?

We all know the answer.

Muschamp is that ineffective CEO. He was hired to direct the UF football program. As fans we have no emotional ties to him, only to the Gators. Saying we want Muschamp out doesn’t mean we aren’t supporting the team. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We just want the right leader for our program.

Talent has been pouring into Gainesville in the form of four and five star recruits, yet the results aren’t changing. This is something Tim Tebow touched on during his 1010XL Tuesday radio show, when he discussed how Florida has the same talent as LSU, yet the development, both mentally and physically, isn’t there for the Gators.

Florida has the same talent LSU has, but are they going to make that mental jump… competitive excellence… to make plays – Tebow


After four years, it’s hard to imagine the Gators are ever going to make the jump under Muschamp. That’s not bailing on my team, that’s the cold, hard truth. And sometimes the truth hurts

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