Kid apparently thinks UF is just Tim Tebow

 Maybe he’s right

Florida’s football program has certainly been in a downward spiral since his departure. It’s still too early in the season to put anything in stone, but the question of whether last year was an outlier or 2012 was is becoming clearer with each passing week. Tim Tebow may have not been the most talented guy in the world, hence his failure in the NFL, but he was one of the all time winners to ever play college football. We saw a guy last night, Marcus Mariota, that is miles ahead of Tebow as far as being talented, but he’s not a winner, and isn’t winning why you play the game? By the way, can the pundits please stop pushing mariota as college football’s best quarterback and player? He’s Mr. Statistic and still hasn’t thrown an interception, but he also has still not won a big game. And last night was not even a big game. It was a game, at home, against a 24 point underdog, and he still choked.

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