Tim Tebow News: St Louis Rams to Sign QB?(Buzzy Says More BS)


By Maria Myka (media@latinospost.com) | First Posted: Aug 27, 2014 08:10 AM EDT


(Photo : Reuters/ Marc Piscotty)

    St Louis Rams quarterback, Sam Bradford, is out for yet another season, and when an important player is lost, you can bet that talks about replacements are going to take place.

For the Rams, Tim Tebow may be the replacement that they need. Tebow’s joining the team is yet a rumor at this point, and according to the Examiner, the Rams had the chance to trade for the quarterback in 2012 and could have been a free agent the following year, but that wasn’t the case.

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The Examiner stressed, “If Tebow proved anything during his short time in the NFL it was that he was a bad quarterback that was good at winning. How else could a team win with the quarterback completing only two passes for an entire game? Perhaps he had a higher power on his side, though he was effective nevertheless.”

He could be the lucky charm that the Rams needed, considering that they haven’t seen a winning season since 2003, and with Shaun Hill next in line as starting quarterback, it’s highly doubtful that they will be able to break the losing streak without some help.


As pointed out by the Examiner, “in the ever-competitive NFC West, St. Louis needs some offensive weapons to combat the 49ers, Seahawks and Cardinals. Tebow would be a great compliment to playmakers such as Tayvon Austin and Tre Mason to throw to (assuming he can even make accurate passes) with Zach Stacy spearheading the ground attack.”

However, RantSports.com thinks that Tebow in the lineup will be a big problem. The article read:

“It’s a great sentiment as Tebow is one of the most beloved players to ever step on an NFL field, but in reality, the move would be very foolish from a football standpoint. Tebow will never be a first option as a professional quarterback, and adding another backup into the mix with Austin Davis and Garrett Gilbert makes little to no sense.

The veteran Shaun Hill will be the starter until further notice, which is the smartest move. Hill knows the Rams’ system and has impressed at times during the preseason for St. Louis. Bringing in someone with a ton to learn in an impossibly-inadequate time frame is foolish at best.”

Considering that Tebow hasn’t been on the field since 2012, (according to the Examiner he put his career on hold to be a college football analyst for ESPN) so he may be rusty, and nobody wants that for the games.

What do you think of the possibility of Tebow signing up with the Rams? Would it be a bad or a good thing?

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15 Responses to “Tim Tebow News: St Louis Rams to Sign QB?(Buzzy Says More BS)”

  1. Brandi says:

    Article: “Tim Tebow Interesting Choice for St Louis Rams”

    Second Article from another Outlet (Using 1st as its “source”):

    “Rams Sign Tim Tebow”

    Why didn’t Al Gore just leave the internet in that Army Lab? 🙂

    • KingSolomon says:

      I see Buzzy says this is BS, but my question is—does Buzzy or Brandi have ANY inside scoop on whether this could happen or not???

      Buzzy Says : Les Says it will never happon Fisher has tryed again the owner would have to step in and fire the GM

      • Brandi says:

        I almost fell for this last year. Folks in St Louis who are very close to Rams stringpullers said Fisher already had a deal sewn up. But GM Les Snead stepped in and vetoed it. Then for awhile the Rams tried to act like they never were interested in the first place.

        Too many GamePlayers off the Field in the NFL these days. And the very best people that are there (across the league and at Hdqtrs) that I know have all been telling me for awhile “Nobody’s listening”. Not just about Tebow. About anything. There’s something very messed up running on auto-pilot and nobody’s gonna throw it off the runway. Maybe one day we’ll know what it is.

        • jason says:

          Lies as always brandi. Fisher has no desire to change his offense. He sent vince young packing due to lack of fit. Keep lying about people you don’t know to get your jollies off!!!
          Buzzy says : Fisher did set up a look see of TT Jason that was shot down by Les.

          • Brandi says:

            Keep talking Jason. Keep telling Fans they shouldn’t think what they want should matter. Keep calling anyone you disagree with delusional or a liar. Keep saying that the NFL is King and anyone who thinks they should be more responsive to the Fans needs to be put in their place.

            With friends like you, the NFL will never need enemies.

  2. Jackson says:

    I was listening to NFL radio yesterday and they were discussing the STL Rams quarterback dilemma. The so-called “experts” were throwing out all kinds of names as good viable options for the Rams — names like Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn, Terrell Pryor, Mark Sanchez, and even David Garrard. Not so much as a mention of Tim Tebow. This was astounding to me. I was yelling at the radio. WTF is going on in a world where Tim Tebow would not even be on ANY list as an option? I don’t get it…I will NEVER get it…and shame on the powers that be in the NFL for letting this happen.

    • Sage says:

      People of low intelligence and low courage have reached an accord that they will not regard Tebow as a QB, and that in turn they will flatter eachother as being more sophisticated because of it.

  3. andrea says:

    I wouldn’t want Tebow going to the Rams until Michael Sam is cut.

    The latest I heard is Sam is taking showers by himself. Goes against what the mainstream media has been pushing down our throats – that Sam is just one of the “guys”.

    If Tebow was on the Rams, the mainstream media would blame the Christian Tebow for the horrendous treatment of poor Michael Sam.

    Hopefully the gay clown will be cut by next Saturday.

    The head coach says Sam is not a distraction (gay kiss with cake, only football player in a century that wanted to bring Oprah to training camp, shower habits).

    But Tebow is the king of all distractions because he said “God Bless” and thanked his Lord and Savior and “tebowed”

    The double standard the mainstream media uses makes me want to hurl.( I do not include Brandi as a member of the mainstream media).

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Definitely, non-denial, denial, as they say, and AGREE THEY ARE GUILTY OF DOING WRONG IN THE NFL WHERE T2 IS CONCERNED!!!:(

      • jason says:

        Ck you are guilty of delusion. How long have you had your anger issue my friend.

        • tawk2 says:

          Jason we are here to support Tebow and each other, this is the Tebow Zone not the bash all who don’t agree with you zone. We all have our opinions and it does not make us liars or delusional, it makes us believers! You on the other hand, want to bash all who disagree with your opinion. I don’t agree with you but you are entitled to your opinion as we are ours.

          I thought this site was here for us to come together and support each other and Tim Tebow. Please, stop with the ugly words and if you are truly here to support Tebow then support him. You won’t get far here with your negative words, we believe in Tebow and nothing you can say will change that! Not being ugly here to you just tired of seeing your negative comments to others here.

    • Komit says:

      I think Tebow would treat sam with respect even if he doesn’t agree with him. Tebows like a uniter not a devider. He wins against all odds. He’s worked on his mechanics and Trent Dilfer says he looks far different then he has in the past. Either way anytime Tebow has been given an honest opportunity to play he wins it’s a no lose for the Rams who without Tebow don’t appear to have much upside potential otherwise.

  4. Komit says:

    He could turn out to be another Kurt Warner.

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