The Primer For Tebow Fans Understanding

Poste by :brandileanne On : August 22, 2014

I’ve written numerous articles about how little the Football World understands about the Fans of Tim Tebow. As the Galaxy of Tebow preps for the SEC Network and scratches its head trying to understand why they’re watching Tim behind a microphone instead of a Center’s butt, I think it’s time to talk about what many Tebow Fans don’t grasp about the Football World.

In a nutshell. It’s absolutely, thoroughly, often inexplicably in love with itself. I mean it gets hard just thinking about itself and then gets off thinking about itself some more. For the life of it, Galaxy of Tebow, it can’t understand why you don’t. At least not the Professional Variety. I mean, the World of NFL just has to pinch itself to remind itself it’s real. So otherworldly it is.

What prompted this little Primer is the new wave of columns and articles showing the “parallels”, “connections” even, between Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel. I mean, it’s like they’re the same guy. OK, Tebow kneels. Johnny does his “Show me the Money” stance. But other than that. There are even NFL Owners who’ve expressed concerns about the “circus” and the “frenzy”. Haven’t they had enough of that already with Tebow?

I’m not going to knock Johnny. But trying to imply Manziel is a RockStar like Tebow is like trying to compare a sparkler to a SuperNova. Johnny’s big in that little World of Football. Tebow’s big everywhere. But, Galaxy of Tebow, you’ll never get the Football World to admit that because, well, it’s so completely in love with itself and just knows, so is everyone else. Anyways, isn’t Johnny Manziel ESPN’s “New Tebow?” I mean, if the Worldwide Leader with it’s WB Network like ratings anoints, that’s like the Whole World, right? Never mind that in reality, it’s like a few million people. Like about 1 and a half percent of the people in the US. Hey that’s everybody, right? At least, everybody who counts. Forget that more people in the US watched Germany and Argentina Play a Soccer Match thousands of miles away than watch all but a handful of NFL Games. (And nearly twice as many as any NFL Game on ESPN.) Forget that, according to a Sports Business Journal Survey, less than a quarter of the most “avid” NFL Fans dedicate more than the most minimal time and money to their “beloved” NFL Game. Over a third, spend zero time during the Off-Season and a quarter spend zero money at any time. About 60% of them say they’re “miserable” after a loss. But almost a third never even talk about their favorite Teams to recommend someone watch a Game on TV or anything else. And those are the most “avid” ones. Even during the Season, half spend barely more time than it takes to watch a Game. But it’s the King, right? By contrast, almost 4 out of 5 English Premier Soccer Fans identify themselves with their Soccer Club BEFORE anything else. Before talking about whether they’re married, have kids, their job, where they live, anything.

Galaxy of Tebow, you’ve heard me say many times that the NFL does not want passionate Fans. What you haven’t heard me say much is how much those who consider themselves Citizens of the NFL World actually are convinced they ARE passionate. Despite absolutely nothing concrete to back that up. In fact, all the hard numbers show the NFL World to be largely soft on everything but rhetoric. They’re strong there. They’ll tell you all day long how all that they are. That’s what has many Tebow Galaxians confused. You guys KNOW what passionate support is. Just like you know the difference between actually Winning Games and looking good Losing them. Something the NFL World seems thoroughly perplexed about.

Perhaps Tebowites, that’s the Great Divide. That dissonance you haven’t been able to quite size up. The NFL World isn’t as full if itself as it appears. It’s much moreso than that. And it just can’t get enough of loving on itself. There’s no room for the likes of you.



Same Sports Bimbo I’ve always been.

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8 Responses to “The Primer For Tebow Fans Understanding”

  1. steftebowfan says:

    I tell you. The NFL wants fans that are committed to the game but not the people in it. Yes you may have your favoriteplayer or QB as long as the NFL thinks it ok.

    As long as the player does not get too big, have too much power or make too much money. When the NFL decides it time to take a player down, they will put their enslaved media to work writing stories that publicize bad behavior, questions their talents, and ultimately breaks down the fan base. They will also start telling their pundits to start lifting up a new person to cause distraction and bring the now
    disheartened fan of a QB/player over to support a different player.

    All this so NFL has the power.. not the player or fan. The power to pay what they want, charge what they want, neglect safety if they want, sell teams if they want, move guys around if they want. The NFL is the chess master and we and the players are the pawns.

    Or.. they will just shut the player out, stop talking, remove their memory. Meanwhile the fans go with the flow and start believing the media buzz about their favorite player and loss interest so they don’t have the problem of over committed fans and can retain their power over the players and yes, the fans. The game must be made bigger than the people. So, we don’t protest when Bret Farve gets a raw deal,or Tom Brady if he gets terrible injuries or ALS for Steve Gleason and other horrible diseases. So, we won’t support legislating safety and improving helmets to prevent concusions. They never you to love a player more than them. So we won’t boycott if they don’t give a fair settlement to players with Parkinsons and Jim Mc Mahhoon drug addictions,

    They want to us to care so little about the individual players that we blame the player for getting injuries they never knew were possible.
    We are like sheep led to slaughter. Most people I talk to believe all they read and most haven’t seen Tim or a lot of players play and they say they are poor passer or bad people.

    WHat is football?
    A sport played by faceless drones that are good or bad based not on what we see in a game on the field but what we are brainwashed to beleive from the NFL financed media? A sport where there is no fidelity, but superficial admiration of stats and opinions based on manipulated articles.

    Is football a collection of awesome athletes, some with wonderful stories of victory and heartbreak in their life. People we can bond to, hope the best for, dream to meet, and follow through their ups and downs. Remember when collected football cards?

    Do we stand up for our favorites and insist they are treated fairly. and protected?
    They are putting their very lives on the line for our entertainment (much like the gladiators of old who bludgeoned each other to win freedom and delight the audience.) Yes some get paid millions but many more do not. Some would play for free just for the love of the sport!
    But off their backs and our wallets, the NFL makes billions!!

    I cannot speak for anyone else. But I used to watch, Mean Joe Green, Joe Montana, Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders, John Elway, Jim Plunkett, Lynn Swann, Kurt Warner, Reggie White, Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice, Tom Brady and yes Tim Tebow!! They are football, they are what I watch! I care about these men and what happens to them. They provided me with pleasure not the NFL. The NFL is an empty field, with rich men who pay these guys to endanger their lives for us. The NFL without the stars is like the night with out stars. Take the stars away and everything is black.

    I do not like to watch football like I used to . Every time I get attached to a player, they get cut or moved. I cant find them. Now football is just a bunch of men running around on the screen tackling each other. Nobody has a name. Just like the NFL wanted it!

    Too all Tebow and some other dedicated fans, this is not for you personally. I know many are out there that are true blue fans. Just not enough or Tebow and many other good players would be playing and the NFL would not be fighting against taking care of their own players who are now all messed up.
    God Bless 🙂

  2. steftebowfan says:

    the Bills are officially shopping for a QB. I read it in NFL news. Tebow is the obvious pick at least for a workout but I am afraid he is blackballed due to NFL controlling player popularity to keep power and control for contracts, law suits, ext. They don’t want fans fighting for their favorite player But…. The Bills are for sale Trump (a known supporter of Tebow) and Bon Jovi (a friend of Tebow) are still on the table to buy so maybe Someone will “trump” the system! “We Are Living on a Prayer”

  3. steftebowfan says:

    Yes he is a bit unpredictable but we need a person who may be willing to buck the system. The NFL owners have to approve though and they may make him take a vow of not hiring Tebow as it seems they all have agreed to do. No matter if they have a donkey in for QB no calls for Tebow?? suspicious!

    • ck says:


  4. ck says:

    Brandi: NFL is long overdue for a change and who better than Tebow and his legions of fans to bring it about!!! GO TEBOW!!!

    • Brandi says:

      Y’all heard me say numerous times the NFL doesn’t know what the value of having Tim in the league is or the cost of not having him and only the Fans can show that. The kneejerk defenses you see from NFL kneejerk defenders represents the thinking that has affected much of the NFL. The feeling that the NFL is bulletproof. Right now they feel that way. Not that the Owners don’t understand the league has problems. They’ve said it. But they don’t act on it. Just like they say they love Tim. But they don’t act on it.

      There isn’t anyone who can change it except the Owners. And for years they’ve seemed too distracted by other things. For awhile it the fact league valuations were flat. They went on a spree buying Soccer Clubs as a fallback. This is where things get odd. The Owners themselves said why they began buying those Soccer Clubs. But some NFL Writers began making up other reasons…part of their International Expansion of the NFL…and that became the storyline Fans accepted. The Owners said they were buying them because they didn’t have faith NFL valuations would begin rising.

      This is the odd dichotomy. NFL Fans won’t take the time to actially look at the real situation the league faces. BUT they will take the time to jump in and stomp on anyone who says “Look at the actual situation the NFL is in.” If the NFL folds, it will be because NFL Fans couldn’t be bothered to look and realize that long-term the league is in trouble.

      And because NFL Owners have been willing to talk about the problems. But they haven’t been willing to do anything about them. Like signing Tim Tebow.

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