Quarterback Kyle Orton pulls fast one on Cowboys, agrees to deal with Bills

 Quarterback Kyle Orton must have really, really hated retirement because it didn’t last long.

He likely never wanted to retire, of course. But through his threats, he convinced the Dallas Cowboys he did. There was a standoff all offseason as Orton refused to show up to camp, but also refused to pay back the prorated part of his signing bonus if he retired, a little more than $3 million. The Cowboys gave up the fight and released him in July.

And voila, Orton was free to sign with any team. He did the veteran thing, skipped training camp and preseason, and has agreed to a one-year deal with a one-year player option with the Buffalo Bills to back up EJ Manuel, Tim Graham of the Buffalo News reported.

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So Orton got to keep the $3 million he was going to have to pay back if he retired, got to escape Dallas – which, apparently was the goal, considering he was due a $3.25 million base salary from the Cowboys, which isn’t bad … and yes, feel free to make a joke about Orton rather playing for the Bills than the Cowboys – and landed a backup job behind a quarterback who has looked shaky all preseason. 

It’s probably fair to say Orton won’t be asked back for any reunions at Cowboys Stadium by owner Jerry Jones anytime soon.

Buzzy Says :  This is hard to take I dont undestand they would no even look at TT

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9 Responses to “Quarterback Kyle Orton pulls fast one on Cowboys, agrees to deal with Bills”

  1. tawk2 says:

    Wow and Tim cannot even get a look, but Orton is still playing what is wrong with this picture?

  2. David Oliver says:

    The Picture is a REALITY SNAP of the NFL Black-Ball of Tim Tebow as a QB

  3. SB says:

    I was hoping the Bills would sign Tebow, but looking at this logically, I guess they’re still invested in EJ Manual (who went to HS a few miles from my house, btw). He was looked worse than any QB this preseason, so I don’t think there’s any question the fans would push for Tebow. I can only assume they wanted to avoid if if their still invested in him.

    But it’s not over yet…the Rams released their rookie undrafted QB yesterday, so they only have Hill and Austin right now. I’m sure they’ll be adding a 3rd. Let’s hope it’s Tebow. And their by week is early…like week 4 or 5, so that would be perfect to get Tebow ready if Hill doesn’t play well enough.

  4. tebowfan says:

    Orton is awful. How do awful quarterbacks get guaranteed jobs? Orton, Grossman, Anderson, Sanchez, etc? Unbelievable. Practice squad players will get a look and Tebow won’t. Its unfortunate that Tebow is blackballed. If only someone would believe in him like Urban Meyer did, a team would have a lot of potential in the playoffs.

  5. ck says:

    First Orton and now Mallett…sure makes you wonder what is going to happen next! Maybe it is finally…TEBOW TIME!!!

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