NFL Rumors: Will St. Louis Rams Sign Tim Tebow Following Sam Bradford Season-Ending ACL Injury?



Will the St. Louis Rams signs Tim Tebow after learning that starting quarterback Sam Bradford will once again miss another NFL season due to an ACL injury? That is the question on the minds of many Tebow-followers. After all, the season starts in less than two weeks, and Tebow is still in a booth preparing to talk about college football. The Rams need a starting quarterback with experience to lead a team with playoff aspirations in 2014. Tebow said that he is throwing the ball better than ever and still dreams of returning to the NFL as a starting quarterback. With all of that being said, should the Rams pick up the phone and reach out to Tebow to replace the injured Bradford?

While that may be the question of the cult followers who worship Tebow, the answer is clear.


Hell no.

No chance.

Not happening.

Tebow is not coming to St. Louis. He should not leave the analysts booth at all in the coming future, unless it is for a job working the sidelines as a reporter or if the Canadian Football League or Arena Football League comes calling. He is not an NFL quarterback, and real Rams fans have absolutely zero interest in their team signing Tebow.

Honestly, they would be better off with Brett Favre.

Shaun Hill is likely to start for the Rams in the 2014 NFL season opener. It is what makes the most sense. The Rams will not sign Tebow. They will not trade for Mark Sanchez or Ryan Mallett. They will also not give up enough to make an offer for Kirk Cousins. Christian Ponder is not coming to St. Louis, and neither is Josh Freeman. If the Rams can get their defense to step it up another notch, Hill will be enough to at least keep the team competitive.

After all, Kellen Clemens did it last season when Bradford went down. In my opinion, Hill is capable of at least putting up comparable numbers in 2014.

But, in terms of the Rams pushing for the playoffs? I just don’t see that happening.


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26 Responses to “NFL Rumors: Will St. Louis Rams Sign Tim Tebow Following Sam Bradford Season-Ending ACL Injury?”

  1. Rickdove says:

    Two interesting points about this article. 1. Tebow is not an NFL QB and 2. in terms of rams pushing for the playoffs, i dont see that happening.

    The irony is the same QB (tebow) the author claims is not an NFL QB is the NFL QB who led a team to the playoffs after starting the season 1-4.

    The truth is teams wont give tebow a chance because of his popularity not because he cant be at least a back-up NFL QB. And last i checked back QB’s are still considered NFL QB’s…

    That being said i have no doubt, if Tebow was the starting QB of the rams they would make it to the playoffs because (top 5 defense) and a (top 3 runnnig game) normally spells playoffs as long as the QB does not turn the ball over.

    • tebow fan says:

      2 points about your uneducated comments. Tebow set an NFL record for passing as a quarterback against the Steelers. He is 9-7 as a starting QB. More quarterbacks than not can’t say they have a winning record. He has 6 or 7 game winning or 4th quarter comebacks in just 16 games. He has the intangibles it takes to be a successful quarterback that 98% of NFL QBs don’t have. The will and the play to WIN! 2 Tebow could no doubt take the Rams to the playoffs. He is a play maker who has taken all the teams he has every got considerable playing time as QB to the playoffs or Championships.

  2. Jackson says:

    Thankfully, this hack writer with an ax to grind against Tebow isn’t who is making personnel decisions for the Rams

    • tawk2 says:

      Thanks tebowfan for the links! Tim Tebow is has better numbers than many of the NFL quarterbacks playing today. The small amount of time that Tim was given a chance at starter he did better than many others in the league. It makes me sick when the media starts bashing Tim will their BS, they only want to keep Tim from playing and to continue to prove them wrong like he did when he was in Denver.

      I just hope Tim gets on a team that truly wants him and believes in him and all he brings to the team. All we can do is sit and hope that Tim will find a home soon. GO TEBOW!

  3. Bigfan says:

    There is one thing I think the Ram’s brass more than likely does not want due to the hyper media circus it would cause…any guesses? Me…I’d love it…bring it on!!!

    Buzzy Says: the Rams GM is Anti-Tebow Big time As Dave Caldwell of the Jags ,I dont see Tim going there.

    • Rickdove says:

      Buzzy. What about the Buffalo Bills GM? Is he anti-hero as well?

    • Brandi says:

      This is merely speculative. BUT, Stan Kroenke bought a piece of land in the LA Area that has been considered for some time a prime location for a Stadium. The Rams move to LA has been an on again-off-again saga and this year it’s hated up significantly. To the point where NFL By Laws have been picked apart by SportsWriters. Serious stuff when a SportsWriter, particularly an NFL Commentator will actually dig through all that legalese. 🙂

      It’s been somewhat iffy on whether or not the Rams have met all the criteria for a smooth-as-possible relocation. But one thing that would swing in the negative for Relo would be a massive infusion of Fan Support and revenues, huge growth in Sponsor Money, etc. Stan’s movements on Tim has been viewed as one indicator of the Rams feelings on Relocating. Signing Tim would eliminate some of the bargaining leverage Kroenke has in getting St Louis to pick up the tab for a new Stadium because it would make Relocation much more difficult for the next maybe 20 years depending on how long he Played there.

  4. tebow fan says:

    If you are s smart business man you can make money from the media hype. ESPN does, websites that publish tebow print do. I am going to say something that people have not heard of before by saying this guy could be worth 1/4 billion dollars to a bad team. Lets put that in numbers format. $250,000,000.00!!!
    How might you ask? By turning a teams fortunes around from a losing team to a winning team, not only would a losing team be able to sell unsold game and season tickets, they could raise selling prices. There would be additional jersey sales, media sales, additional licensing, etc. But a big chunk of the additional dollar value Tebow would add would be from a new stadium or renovation supported by the fans as a result of a winning team. The new or renovated stadium like always is made to generate extra dollars. Jerry Jones would only build a billion dollar stadium if he made money from doing so. Arrowhead stadium was renovated in the $300m ballpark. A lot of stadium updates/new stadiums are done at the taxpayers expense to the benefit of the owner.

    See the article below about the value of a team and the newness of a stadium:

    Speaking of Team Values, The St Louis Rams have the lowest value per Forbes at almost 1 billion dollars.
    All the additional revenue form turning a team around would be worth about 25% or 1/4 billion dollars for the Rams if not more. Teams will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to do just this of increasing the total value of a team. Tebow turned the Broncos around. He can turn the Rams around. The best part is, is that Tebow can be had for NFL minimum wage. Has anybody ever seen moneyball where they win by creating a value team? This is how you do it in the NFL. If you ever noticed a team may win a Super Bowl with the quarterback being underpaid. But after he wins, the QB wants to be the highest paid making it impossible to have the same talant around him. Case in point. GB – rodgers, Baltimore – Flacco. It takes a team to win a championship. A QB is the single most important position but if you give all your money to the QB you have no more money to pay other players. The Rams could take the $15 million on Bradford and spend it on a Defense with a QB that would generate better results. I think the same thing for Denver. Denver can’t afford to pay a Seahawks Defense and have P Manning. But if they kept Tebow they could of had something similar to the Seahawks formula for winning. Super Bowls are rarely won by shoot out passing teams. They are won with good Defense and low turnovers. The Rams could become one of these teams.

    This is the case for Tebow potentially being worth 1/4 billion dollar to a team owner.

  5. andrea says:

    Only way Tebow goes to the Rams is if the Rams cut the “media’s gay God”.

    Tebow would constantly be harassed by the media unless he bows down to the gay God.

    So the question remains – Will the Rams have the courage to cut the gay God?

    Time will tell.

    • tebowfan says:

      Actually, I think they would be good teammates.

      • andrea says:

        Tebow is a Christian, Sam is gay. According to the mainstream media – Tebow represents evil, Sam represents good.

        If you think Tebow had it terrible with the media before, put him on the same team as Sam and watch the media explode. Will be the biggest explosion since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Look what happened to J.C. Penney when it aired you know who on commercials…they lost their core customers who never looked back!!! That is how you make changes by voting w/wallet!!! Funny, how that gets their attention in a HUGE WAY!!!:) Hope Tebow holds out for the right team at the right time and is God ordained!!!

  6. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    Like Jax they are trying to go to LA

  7. lex says:

    let’s hope some team soon will sign tebow. it has been a very long wait to see him play again.

  8. steftebowfan says:

    We must be true fans or delusional. I prefer to think the first one! How many players have fans that have suffered such push back and rejection from a sport? Really! We are considered weird, stupid, out of control, unstable by many in the media and public world.

    What better way to spin our story and Tim’s. The media had done a great job of labeling us this way to the point that teams consider us the scurge. They also have succeeded in convincing the world Tebow is terrible and worth the hassle to have on their team when the opposite is true! Tebow’s fans are smart football people who can see outside the box, dedicated, non rioting, good citizens, passionate, and long suffering. We have not seen our man play in a reg season game in 2 years and yet we still stand by him.

    What does that say about Tebow? He must have impressed us big time! What does this say about the NFL? Better yet, what does this say about the average person who believes all this media junk! I spend hours on twitter arguing for Tebow and you know, a lot of the detractors are seeing the light! They are realizing Tebow is worthy of a second chance and they kind of feel sorry for the whole situation!

    Perception is reality. Keep getting out on the blogs, facebook, twitter, even our own friends and family! We can change the perception! We can become desired! It is work and I don’t like arguing with antiTebow people. But nothing worthy is easy.. But what I find out is that most antiTebows really don’t know Tebow or have not seen his game and they only listen to the press. When we make the effort to enlighten them, many make a 180 change or atleast respect our perspective and that is worth the effort to me!! Stay Strong my Friends 🙂

    • David Oliver says:

      To: steftebowfan..

      AMEN !!

    • Brandi says:

      I try to follow the polls as closely as I can. They’re not perfect. But they’re a better reflection many times of people’s sentiments (at least at that moment) than they seem. Tim used to poll at between 82% and 86-87% saying they thought he was a good QB. Now it’s over 90% saying he should be a Starting NFL QB today.

      He polled popularity-wise better after the Jets cut him than when they were making Statue of Liberty caricatures of him and he was so anticipated in NY that when he attended Wicked there were Tweets that simply said “He’s Here!”. Even in New York nobody had to ask what “He” meant.

      What remains of Anti-Tebowists is a mix of those who still see him as some Cultural or Political “threat” and die-hard NFL officionados whose kneejerk reactions are so quick and off-base on ANYTHING (not just Tebow) they treat any comments that aren’t 100% “The NFL is the Greatest thing that has ever been!” as HateSpeak.

      I’m not sure what luck you’d have with any of those as long as Tim is out of the league. The Owners know he’s good for the NFL. Goodell knows he’s good for the NFL. And they know the NFL needs all the help it can get because the future isn’t as bright as the kneejerk NFL “Defenders” want to convince himself it is. But that group is so abhored by anything that is the least bit negative if Goodell came out and said the NFL needs Tim Tebow because it needs his Fans alongside it as it weathers the almost certain rough days ahead, I think those folks would ignore it. They ignore it when the Owners say the league has maxed out and needs International to work to have a solid future. They ignore it when Forbes, whose Valuations they crow as “proof” the NFL is “King” says the NFL’s Cultural Issues could cause the league to fold.

      They ignore anything that contradicts their own self-certain strange pollyanish view. To them everything’s perfect. And if Tim was “good enough” he’d be Playing. The gray world of the NFL is all white to them and anything that says it isn’t is all black in their odd black & white view of the league.

  9. Bubbaelvis says:

    Just saw this;

    @Johnny_R_11 I hear Tim Tebow just landed in St Louis

    16 hours ago by MyCrippledEagle

    Probably just a rumor since we haven’t heard anything on legit news outlet. This was on a Tebow sightings website. It has had some legitimate sightings in the past but also bogus ones. I still believe he gets on a team this season. Jordon Palmer gets cut and then signs the next day with another team. You can say with any honesty that Palmer is better than Tebow? It is so obviously unjust that he isn’t even getting a look. Someone will wake up and the rest will be history.

    • Rickdove says:

      Buzzy is on record stating the GM in St. Louis is anti-tebow. Hopefully the GM is willing to change his thinking.

    • Brandi says:

      Hey! Cut poor Jordan some slack. He threw a Touchdown Pass for the Bills before he was even signed. OK, he was wearing a Bengals jersey at the time. But at least he can say that in his career as an NFL Quarterback he’s seen a Player run into the End Zone off one of his Passes. (Since he doesn’t have any with anyone who’s actually been a Teammate at the time, gotta go with what you’ve got.)

      Jordan has Played for a bunch of NFL Teams. He has more Yardage on Interception Returns than on Completions. BUT he has that Completion Percentage of almost 67% to ‘Prove” he’s an actual NFL Quarterback. Unlike Tebow who thinks Winning the Game is what you’re supposed to be concerned about.

  10. lex says:

    keep us posted, bubbaelvis!

  11. Bubbaelvis says:

    I looked into the Tebow in St. Louis tweet that I posted earlier. Sorry folks, it turned out to be some guy messing with his buddy. Who knows it may happen anyways. I think they will really be watching Shaun Hill’s performance in their last pre-season game before they decide if they need to bring someone in. There are lots of options for them if they want to be mediocre but only one if they want to do something amazing- Tim Tebow. Come on Rams, pull the trigger!

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