Instant Debate: Does Tim Tebow deserve another NFL chance?


  • Published: Aug. 11, 2014 at 03:35 p.m.
  • Updated: Aug. 11, 2014 at 06:40 p.m.
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It seems every month, Tim Tebow tells someone he yearns to play in the NFL again. On Monday, he was quoted as saying he is “by far” a better quarterback than he was a year ago, two weeks after his college coach said he doesn’t get why Tebow is out of the league.

With every passing day, it appears more unlikely that Tebow will play another down in the NFL. But does he deserve a second chance?

  • Charles Davis
  • One last chance might end this debate for good

    I’ve not been a strong advocate of Tim Tebow as a starting QB in the NFL due to today’s game leaning so heavily on the passing game (and, yes, accuracy counts in a big way).

    BUT, if an organization would ever go “all in” on an offensive style that would emphasize the running game, and truly utilize the QB as a big part of it … coupled with a passion for the game, and off-the-charts leadership? Then, Tim Terrific is the guy.

    It’s a hard sell (see Denver, and it went to and won a playoff game with him and that style), and his accuracy (less than 50 percent) as a thrower doesn’t help his case. He also does not wow you in practice … he’s scared more than a few offensive coaches with his practice and camp tosses. But, on game day? When you have to have a throw? Then, he’s magic.

    Let’s give him another shot, and it would be nice for it to be a full one so we can end this debate once and for all.

  • Gil Brandt
  • Worth a shot … under one condition

    The difference between college football and the NFL is pretty great; it separates the really good from the elite. Tebow, for all his greatness in college, could never transfer those skills to the NFL. One thing I noticed when I watched him play with the Broncos and Jets was how he always looked confused. It wasn’t because he lacked intelligence; he’s actually pretty smart. But he looked confused as to when and where to throw the ball.

    Secondly, he didn’t have great accuracy in the NFL, a bit surprising since he never completed less than 64 percent of his passes in his four seasons at Florida. But again, the NFL is a completely different game. If you have trouble reading defenses, which he did, you’re going to have accuracy issues. It’s going to be very difficult for an NFL team to add him to its roster.

    If he would be open to it, I’d bring him in as a tight end or H-back. He could make a nice career if he committed to those positions. He just doesn’t have the skills necessary to play quarterback in the NFL.

  • Daniel Jeremiah
  • No harm in giving Tebow a look

    Technically, this would be Tebow’s fourth chance, but I do think he’s a player worth bringing in for a workout. He says that he’s improved drastically as a passer, and while I have my doubts, there’s no harm in bringing him in to find out for yourself. I don’t believe the circus atmosphere that surrounded him in the past would be an issue in 2014. Besides, there’s no way the entire national media could be in Cleveland (for Johnny Manziel) and the city where Tebow would be playing at the same time. Unless … Nah, the Browns wouldn’t do that.

  • Bryan Fischer College Football 24/7
  • Tebow had his shot

    Considering he has as many playoff wins as Jay Cutler, Tony Romo and Andrew Luck, one could say he deserves a second chance in the NFL. But no, he does not. Tebow had his shot and clearly is not the refined passer that NFL offenses need under center. He should be pretty good on TV and would be much better off spending his time refining his broadcasting technique than his throwing mechanics.

  • Chase Goodbread College Football 24/7
  • Tebow doesn’t deserve any more chances

    Tebow is no more deserving of another chance at the NFL than anyone else who has been cut under similar career circumstances. At this point, the most optimistic outlook for his NFL hopes would have to be a 2015 training camp invitation. With Tebow set to embark on his career as an analyst for the SEC Network and NFL clubs approaching preseason cut dates, his course is set for 2014 and the NFL’s is set without him. But it’s not foolish for him to continue working out and trying to improve. NFL training camps always begin with their share of unlikely second chances. They just don’t often end with them.

  • Mike Huguenin College Football 24/7
  • Tebow’s out of NFL time

    I think his NFL career is over. He might — might — be a usable backup somewhere, but he’s not a starter; he’s simply not good enough as a passer. And would any coach want to deal with the media circus that would ensue if Tebow is signed as a backup? He should focus on looking ahead to what could be a prosperous career as a broadcaster. He’s still young enough to become quite proficient in that field — and it’s rare to see a truly proficient player-turned-analyst.

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12 Responses to “Instant Debate: Does Tim Tebow deserve another NFL chance?”

  1. Brandi says:

    I know I’m a broken record on this. But none of the “blacklist” stuff has anything to do with Tim. The NFL and no NFL Team will ever admit it. But it’s a showdown with the Fans. Plain and simple.

    The NFL wants to convince itself that there is absolutely nothing it can ever do that’s “wrong”. It wants to convince itself that it’s 100% bulletproof. Players are complaining about head injuries? Commission a “Medical Study” that says it’s all in their heads. ESPN has a popular Show (“Playmakers”) that the league feels puts them in a big light? Bully the Network into cancelling it. The League’s Product Marketing group says their missing out on some opportunities to maximize the return on their Trademarks? Threaten to sue Churches. Want to squeeze the Players in CBA negotiations? Let it be known the TV Networks didn’t protect themselves in the new contracts by only paying for Games that are actually Played. Oops, how’d the rumor get started the Owners would be willing to cancel the Season and cash the checks?

    Fans love a Player more than they love the league itself? Well that sure can’t be allowed to stand. What would happen if Fans started thinking what they want should matter? It’d be shear chaos.

    That the expression “too popular to sign” was ever even uttered, let alone felt by most of the league, should say all that needs to be said. Fans should have their ATM Cards seen and not be heard from.

    • Sage says:

      Are you saying you believe it’s a bona fide blacklist?

      I’ve been thinking that the coaches/GMs are simply hoping to gain success without risk. The risk of abjectly loosing their jobs and the risk of being humiliated in front of the country seem like the only things that really scare those guys.

      In a genuinely competitive field, such as financial markets, competitive players are willing to assume higher risks for potentially higher returns. Not in the nfl.

      • Sage says:

        And what I mean is, you can only really be humiliated if you stand out and then fail. Even many of the 2-14 coaches seem to rebound with nice coordinator jobs.

      • Brandi says:

        I put blacklist in quotes for a reason. I began hearing that Tim was radioactive at the same time I began hearing the word “collusion” going around associated with the trade that sent Tim to New York. That word was almost never associated with the NFL. But for a time, it became a potential plague. Players were even using it against their own Union. So within the NFL it was a more volatile word than “circus”.

        I think among NFL GMs there’s become a sort of informal blacklisting of Tim. Head Coaches have had interest in Tim only to lose the internal fight with their GM to even bring him in for a look. When a Head Coach is vetoed by the GM about even looking at a Player that interests them, the problems that infect the league go far deeper than what it’s done and not done with Tim.

        The NFL is a machine that has alotta moving parts that aren’t working together very well. IMO, Tim came along at one of the worst possible times. A time when the league is fighting itself on so many fronts, adding a “Tebow Front” is just more than they want to deal with. What’s been necessary, in my opinion, has been a powerful voice within the league making the very simple point…the NFL is NOT an unsinkable juggernaut. It’s fully capable of plunging to the bottom of the sea or hitting the rocks. In a league with that understanding of itself, Franchises flock for a Player who has had success and has enormous popularity. In a league filled with people who are convinced it can’t ever sink, phrases like “too popular to sign” are born.

        • Sage says:

          Wow, that’s ugly. I knew I didn’t like goodell’s nfl, but that’s worse than what I’d imagined.

          When for 35 years I was an ardent broncos fan, I liked Pat Bowlen well enough. I liked him precisely because I thought he could be trusted to stand up and make a sensible decision over important things. That sure was not in evidence during the McDaniels years, likely due to his illness.

          Sadly, I really am having to give up pro sports pretty much altogether. If the disgusting players, coaches, GMs and owners don’t annoy me enough, then the smug, dimwitted sports writers who finish the job.

          • Brandi says:

            There’s a huge difference between what many of the Sportswriters say in private versus what they write/say in public. What they do in public is their jobs. Sports Journalists have become actors and actresses playing roles. The NFL Media is by far the worst. Less actual analysis than for any other league. More PigSheep, working off each others clip notes and chomping in unison on the same hot stories. The League that affords by far the most time between games for those covering them to apply serious analysis comes with the least of it by far.

            All any NFL Fan ever needed to know about NFL Media was exposed early in the TeBroncs run. Tim and the Broncos were pounded and characterized by NFL Media enmasse. Their new Offense was picked apart and called everything except what it actually was. The early signs of life in the team were discussed in depth as to what brought it about and why it wouldn’t last. We were blasted non-stop around the clock with all of this “analysis”.

            Then the Jets Game came. A Thursday Night Game, all by its lonesome in the limelight. And one-by-one, the very Analysts and Commentators who had been filling us up with their expertise began admitting it was going to be the first time any of them were going to have a chance to actually watch Tebow and Denver Play. We were drilled for weeks by Commentators and Anaylsts who hadn’t even watched Tim and the Broncos Play. But that hadn’t stopped them from acting like we were witnessing in-depth expert analysis.

            THAT boys and girls is NFL Media. 🙂

          • Portia11 says:

            I would rather Tim go to the A11 (Seems to be showing signs of life again.) I don’t trust any NFL team to give him the support needed to become a good QB. All you have to do is look the quality of half of the starters and most of the second stringers and compare that to Tim’s play in his first starts.

            Collusion is really billionaire team owners threatening to move the team if the tax payers fail to build a new stadium. Oh whoops, that’s coercion. Anti-colusion is what happened to Tim, Woddy and Rox made sure to use their negative whisper campaign to explain why he didn’t play.

            I have a theory Brandi, this years obsession with penalties for ‘touching’ is really a coverup-so no one complains about the offsides penalties that continue for months into the season. (due to the ‘greatest CBA ever written’ eliminating adaquate practice time)

  2. bubbaelvis says:

    Does Tim Tebow deserve another NFL shot? Short answer yes. If Brady Quinn and Rex Grossman deserved another shot then there is no question that Tebow deserves one. Does anyone really think that if Denver had replaced Orton with Quinn in 2011 that they would have won 8 games and beat Pittsburg in the playoffs? I don’t even like calling it another shot for Tebow. He really hasn’t been given a realistic first shot. I think New England treated him right and with respect but never had any intention of keeping him once injuries, etc. made other positions more of a priority. The possibility is there that Tim himself is turning down offers if he feels they are not in his best interest. I am sure the Jets situation taught him a valuable lesson. Hopefully, someone will go against the grain and sign him despite the too popular to sign stigma.

  3. ck says:

    Getting more than tired of all the talking heads who are just that…TALKING!

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