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    Get real people. Tebow had his chance with 3 different NFL teams., and he washed out each time.
    Timmy can’t grasp offensive football leadership and decision-making. His arm is weak, and he just doesn’t understand the game enough to view the field as required. Timmy just didn’t get it done. I’m a diehard Gator fan, but frankly, we won national championships NOT because of Timmy, but inspire of him. It was the other Gator players that stepped up for us.
    I say this with all sincerity and respect, Timmy should have been a FB in college and the NFL . that’s where he could’ve been a much better player.

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51 Responses to “GatorFan says ( Buzzy Says You are going to get a few Comments )”

  1. KingSolomon says:

    You are a vile roach and not a true Gator fan. No one who truly supported the gators would say such things. go away troll and go choke on it when you leave

  2. andrea says:

    Who’s this clown?

  3. ck says:

    Tebow carried the Gators like he did the DONKEYS ER BRONCO’S!!!

    • KingSolomon says:

      the bronco defense STUNK and was ranked below 20 out of 32. I get so sick and tired of hearing losers say they carried Tebow. it was Tim and Tim alone who carried the whole team, both spiritually, mentally and physically. Although I hate the NFL and will never watch it again, I still hope Tim gets signed so he can prove that all these losers are dead wrong/

      • jason says:

        Tisa hasn’t showed up so please explain how belichick is dead wrong?
        How he wanted to keep 3 QBs, cut to 51 out of 53 and will this year hav3 3 QBs so he can trade mallet but tebow barely understood the offense and showed little improvement on his fundamentals?
        As always i guess no one is right if they don’t want tebow and should all rot in hell as they are all godless. That has to be the reason cause God knows tebow can’t be what they don’t want based on his skill set and fundamentals.
        Buzzy i said i would read and not post but tisa isn’t back and i can’t take seeing BS …..even whatever wanna be gator fan that believes that crap he said about tebow not being great in college.

        • KingSolomon says:

          you don’t even make sense??? you sound like a very confused individual??? no one can tell what you are saying??? why don’t you quit reading the TEBOWZONE if you think so little of him. you showed your true colors.

          • ck says:

            And the winner is…KingSolomon!:) That JA sure has a knack when it comes to BS and how to “WIN FRIENDS & INFLUENCE PEOPLE–NOT!” Oh well, Buzzy states he is welcome…HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!:( Tisa, where ru?!

      • jason says:

        But yet king you know more than the best in the NFL??? ….you don’t bud you are just mad.

        • Brandi says:

          Jason, like Tebow, many of the “Best” of the NFL are sitting in broadcast booths BECAUSE of those supposedly “best in the NFL”. Brian Billick hasn’t been shy about saying he won’t go back because he isn’t going to subject himself to the BS way NFL GMs operate and Owners who won’t do anything about it. Jon Gruden hasn’t been quite as specific as Billick. But he’s said the same thing slightly more diplomatically. As has Bill Cowher and even Tony Dungy.

          For all the talk that “Winning” is the only thing that’s important in the NFL, what is clear is that the games within the games win the day and lose the games more often. Maybe the Owners are using the GMs to try to break the grip Head Coaches and Players had, still somewhat have. The NFL faces a very difficult CBA Negotiation in a few years, one where it’s likely they’ll have to break the Players Union’s back and restructure the business end of things. Perhaps that’s one reason why some NFL Owner hasn’t stepped in and forced the issue with Tim. But don’t use “Skillset” as an excuse. Winning would trump that and Tim Tebow’s popularity would trump any doubts about whether or not Denver was a “fluke”. That is, unless the games behind the games were trumping everything else.

          I try to take your unquestioning defense of the way the NFL has operated as genuine. But, if it is, it’s genuinely naive. Tim Tebow isn’t playing in the NFL today for reasons that have nothing to do with his abilities. You can dismiss the Fans all you want to. You can defend the decision-making of the NFL Execs. But don’t try to validate their excuses. That’s saying that those vast majority of people who keep saying “WTF! It makes no sense why Tim Tebow isn’t Playing somewhere” are idiots. They’re not and those who try to imply they are are asses. Those whose livelihoods rely on all of those foolish masses that deeply disagree with them are the true idiots. Had Tim had another Team to take the reins of and fallen flat on his face, they and you could say those foolish masses are just voting with their hearts and not also their heads. But absent that, what you are defending Jason, is shear unadulterated arrogance on the part of those few who think they can get away with giving the middle finger to the Fans.

          No excuses or claims of superior knowledge will ever convince the vast majority of Fans that they didn’t see what they saw. Until those images fade from the Fans minds of “TebowTime! any excuse for keeping him out of leading the huddle is BS.

          • jason says:

            Belichick had full intentions to keep tebow but tebow did not show enough in the basic fundamentals of passing and understanding the offense for belichick to be convinced tebow was worth keeping. It had nothing to do with them not keeping 3 QBs as they will this year. He wants to trade mallet. Yes belichick pretty much has the title as the best coach in the NFL and of his era on lock down.
            Winning is what matters but with tebow’s style of play he isn’t giving the people in the NFL confidence that it will work long term. It isn’t a middle finger to the fans it’s as simple as his fan base is mad and don’t look at one thing in the evaluation of a player that people in the league are looking at like how he misses reads on routes, doesn’t understand the playbook which was the case in new england, almost never resets himself for a pass, struggles putting touch on his passes, can’t read anything but a basic defense to make protection adjustments which hurts the offensive line and so on.
            You don’t have to like it but it’s not your call. Plenty of millions of other fans completely understand this but i guess they don’t count.
            If tebow fit right to how a team wants their QB to play be’d be playing, its on him he isn’t. Yes a team could just change and let him have at it but you forget they have every right to want it done their way not yours or his.
            I want tebow to play again but it isn’t gonna happen unless he makes the improvements at what they want. It’s not gonna come because a group of fans are whiny and angry.
            If there are so many of fans so upset y’all should be able to slap another league together in no time to take down the big bad NFL but there aren’t that many. I know plenty of tebow fans that want him back but do understand it’s on him for how sloppy he looked playing. It’s BS to set and think that everyone in the NFL has to be completely wrong or have some conspiracy because they look at things differently than y’all think they should.
            Tebow won games but also went on a 1-4 slide after the winning streak. They simply don’t see where he has showed them that he is gonna develop and progress. You don’t have to buy their product and they don’t owe it to you to do what you think they should. It’s not yours. They can run it in the ground if they want to and they do get to have it their way not yours or mine.
            If you want tebow to play hope he changes what he needs to and he himself is working on that so atleast he does understand that where some of his fans do not.

        • David Oliver says:

          Jason – The Best in the NFL – YUK! You must be kidding !

          The Truth is the Truth – Even If it has to be repeated for the DENSE!

          The Historical Circumstances (THE TRUTH) – have NOT CHANGED, THEY STILL show the Overwhelming Evidence of the REALITY OF THE – NFL Elitist Owners /Newsmedia’s Campaign to Keep Tim Tebow from any real opportunity to become an NFL QB!

          That is why all concerned Christians – Should Boycott the NFL. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

          Because of this ANTI-CHRIST Purge of the: “TOO VISIBLE FOR CHRIST – CHRISTIAN, NFL QB Tim Tebow – Being effectively BLACKBALLED FROM NFL – NO NFL QB – Fair Try – WILL BE THUS be ALLOWED –

          THUS – HE WILL BE Effectively BLACKBALLED FROM the NFL –
          NO Fair Try At NFL QB FOR HIM !


          • Brandi says:

            I’m still not sure about the anti-christian thing. I do think there’s a huge mis-assumption on the part of many who/what the make-up of Tim’s following is. I also think there’s a huge ego and arrogance thing going on. And it started long before Tim. To me, I would put the serious starting point when the NFL threatened to sue churches. Over using the name Super Bowl? C’mon. Every Sports League has the exact same issues with trademarks, tv networks crying the blues over miscounts in ratings affecting their commercial revenues, etc. But only the NFL decided to make it an issue.

            But what’s worse, IMO, is they were allowed to get away with it. When you tell people their churches and social clubs aren’t their own and there’s no massive backlash from that, it’s almost no wonder the arrogance and dismissiveness of the wishes of the Fans just has kept growing.

            I don’t agree with Jason anymore than anyone else here. But what bothers me most about his opinion is that it is based on the seeming certainty that fans will never do anything about being dismissed by the NFL. The idea that the GMs are somehow right to ignore the wishes and opinions of the vast majority of the Fans becomes instant nonsense…the very second the Fans say it does. If the Fans decided they’ve had enough of having their wishes dismissed, just watch how fast those GMs get their butts kicked by the Owners. It’ll make your head spin.

            BUT, if the Fans aren’t willing to ever do more than grumble and then turn on the Game, the arrogance and feelings of invincibility simply get fed.

            I don’t like Jason’s immediate dismissal of the Fans. But what bothers me most is the premise…that Fans can be dismissed and it doesn’t matter. What angers me is…so far, he’s been right.

          • ck says:

            Amen to that David O.!

          • jason says:

            Yes david and i will repeat it for the dense like yourself that tebow isn’t being black balled because of his faith. Just because you don’t have a clue how teams evaluate players doesn’t mean they hate christians. Whine all you want to but the vast majority of NFL fans all know better as do most people. You are giving our faith a bad name is what the hell you’re doing.

    • Brandi says:

      Cold Hard Football Facts & Sports Illustrated put the lie to the notion the Broncos Defense carried Tebow. But nobody’s going to take them seriously, even though they have the only QB Rating System that’s close to being accurate, because they showed Tim’s a good QB. He wasn’t great, numbers-wise, in 2011. But he was good. He was picked #13 by NFL Players among QBs and #14 by CHFF’s RQBR. Those are solid numbers. But they become even more solid when you realize he never had a consistent group of Offensive Position Players week after week. The Broncos dealt with key injuries during most of 2011 and still had an amazing Season.

      Foxy used the Players he had fairly well…even if aggravating at times. He had a good kicker and Punter both of whom probably could be called great when Playing in Denver. He had an Offensive Line that was solid and stable until late in the Season. And he had a young, inspiring QB who was among the best in the league at pulling out last minute Wins and was much better than average at protecting the Football.

      That combination carried/protected the battered Broncos Defense and patchwork Offensive Skill Players.

      • Sage says:

        And these were Tebow’s first 16 starts. Only a small handfull of QBs have ever performed better during their first 16 starts, perhaps Roethlesburger, Brady and Wilson.

        Brady was playing in his THIRD Super Bowl before the sports press started to give him credit as, well, maybe a special QB. It’s a fact.

        Playing QB is about grace under pressure. Stats really can’t capture the fact that Tebow under pressure is better than perhaps any player who has ever suited up.

        • jason says:

          Skill set, fundamentals and fit are what evaluation is about which tebow hasn’t shown. Tebow does say he finally learned how important the fundamentals are.
          Why not pull for him to truly show change not how much he lifts weights since that means nothing to those hiring? He wants to get a 3rd chance which i want him to he needs to make his skill set fit cause without that he will not.

          • Sage says:

            What is your point. When will you or anyone else verify his skill set while he’s just talking SEC. Lecture someone else.

          • KingSolomon says:

            why don’t YOU GO AWAY????? this is a site for Tebow fans, not haters like you. what makes you an expert????

          • jason says:

            His mechanics, his footwork and how he throws the ball. Even tebow himself said he’s understanding what all these things mean and the importance of them. I guess tebow is just lying now though as well as everyone who has spelled it out.
            He threw the ball different almost every pass because he didn’y reset his body and that made him less accurate. He’s working on fixing how sloppy he passes the ball in a nut shell. He himself sees it now.

          • jason says:

            Never once said i was an expert and i don’t hate tebow. If i hated him why wouldn’t i say so. I want him to play again. I just look at the reality of how what he has to do to play again and see many fans that are looking at delusion as to why he isn’t.
            I look at how players are evaluated by the people doing the hiring. It is on fans beloved stats and high light reels. It’s on game film and work outs to see if a play has the core skill set to fit the offense a team has or wants. I’ve learn all of this from those people.
            If Adrian petterson played for a team that only used him 10 times a game he wouldn’t have any of the stats he has yet his abilities would all be the exact same which is why evaluation is done as it is not how fans that don’t take the time to understand it think it’s done. Tom brady wouldn’t be hired if a team was using the triple option which gets down to fit. Even teams using some read option elements are still wanting their QBs to be able to play well from the pocket or show signs of good progression at those skills. Tebow after 3 years showed almost no progression on those core fundamentals of passing from the pocket. That’s a QB killer long term and the issue is they think it’s gonna take him far too long to be worth the time for him to reach the level they want.
            Has nothing to do with being an expert it simply is an issue of knowing the NFL game and how they do things which sadly most fans don’t take the time to.
            Why would tebow be working on the exact issue the expert say is a problem for him if they weren’t and working on making those changes in throwing if they weren’t? ….how he played was not the way teams want and he is trying to fix that. he wouldn’t be working at those changes if hit wasn’t true.
            Fans wrong and the pros were right about him.

      • ck says:

        Brandi: Very true, they did not do Tebow any favors trading away the very players that could have helped him and the team…WHO DOES THAT?!!! I WILL TELL YOU WHO: E-L-R-O-T!!! TALKE ABOUT DEVIOUS!!! HOPE HE GETS A TASTE OF WHAT HE DID TO OTHERS WHO DIDN’T DESERVE IT IMPO!!!

        • ck says:


          • Brandi says:

            I understand the frustration CK. There is one simple fact. NOBODY knows what Tim Tebow would do if he was QBing a Team today. If ANYONE says they do, they are quite simply LYING. I do not care what they’re credentials are. If they say they know, they are lying. Maybe first to themselves. But lying nonetheless.

            If they say Tim “doesn’t have the skill-sets necessary” to be a Winning Quarterback in the NFL, they are LYING. No ifs, no ands and no buttfumbles. They are lying. Because he already has.

            So what they’re saying to the Fans is “We know better than you do.” Really? You do? You guys know better than the people whose money you want, whose support you want? There’s no evidence of that. When you start telling your customers you know what they need better than they do, you had better have iron clad proof of it. Proof so clear and evident that the Fans change their opinion. There isn’t any.

            The NFL has royally screwed up as it relates to one Timothy Tebow and his Fans. But more than that, they’ve said to the masses of NFL Fans that they simply have to be taken at their word that they know better than the Fans do. That is just about the worst business practice in the history of business. The NFL has become Professional Sports Coca Cola…cancelling what the customers loved by fiat.

            The question is…will they learn what Coke learned? What a stupid and arrogant move that is? It;s clear if they do that they will not have learned that lesson nearly as quickly.

          • ck says:

            Many thanks Brandi and know you “GET IT!”

          • Brandi says:

            Thanks CK. 🙂

            I’m like everyone else. I don’t know if Tim would do great or fall on his face. But I do know he’s done amazing things when given the chance. Exciting things that inspired many millions. I know he’s more popular than any Player in the History of the NFL and still is despite being mocked and shunned by the NFL and its sycophants. And I know that average folks are MUCH smarter and wiser than they’re often given credit for being. And the overwhelming majority of Fans consistently say they not only like Tim Tebow as a Person, they think he has already earned the opportunity to be the Starting Quarterback of an NFL Team, which means they’ve seen nothing that tells them he isn’t “good enough”.

            Those who try to say he isn’t are, in my opinion, desperately trying to come up with any excuses they can that they hope will convince the Fans otherwise so they don’t take his not Playing out on them. And so far, the only ones they seem to have actually convinced is themselves.

          • jason says:

            I want tebow to play but when he was playing it was sloppy play that showed no confidence. NFL was right brandi and some angry fans were wrong. Plenty of fans still watching and enjoying every week. Tebow can come play when he makes all the changes to give teams belief in him long term. If he was black balled how’d he get calls of teams interested in him.
            Like i said start a league and put the mean old NFL under. There’s millions who still support it and love watching it. Do people have some complaints ofourse but if it was that big an issue as y’all claim they’d have suffered massively by now but haven’t. NFL has been right and tebow fans wrong, me included cause i thought he’d fix his play by now and hasn’t.

          • Brandi says:

            Jason, I have said for years, I don’t know if Denver was a “fluke” or a sign or better things to come. And neither does anyone else. Anyone who claims they do is just plain lying. I do not care one bit about whether or not the NFL was “right” about Tebow’s ability or not. Ignoring the Fans is wrong…period.

            If it was only Tebow, I would leave my comments to that. But it’s not. The treatments of Tim and his Fans is part of a worsening pattern. A counter-productive pattern. The NFL Owners have acknowledged they’ve reached the ceiling of the US Market. Though I disagree with them on that. I think they’ve reached the ceiling with the way the league has operated.

            NOBODY here ever said Tim was a finished product. No young Player is. But Tim’s chances in the NFL have been thwarted specifically because of his popularity. No Pro league has ever done that before. There’s a reason for that. You like the NFL. That’s fine. Many Fans simply put up with it because they like/love Football and it’s the best option they have. My position on this has been that the NFL licks its balls because it thinks it can.

            I’m going to build a league that I think Fans want. We’ll see if they do or not.

  4. Sage says:

    The give-away is that this fool thinks Tebow should be a fullback. Those are the dumbest people in modern life.

  5. bubbaelvis says:

    New England baffles me as well. They really seemed to like him. It appeared to me that they were close to keeping him but other positions took priority due to injury and lack of depth. I was shocked when they drafted Jimmy Garofalo(?) because I thought they would bring Tim back for sure. All the off season training with House felt Patriot directed. The only explanations I can come up with are they didn’t think he could fit in the offense or he himself didn’t want to come back and sit behind Brady for years before getting a shot or they are waiting to see what happens with Mallet. Anyway, I still believe he gets picked up this season. By who I don’t have a clue.

    • Sage says:

      Let’s hope. It probably needs to be a team whose 1st string QB is hurt or washed up, and who hasn’t invested much psychic energy in the backup. Among other things.

  6. ck says:

    Well, Buzzy, you sure have a way…hmmmmmmmmmm! 🙂

  7. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    only 26 comments come on G&G

  8. ck says:

    Hey Andrea and Tawk2 it looks like Johnny Football is in the news again and not for anything to do w/CLASS!!!

    • tawk2 says:

      Amen ck, Johnny full of himself has no class and also did not play well. I guess the jokes is on the Browns because both of their so called NFL quarterbacks are junk, and Tebow is not playing what is up with that!

      So tired of all the NFL BS!

  9. Andrea says:

    Johnny Manziel ‘s middle finger episode came as no surprise to me CK – after all he already has a mug shot.

    Just waiting and watching to see if the NFL has the courage to send the mainstream media’s Gay GOD packing.

    If that clown makes the team I’m boycotting football.

    Wait a minute- I’m already boycotting football games.

    • KingSolomon says:

      it has become a thug league that I can no longer support. to see the redskins players coming out with their hands up to support the thug is Missouri who beat and then rushed the cop was the final straw for me. They don’t want Godly people like Tim. Just thugs, animals, and “others.”

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Couldn’t agree more w/boycotting and no doubt made me laugh too! Agree w/Brandi also about the NFL heading for a MAJOR MELTDOWN and this is probably due to all the unbelievable messes they allow on NFL Teams!!!:(

  10. shaztah says:

    Hey Brandi guess you know what you are talking about. NFL must be in some money problems to do this!

    • Brandi says:

      The NFL got themselves into the mess it’s in by being short-sighted. Mark Cuban says the league is headed for a meltdown due to “greed”. On the surface, I can see how he’d some to that conclusion. But I think the problems are more complicated than that.

      It’s a combination of hubris and really gawdawful advisers. Most notably the NFL’s chief legal counsel from whom Tagliabue, previous NFL Commish, came (and went back to after his term expired) and who played a major role in selecting Goodell. These are the lawyers who convinced the NFL to make up phony medical studies to combat growing concerns about player injuries, most notably the long-term effects of head injuries. They’d done the very same thing before with the tobacco companies. They’re the ones who have convinced the NFL to take a hard line in most areas. Maybe as lawyers they think they’re doing their jobs. But lawyers shouldn’t be making business decisions, particularly in a business that is based entirely on customer perception and is completely a discretionary purchase.

      The NFL’s future, like the future of every major league in every major sport is based on international. Where Baseball adopted a philosophy that what’s good for Baseball the Game is good for Major League Baseball, the NFL’s approach was it’s the NFL’s way or the highway. Europe and China said “Gas up the truck and get the hell out of here.” Now the NFL finds itself trying to come up with about $10 or $12 Billion a year that should have been and would quite possibly/maybe probably have been coming from abroad if they hadn’t acted like they were doing those countries a favor by shoving the league down their throats.

      The NFL, to remain Major League needs that $25 Billion a year in Revenue they’ve got in their Business Plan. But they can’t come up with any way to get even halfway there let alone all the way. Without being Major League at the international level, the NFL can’t even maintain their current revenue stream without finding ways to make up likely losses by any means they can find. The Networks are probably done with them. They didn’t want to sign the current contracts. They sure won’t be signing any more like these…not without massive growth in viewership. Not when they can get the same audiences for programs that cost them less to produce per season than a single NFL Game costs them AND they own all of the rights to. They don’t love the NFL enough to give them ten times or more what it costs to get the same size audiences. 🙂 Especially when there isn’t any international after-market.

      What could be worse, by the time the next census comes around there will probably be more soccer fans among 12-24 year olds in the US and possibly more English Premier League Soccer Fans among young people than NFL Fans. That just about spells close the doors and put up the yellow tape because it leaves the NFL with another Player Contract down the line and no way to pay for it. Translation: The Showdown they avoided last time only a whole lot worse.

      It’s a huge mess but one largely of the league’s own making. You cannot alienate your own customers any time and expect things to turn out well. But at a time when the core base is so desperately needed for the league to even have any shot at being around 10 or 12 years from now is just pure insanity.

  11. Brandi says:

    Those “Experts” were calling the Offense implemented in Denver in 2011 “Army 1950’s Football.” Those “Experts” didn’t understand anything about the developing Option Offenses. Those “Experts” continued to call it a phase that would die out quickly, instead of a growing new wave of versatile Offenses.

    As for the “vast majority of NFL Fans” agreeing with those “Experts”, poll after poll still overwhelmingly show Fans think Tebow should be a Starting NFL QB today. The ONLY people who are convinced of the things you’re convinced of Jason are a very small percentage of the NFL World who live and breath each other’s every word. The rest don’t listen to you guys. The rest don’t believe you guys. The rest believe when they see something what others want to call it don’t really matter. The rest could be entirely wrong. But just try keeping a league alive without them.

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