Wake Up Cowboys, It’s Tebow Time (TKS TEBOWFAN)


The Dallas Cowboys have always had a problem with finding good quality backup quarterbacks so that they can remain a good team if their starting quarterback, Tony Romo, gets injured. In fact, the Cowboys have now released 3 backup quarterbacks since 2013. And the latest one to be released by the Cowboys is Kyle Orton. Before joining the Cowboys, Orton was a pretty good starting quarterback as he took the Chicago Bears to a winning season. However, Orton has been on three different teams in 5 seasons and is now a free agent. The Cowboys finished last season with an 8-8 record and Orton was the starting quarterback for the team in their final game of the 2013 NFL season.

Since the Cowboys have always had a problem finding backup quarterbacks that can win football games, it is time for the Cowboys to wake up and pursue a certain free agent that has won a playoff game in the NFL before. That’s right. The Cowboys should sign Tim Tebow. When he was a starting quarterback in Denver, Tebow had a 7-4 record and took the Broncos to the Divisional Round in 2011, which proved that he could win games in the NFL. But since then, Tebow has had a rough time trying to find a team to join because coaches have stated that Tebow would be too much of a distraction for the team during training camp and during the season. Last season, Tebow was released by the New England Patriots before the season started.

Nevertheless, Tebow would be a perfect fit for the Cowboys for 2 reasons. One reason is that Tebow can win games in the 4th quarter. For instance, in 2011, Tebow led his team to victory by scoring in the 4th quarter in 4 games for the Broncos. And the Cowboys desperately need a quarterback that can win in the 4th quarter because they have lost more than 3 games per year in the final seconds for 4 straight seasons. The second reason will greatly benefit Tony Romo. Tebow will divert attention away from Romo while Romo concentrates on winning football games for the Cowboys. Plus, since Tebow is a player with the highest character, Tebow could help motivate his teammates to become the best players that they can be so that the Cowboys can win more than 8 games this season.

It is about time that the Cowboys do something about their average record and sign Tebow. We will see if the Cowboys have the courage to sign Tebow as training camp approaches. If the Cowboys need any more incentive, here is a reminder of what Tebow can do.



  1. Tebow to the Cowboys would be the best thing to happen to Jerry Jones since he founded the team. Awesomeness is going to Dallas. Wake up Jones. Can’t you see it is Tebow time?


  2. All Right! I love Tebow stories. And this one is the one that is going to happen. I think that Tebow will be watching football games from that studio on SEC Network and say, Man, I can’t stand this. I want to play football! And Jerry Jones will give him a chance to play for America’s team. Plus, in two years, he will be the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.


  3. Mikerophone did this story because he wanted to rile some feathers. And I bet that Stephen A. Smith is steamed of seeing a Tebow story. I love watching him sweat because he is one step away from losing his job to Mikerophone. Keep em’ coming Mikerophone. Smith will blow a gasket.


  4. Tim Tebow is not going to join the Cowboys Whitlock. But they should at least give him a look because now the Cowboys do not have any quarterbacks left on their roster. I do not want to see the punter take snaps under center. Get a quarterback Jones, and Mikerophone is giving you a solution.


  5. Korrarted ArteryJuly 16, 2014 at 6:20 PM

    Now that the Jaguars have passed on Tebow, it is time for Jones to be a competent GM and get a proven winner in Tebow. With a great offensive line, anyone can be a great quarterback. And if the Cowboys fix their O-Line, Tebow will be a good quarterback for at least 3 seasons. I am not saying that he deserves Colin Kaepernick money, but he should at least get a shot to play.


  6. I think that Tebow would be a better fit for the New York Underachieving Giants. It is about time that they get someone that can motivate those fat and slow offensive linemen that earn $10 million per season. A young quarterback like Tebow can get in their faces and carry the team on his back if he needs to.

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12 Responses to “Wake Up Cowboys, It’s Tebow Time (TKS TEBOWFAN)”

  1. tebow fan says:

    Jerry Jones has been making the wrong decisions on players for nearly 20 years. What he sees in Romo I don’t know. Romo has made it to the playoffs like once in his career? That’s not a characteristic of a great QB. Any great QB despite a bad team can still make it to the playoffs. Tebow would be good for America’s team. Even though Orton was let go and the Cowboys could use a QB, I don’t think Jones is a believer of Tebow. You would think he would get him though because of the dollars tebow can bring in. I don’t think it would happen. The more likely scenario with the cowboys is that they pick up another no name garbage QB.

    • ck says:

      Everywhere Orton goes, it seems, they lose. No different than in Denver and yet he still gets picked up…not a whole lotta common sense there! Jerry Jones is almost as messed up as Rex Ryan in NY!!! They could both use some serious H-E-L-P!!!

    • Sage says:

      That’s right. Romo and Cutler each have one playoff win, as does Tebow.

      No one so blind as those who will not see?

    • Jackson says:

      How the hell can a team owner believe in Kyle Orton, and yet NOT believe in Tim Tebow? I agree that Jerry Jones is not a Tebow fan, but that’s HIS problem. Maybe he should try and see the forest for the trees. Tim Tebow + Dallas Cowboys = the total rebirth of “America’s Team”. You don’t get more “All-American” as apple pie than Tim Tebow.

  2. Bigfan says:

    Could be however remember to keep praying for Timmy!!

  3. Jackson says:

    Tim Tebow would transform any team he plays for IF he actually gets the chance to play. I love reading this story but, sadly, I feel that Jerry Jones (like seemingly most of the GMs and team owners currently in the NFL) simply refuse to give Tim another chance. If one of them happens to throw caution to the wind and actually roll the dice and sign Tebow and play him, I have no doubt in my mind that great things can and will transpire. Tim is a born winner, and anyone who can’t see this is just simply blind as a freaking bat!

    • ck says:

      Jackson: All good points! The donkeys were not winning until Tebow was given the reins and even when faced w/obstacles purposely thrown to keep him from doing that there was no stopping him and the team EVEN rallied around him as they BELIEVED!!!

  4. Jockey Shorts says:

    Give Tebow 3 seasons on ANY team and said team will be Super Bowl bound. Team doesn’t just quarterback a team, he transforms them with leadership skills that are god-given. You can teach QB mechanics, but you can’t teach someone to lead — you’ve either got it, or you don’t. Tim Tebow has inspirational leadership skills that are second to none.

  5. ck says:

    JS: I agree w/u that he is “SECOND TO NONE” and “SKILLS THAT ARE GOD-GIVEN” and anybody that can WIN as much as T2 has THE RIGHT SKILLS!!!

  6. ck says:

    Mikerophone is on to something and what an article he wrote!:)

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