Urban Meyer’s Expectations For Tim Tebow Aren’t Realistic

July 29, 2014 1:36 pm EDT by Rant Sports Staff

Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow

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Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow made up one heck of a duo at Florida. Tebow threw the ball, ran the ball and broke the records, and Meyer helped coach Tebow and Co. to two national championships. Once again, great duo. Apparently, Meyer reportedly doesn’t get why his former star QB isn’t in the NFL anymore. Well, Meyer’s NFL expectations for Tebow aren’t realistic.

Now, if Tebow wanted to play another position, then he could definitely succeed in the pros. He’s a winner, a great person to have in the locker room, works harder than anyone else and is a football player. It would be great to see him actually get another shot at QB, but who knows if that will be the case.

As a QB in the NFL, Tebow racked up 2,422 yards, 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He also ran for 989 yards — 660 in 2011 alone — and 12 TDs. Say what you want about his throwing mechanics and whether he can fix them or not, but he did only complete 47.9 percent of his passes.

I understand why Meyer would back up Tebow. After all, he did see Tebow at his best and in an offense that was tailored around him. Could Tebow see similar success in a similar offense in the NFL? Sure, but we probably are never going to see that.

At the very least, Tebow would be great at a different position. The passion he shows for the game is crazy, he is an absolute beast in the weight room and he really is a good football player. He just doesn’t seem to be the best thrower in the NFL, or even close to it, and that is the problem.

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8 Responses to “Urban Meyer’s Expectations For Tim Tebow Aren’t Realistic”

  1. Sage says:

    Weak. I’ve never seen any sign that Tebow could succeed as a fullback without the threat of pass. He is a huge target.

    These people fancy themselves smart, and they are so mistaken.

    • ck says:

      Couldn’t agree more Sage and it is complete you know what…who are “Rant Sports Staff” anyway? Spewing more misinformation for obvious ratings and that is the “REAL PROBLEM” impo!

  2. lex says:

    amen, sage. you are so right.

  3. tebow fan says:

    Tebow would be a great QUARTERBACK. Tebow took one of the worst teams at 1-4 and took them to the playoffs. Tied for the league lead in 4Q/OT game winning drives or comebacks. Did the same in the playoffs. Led another Q4 comeback in NE on his last game. Its the same story. He leads his teams to wins. Its proven. He has not been proven at another position and to say he would be great at another position is basically garbage. I do believe he is a great QB because he is proven it. Its a waste of time to talk about him at another position for many reasons.

    Tebow has proven that QB rating is not always a good comparative indicator of QBs. Why? Tebow won because he has a relatively high TD/turnover ratio. TD to turnover ratio is one of the most important stat not only for the QB but in football period. However QB rating does not give enough weight to this. This is why Tebow can win with a 72 rating and Romo can not with a 90 rating. Add to this Tebow plays better at the end of the games and he can make a big difference in the game running for TD/1st downs which is a good QB decision for a QB but doesn’t show up in the passer ratings. The Jets game comes to mind with him running and winning. He is a dual threat that other QBs don’t have. Also, Tebow is a conservative passer. Instead of forcing it in or just throwing it like Favre or Sanchez, he’ll take an incomplete pass. This hurts his QB rating but is a smart decision when it comes to winning. He did finally “pull the trigger” and showed that he can light it up vs. the Steelers. But when he throws the ball its a lot less likely it will be a turnover and I’ll emphasize…turnovers is key to games.

    Completion % is not everything. Maybe P. Manning would have a lot more super bowls if it was.

    • ck says:

      Tebow Fan: It is easy to make a case for Tebow when you know the facts and you are definitely adept at that…bet you could break down plays too!:)

  4. ck says:

    Would be great if Urban was an NFL coach and T2 on the same team as QB!!!

  5. andrea says:

    Glad to see Urban Meyer is still on Tebow’s side and staying positive.

    On an unrelated matter – I was glad to see Michael Vick say positive things about Tony Dungy after Dungy was viciously attacked by the press.

    On the other hand – Peyton Manning who was coached by Tony Dungy says nothing. The Peyton Manning who the vicious media holds up as a Christian role model – not Tim Tebow who the media says has a ” cult” of wackjob followers.

    Peyton Manning has hid his Christianity so far back in the closet – the only way to get it to come out of the closet is by blasting it out with 400 tons of TNT.

    Peyton Manning – what a fraud.

    So glad the Broncos have wasted 40 million dollars so far on this has-been.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Absolutely the truth…”What a fraud” and I knew that the minute he agreed w/Elrot to ship T2 out of Denver from a position that he earned!!!

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