Is it Really Tim Tebow? Or is it the Fans?

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Posted by :brandileanne On : July 20, 2014

The articles about Tim Tebow’s Playing Days being over just keep rolling off the internet. Perhaps the Greatest Quarterback in College Football History…or at least in a very select group. Led one of the most improbable Playoff Runs in Professional Football History. Over nearly 2 years prior to Tebow’s taking over, the Denver Broncos had the NFL’s worst record. Voted one of the 100 Best Players by his peers. On ESPN’s “All Era Team”. Everything looking up.

Then suddenly, with absolutely no evidence to support the position, a small group of “Insiders” decided Tim Tebow simply isn’t Quality Football Material.

OK, Tebow Fans and everyone else. I’m just going to call it. Bullshit!

Tim Tebow is the first and probably last Player ever to wear an NFL uniform who can accurately say that he has been the Most Popular Athlete in the World. The league that has admitted it has to deal with its cultural issues before the fans decide to deal with it for them has another cultural issue. And it has been manifested in one Timothy Tebow.

When a Sports League decides that it’s smarter and more knowledgeable than the Fans, it has taken a bad turn and needs to correct course. Hey, we’re forming a new Football league that will certainly create a stir. It’s going to be built for the Fans so completely, when it’s all built, we’re giving it to them.

If the NFL wants to keep any Fans, it needs to make an earnest effort to show they’re valued. If that means cleaning house of each and every person who values themselves over the Fans, my suggestion is…do it. While you still can.

I’ve said to Tim’s Fans for a couple years, the treatment he’s received from the NFL is NOT the “disease”. It’s a very visible symptom. Buzzy Buzzard’s Buzzy has talked to individuals from all 32 NFL Teams and the prospects are dismal. I would offer, the prospects for the NFL are dismal. I’ve watched the attitude of so many Fans become one of deep-seated hatred of the NFL. And not even necessarily about Tebow. Parents concerned about the seemingly endless “Perpwalks” on the front of the Sports Highlights. A growing sense that they simply don’t matter.

The League is going to happen. It’s long overdue. Will the NFL continue to exist? Well, I’ve had some asking if that’s the plan. To put the NFL out of business. Not-so at all. I want to see an NFL that is so responsive to the Fans they make The League have to be at its very best every day. I read stories that Tim is still trying to be an NFL Quarterback and I sometimes ask if he realizes what the NFL has done to his most dedicated Fans.

When asked about The League signing Tim Tebow, my reply has been that it needs to be a league he would look back on and feel proud he played in it. Can Tim say that about the NFL? Honestly? This isn’t a cheap shot of any kind. Can he look at how his Fans have been treated, like some sort of disease to be eradicated, and say he’s proud of that? That he wants even more?

Can the NFL say they’ve done right by Tim and his Fans? They might say they have. But I can point them to a whole lot of Tebow Fans who would disagree. And lest anyone forgets, Tim Tebow STILL has more Fans than the NFL. More go to the mat Fans. More Fans around the World. More Fans who would apply their every last measure of devotion. And poll after poll overwhelmingly saying he should be leading a Team today.

When you’re telling the vast majority of the people they’re wrong, you had better be coming with a whole lot more than the opinions of a handful of “Insiders”. And I don’t think anybody has that. The feedback Buzzy has gotten jives perfectly with the comment “too popular to sign”.

There it is Sports Fans. If there’s more than that, I haven’t seen it. It hasn’t convinced the vast majority of Fans. Because, I think, there’s nothing there to show. There’s no good Football reason why Tim Tebow isn’t playing Football. His “Following” (the term Buzzy heard) is just more than anyone has wanted to deal with. That following is another word for a group so large, he’s a 5-1 Thanksgiving Dinner choice over the President of the United States. Why the Vatican wants him to help clean up Professional Sports Worldwide. Why he’s the only Pro Football Player ever to be in the Oprah stratosphere of popularity and influence. Why that popularity grows even as he’s not playing Football.

Why that popularity has been a “problem” is anyone’s guess. But I will say this. Any answers anyone comes up with, I’m calling Bullshit! again.



Same Sports Bimbo I’ve always been.

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9 Responses to “Is it Really Tim Tebow? Or is it the Fans?”

  1. Brandi says:

    This article seems to have ticked off all the right people. 🙂

    First, the very notion that NFL GMs aren’t so all powerful and all knowing that the Fans don’t just have to get down on their knees and kiss their egos is anathema to some.

    But that Tim’s Popularity and influence continues to grow eats at the self esteem of some. It just can’t be so. He had a “little” flurry of small popularity in 2011. It just has to be that and nothing more.

    Except Forbes disagrees, last year calling him America’s Most Influential Athlete. Beneath the self gratifying hype of the Sports Media, there are actual numbers and those numbers have been saying for years that Tim Tebow is in a league by himself as it relates to US Athletes. Only a couple soccer stars can boast the recognition numbers and NONE of them come close to Tim’s overall influence.

    It’s inconvenient for those who like to convince themselves that Tim really just has a few nutbar Fans. It’s actually the few who disagree who are closer to being nutbars. 🙂

    • ck says:

      Amazing how that works;i.e., do all the right things as a role model and actually be humble plus talented which equals unheard of fan numbers due to popularity! Glad you gave a shout out to Buzzy!:) Nice article btw and should be sent to The NFL, including owners/GMs impo!!!

      • Brandi says:

        CK–I don’t know if the NFL is paying any attention to what we’re doing building The League or not. I know I have a few folks from some NFL Teams who read my articles and even some who follow me on Twitter. (Including 1 Team President) BUT, I have been writing about the NFL’s problems and how the problems will come back to bite them for a couple years now and I’ve seen nothing that indicates anything’s changed.

        But sooner or later, the NFL is going to be paying attention to what we’re doing because, frankly, anyone in the NFL who looks at what we’ve got on paper has to be saying “Holy Shht! If this happens we’re in a tough fight to win.” And I’m not going to be shy. I’m going to hammer the NFL on every cultural issue they’ve left unaddressed, every time they’ve put “The Shield” ahead of the Fans. Every time they’ve put money ahead of the Players and even their health. And if it gets nasty, I’m going to remind them that while there are people in The League standing up against terrorists, their own closest advisers, the place where their recent past Commissioner came from and went back to right after basically hand selecting the current one, is a renowned defender of terrorists and clients who’ve used terrorist tactics. If it gets nasty, I’m going to use every dirty little thing the NFL has tried to kept hidden from the Fans.

        But they WILL clean up their act. You can bet your tucchus on that.

        • ck says:

          Watch our for the “T” word as that will get you the attention that you don’t want…anyway, did you see what Dungy stated?!!! Talk about backlash!

          • Brandi says:

            Thanks CK. But since moving forward on the Illumine Project, the work we’ve been doing, the places we’re doing it, the Group who’s managing the project, I haven’t farted without “someone” smelling it. Let alone had an email, DM or anything else. So, I’m cool. 🙂

            Tony got himself in the middle of it and probably already knows the moment you start “explaining” your comments, you’re already in the quicksand.

          • ck says:

            Brandi: That is pretty graphic alright about the scent business and hope the kids don’t take offense w/certain terms…looks like George Orwell’s prophecy is coming true, unfortunately!!! We have a chance to change it if everyone votes their conscience; hope, that is still possible w/all the apathy present!!!

  2. andrea says:

    The only problem with Dungy is he was telling the truth.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Sad, but true and so much for “free speech” or is it “protected speech” for a few?!!! 🙁 🙂 Practicing smiley faces, ha,ha!

  3. ck says:

    At least “Duck Dynasty” didn’t back down! Looks like T2 likes these people and they at least stand for something that is right!

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