Don’t Pine For The Past, Enjoy the Present Greatness ( Buzzy Says : You are not going to like this)

by Erick Trickel

  • Somewhat recently, the Denver Broncos had one of the most exciting seasons in NFL history, full of ups and downs and miracle wins. The team didn’t have the most talent in the NFL. But that team had something that many players don’t, heart and a desire to put up a W instead of personal gain.


By now you may have guessed I am talking about the 2011 Denver Broncos. Everyone knows all about the team. They were led by one Tim Tebow. Who, while he wasn’t the best quarterback, was a baller. His drive, heart and desire were second-to-none, despite all that, he had one major flaw. He wasn’t an NFL QB.

 Yes, he led a comeback in multiple games. But when you look at what the other components of the team did in those games, you have the proof that football is a team sport.

 In Tebow’s first game starting in 2011, he managed to lead a 15 point comeback to tie the game. However, the Broncos defense kept the score somewhat reasonable, allowing the Miami Dolphins to score only 15 points. Then later, in overtime, the defense stepped up, forced a fumble and four plays later Broncos kicker Matt Prater nails a field goal giving the Broncos the victory.

 Every game looks similar to that. Tebow played his part, but without the defense keeping the score low or Prater being clutch, a lot of those victories would have been losses. When the defense allowed more than 20 points, the Broncos were 2-3 while Tebow was leading the team. One of those wins, against the Minnesota Vikings, saw the offense bailed out by a big time play at a key moment by the defense with an André Goodman interception, shortly followed by a Matt Prater game winning field goal. The other victory came against the Oakland Raiders, who were a big mess from top to bottom at the time.


In the final three games of the season, the Broncos lost all three, 41-23, 40-14, 7-3. That’s right, even when the defense managed to keep the Kansas City Chiefs, led by former Broncos QB Kyle Orton, to 7 points, Tebow could not lead the team to put up more than 3. During the three-game losing streak, Tebow managed to put up only one touchdown through the air, while tossing three interceptions. He actually managed to throw the same amount of touchdowns to the other team, as he did his own team!


Despite those three loses, the Broncos still managed to win their division and make the playoffs. In wild card weekend the Broncos took on the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was an exciting game where the whole team was firing on all cylinders at the start, only to stutter and end up tied at the end of regulation and the rest is in the history books. The Broncos got the ball and on the first play. Tebow takes the snap- throws it, a little low and behind, to Demaryius Thomas, who after a stiff arm took it 80 yards to win the game. The next week, miracle season ended with a 45-10 stomping from the New England Patriots, who weeks before, put up a 41-23 stomping.

 Buzzy Says : That Is BS The Pass Was a little High and in stride to DT

One great thing about Tim Tebow was, he instilled a fire into the team that kept them fighting, but without the QB prowess to back up the drive and carry the team. So John Elway went looking for a new QB. Boy did he find one. Peyton Manning. Though the neck injury was worrisome, you never doubt the Duke.


Jan 19, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos executive vice president of football operations John Elway celebrate after the 2013 AFC championship playoff football game against the New England Patriots at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY SportsOne great thing about Tim Tebow was, he installed a fire into the team that kept them fighting, but without the QB prowess to backup the drive and carry the team. So John Elway went looking for a new QB. Boy did he find one. Peyton Manning. Though the neck injury was worrisome, you never doubt the Duke.

Since then, Peyton Manning has led the Broncos to back-to-back 13-3 records, first seed in the AFC, third straight AFC West division champs and a Super Bowl appearance, though some will argue that the Broncos didn’t really show up.


Tebow led the Broncos to some records, but Manning’s 2013 campaign was filled with nothing but records, not just for himself, but the team as well. NFL and Broncos records fell game after game with Manning under center.


Going from Tebow to Manning is like eating at a fast food joint, to eating at a Michelin star restaurant. Drinking boxed wine, to drinking Cune Rioja Imperial Gran Reserva vintage 2004 (one of the best wines in the world). From liking Star Trek to Star Wars. From being a Raiders fan to a Broncos fan. Peyton Manning is just better quality than Tim Tebow.

Buzzy Says : And He had 15 years to get there ,Tim Tebow Has not had a full season yet. 

The point of all this is, not for us to forget what Tebow did for the Broncos, but to put it in the past and enjoy what the Denver Broncos have right now with Peyton Manning. 2011 was an exciting season, but 2013 was even more so.

 Buzzy Says If It were not For Tim Tebow and his 8 wins there would be no PM at Denver

When you have greatness there before you, you take the time to sit back and watch it unfold. Because once that greatness is gone, you’ll be pining for it to come back and one day it might but the possibility is there that we, the fans of football and especially the Broncos, will never see such greatness before our eyes again and if we do, it could be years away or not in our lifetime. It took 15 years to return to greatness after John Elway retired. It could be longer after Manning does.

Sit back. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the greatness.

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24 Responses to “Don’t Pine For The Past, Enjoy the Present Greatness ( Buzzy Says : You are not going to like this)”

  1. andrea says:

    90 million dollars for Sir Peyton and no Super Bowl victories.

    Funny how everyone said the defense was the reason Denver won in 2011 – not Tebow.

    Since Sir Peyton arrived the reason given why the Broncos can’t win the big one is that their defense is no good.

    If the Broncos ended the 2011 season at 4-12, there is no way Peyton would have signed with the Broncos.

    Personally, I am enjoying every minute of this – The stupid owner is wasting 90 million dollars to a QB on the advice of a used car salesman.

    Did anyone hear about John Elway’s son’s day in court? Jack Elway was supposed to appear in court on a Thursday to make a plea on the charges against him. At this hearing the press is invited in to watch and record the proceedings.

    For some reason I can not understand (I’m being sarcastic) the Judge allowed Jack Elway to enter a plea on a Wednesday in a closed session so the younger Elway’s picture and photo would not be released to the general public.

    Who in their right mind would ever think this kind of stuff would happen?

    • ck says:


  2. andrea says:

    A lot of people in the mainstream media also described Senator Ted Kennedy as great.

    I wonder how Mary Jo enjoyed her ride with the great Ted Kennedy as she ended up in a bottom of a river.

    Sad fact – the day Mary Jo passed away (July 18th) is also my birthdate.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” Someone in my family has a birthday same as yours and they are GRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!!! Boy, did you say a mouthful and ALL TRUE!!!

  3. Bigfan says:

    I believe in the power of prayer as I think most do here. Having said that keep praying for Timmy. Living in the rear view mirror does not bare fruit. Pray for Timmy.

  4. Brandi says:

    That 2011 Season began with the Broncos coming off the most losses in a Season in Franchise History and Elway saying it was just the beginning of a 3-5 year rebuilding to being “competitive”.

    It ended with having been one of the most magical in any Sports Team’s History and an Owner saying “That was a Good Season. I wanted a great one.” One of the most oblivious statements in Sports History somehow was treated with credibility.

    Strange Days indeed. Most peculiar Mama.

    • ck says:

      Brandi: I was an eyewitness along with everyone else that saw how AMAZING T2 played and inspired everyone on that team to “step up” b/c he is a (NFL/QB) leader who WINS!!! HIS FANS KNOW THE TRUTH AND THEY ARE IN THE MILLIONS TOO AND THEY AREN’T FOOLING EVERYBODY THAT IS FOR SURE!!!

  5. Sage says:

    These brilliant analysts compare a first-year NFL starter to a starter with maybe 12 or 13 years of experience. And they think they are smart.

  6. steftebowfan says:

    These media guys are idiots. They think we are so stupid that we will believe their ridiculous excuses for not hiring Tebow. We know Tebow is special and went above and beyond expectations with the little prep and support that he had. Sad because most people are like sheep and just believe all they hear without thought!

    • ck says:

      Steftebowfan: Very true and their version of history is not true nor correct and thank God for documentation; i.e., the camera doesn’t lie!

    • Brandi says:

      “Never think you’re better than your Customers”–Sam Walton. If only ‘Ol Sam had been a Football Owner. 🙂

  7. ck says:

    Oh, did I enjoy it when PM lost BIGTIME in his appearance at the Super Bowl and no more “Pappa John Pizza” commercials!!! Would have rather watched T2 in the Super Bowl than “NO CLUTCH” PM WHO HAD HIS TIME AND IS NOW HISTORY AND NO GREATNESS IN THE FUTURE ONLY T2 WILL HAVE ALREADY SURPASSED HIM AND DID IN COLLEGE AND WILL IN THE NFL ALSO!!! B-E-L-I-E-V-E!!! GO TEBOW!!!

    This guy, Mr. Ego Tinkle, (a nobody trying to get somewhere by mentioning a great hero impo who IS T2) needs to get his facts straight as well as leave his obvious bias where it belongs in an editorial instead of trying to be a legit journalist which is a class he will never aspire too now or even in the past!!! Enjoy the present, indeed!!! FIRED UP NOW!!!

  8. ck says:

    Funny how everyone on Mr. Tinkel’s site is a PRO TEBOW FAN!!! Read the comments b/c they “ALL” put him on notice REGARDING HIS LIES…sadly, his ignorance and youth are on blatant display!!! How utterly “RIDICULOUS” impo!!! GBTTA!!!

  9. ck says:


  10. ck says:

    Buzzy: Thanks for writing Tisa and you are right…DON’T LIKE THIS MISINFORMATION FROM AN OBNOXIOUS TWIT!!!:(

  11. David says:

    The defense in Denver got better under Tebow because he only threw 2 interceptions in the next 9 games. He put the defense in better field position so they could keep the other team from scoring. Orton threw 7 interceptions in the first 4.5 games. Tebow also ran for 660 yards and gave them the number one rushing offense in the league. All those first downs kept the defense off the field and ran the clock. The defense was ranked 24th in the league and allowed over 40 points in the big games.
    Orton went 4-14 with the same defense before Tebow went 8-5 and Orton never gave Prater a chance to win a game with a field goal.

  12. David says:

    Josh McDaniels has coached Brady, Orton and Tebow and taught them his offense.
    Tebow used it in 2010 with 82 throws and 5 TDs. That’s a TD every 16 throws.
    Orton used it in 2010 with 498 attempts and 20 TDs. That’s a TD every 25 throws.
    Brady used it in 2013 with 628 throws and 25 TDs. That’s a TD every 25 throws in McDaniels’ offense.
    You won’t get a much better comparison than 3 QBs using the same offense and the same coach. Tebow was a rookie who had no training camp. (strike)
    Watch Tebow’s first three starts in his rookie year 2010. In his second start he threw for 308 yards with 27 yards rushing. He had a rushing TD in all 3 games. He scored every 16 attempts with an unheard of 16.27 yards per completion. Notice how he connects with a quality receiver like Brandon Lloyd. He doesn’t throw many short passes, but he can like he did in NY with 75% completions or he can run it for 5.4 yards per carry. Tebow is a QB that does it all.
    In 2011, he played in Fox’s offense and that plus inexperienced receivers killed his passing numbers(Lloyd and Gaffney were traded away). John Fox’s prevent offense would ruin any QB’s career like it did to some in Carolina. His offense is run first and runs the clock in hopes of keeping the other team off the field. The only thing that saved Denver was that Tebow helped to teach the coaches how to run the spread option in the 4th quarter. To his credit, Coach McCoy admitted that he didn’t know the offense that Tebow was running and that he had to learn and research the offense that Tebow and Thomas already knew. The first 3 quarters was John Fox and the 4th quarter was Tim Tebow coaching and playing QB with the highest QBR in the NFL during that play. Tebow was held back by the system he was playing in and the contrast between the first 3 quarters and the his 4th quarter play is proof of that fact. He still passed for a TD every 22 throws and ran for a score every 12 rushes which is down from his performance in McDaniel’s offense the previous year. In one highlight film you see Tebow on the sideline yelling, “We can’t wait! We’ve got to start NOW!” They had 6 comeback victories when they changed to Tebow’s offense.
    Listen to the OC describe his lack of knowledge
    Tebow has played less than 17 games of total play in the NFL and he has scored 19 passing TDs with 9 interceptions, 13 rushing TDs and 2 two point conversions and rushed for 1052 yards with 6 lost fumbles. He won the AFC West championship and his first playoff game. Tebow set records for passing and rushing and he can’t get an interview in the NFL. Starters in the league are throwing less than 1 TD per game and more interceptions than TDs. Jimmy Clausen was hired in June by Chicago. Clausen played 10 games in 2010 with 3 TDs, 9 interceptions and 2 lost fumbles. There is something seriously wrong with the hiring practices in the NFL.

  13. David says:

    Can you explain why Tebow can throw the same number of TDs (18) as Tom Brady did in his first 16 games, with 110 fewer throws?
    This shows you why you can’t judge a QB by pass percentage only, especially the QBs like Tebow that didn’t throw a lot of short passes. Tebow and Brady both started in their second year. In their first 16 games, Brady had a 62.7% completion percentage averaging 10.98 yards per completion and Tebow had a 47.1% completion percentage averaging 15.31 yards per completion . If they both threw 400 passes who would have the highest total passing yards?
    Tim Tebow 2884 yards
    Tom Brady 2754 yards
    If they throw 600 passes, Tebow still leads and the gap widens because he throws the ball farther with each completion. If he threw more of the short passes his percentage would go up and his yards would go down. He threw 75% in NY with short passes.
    Tebow 4327
    Brady 4131
    In 2001,
    Brady had 18 passing TDs in 483 attempts with 13 interceptions in his first 16 games and 1 rushing TD
    In 2010/2011
    Tebow had 18 passing TDs in 373 attempts with 9 interceptions and 10 rushing TDS, 2 two point conversions and rushed for 923 yards in his first 16. Tebow also scored 1 more passing TD and 3 rushing TDs in situational plays in 2010.
    Tebow was more productive at scoring, total offensive yards, passing, interceptions and rushing than Tom Brady when the Pats won the superbowl in 2001. Brady didn’t score more than Tebow until his 8th year in the NFL.

    • ck says:

      David: Great posts and facts/videos to back it up…I think I might know who you are and correct me if I am wrong, but believe it is the original David that started this site?! Many happy returns if this is the right assumption!:)

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