Buzzy Says Ok Lance We get it you want everyone to Read this

Depending on who you talk to, ‘The Blacklist’ is either a Hit Show on NBC or a Double Secret Probation the NFL has placed Tim Tebow in. I’ve never really bought into the “Blacklisting” that a fairly large and growing number of the Galaxy of Tebow are absolutely certain. But in all the time I’ve spent watching and/or studying Sports across Lands and Ages, I’ve never before heard massive numbers of Fans referred to as a “Circus” and treated like something to be avoided, derided, squashed, put in their place. It takes studying the treatment of Star Athletes whose popularity was deemed a threat by Iron Curtain Regimes to find any comparisons.

I’ve been asked what the plans are for “The League”. It’s really simple. Do absolutely everything it takes to be the Best Football and Best Football League beyond anyone’s comparisons. Period. When asked about the standards of quality of the Football, the closest benchmark I can come up with is when the question becomes…Can a team from any other Football league beat ANY Teams in ‘The League’. The standard for quality of the League itself…One the Fans will be proud to say is theirs. Because when it’s built, it’s going to be. Every Team, every Stadium, every Youth Camp and Program, everything. So we’re building it with the idea in mind that it has to be the very best…bar none.

There have been quite a few asking/hoping The League will sign Tim Tebow. My response has consistently been…we’re building it so it will be a league he will be proud to say he Played in.

Tim will make his own decisions. But I will tell Y’all this. The League will never be one where his Fans are treated like undesireables, as they have been treated the last several years. The League is being built on the principle Players aren’t inter-changeable and Fans aren’t Rating Points. Each and every one is treasured.

Tim has to make his own stand. This is ours.

2012 might not have been Tim’s year, but 2015 will be!! The League WILL succeed and it’s very important that every TEBOW FAN in the country support it! Soon, I will post a link on the best way to help contribute to the effort to put Tim back on the field, so everyone get ready!

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13 Responses to “Buzzy Says Ok Lance We get it you want everyone to Read this”

  1. Lance says:

    Thank you for posting this. This is information every Tebow fan needs to see, as Brandi needs and values our support.

  2. Jason says:

    You’re ALL really weird.

    • Brandi says:

      I see you’re still making friends Jason. 🙂

      How can it be that everyone doesn’t simply bow to your superior knowledge? Weird.

      My thing on Tim Tebow has always been pretty simple. It begins and ends with Who the hell are the GMs? They don’t pay any bills. They don’t generate any revenues. They don’t generate any enthusiasm. They’re employees and most are very temporary at that. So why does appeasing them take precedent over the wishes of the Fans?

      Poll after poll still shows the vast majority of Fans saying Tim Tebow should be a Starting QB today. But oh no. The GMs don’t think he should. Well the hell with the GMs. One thing we know about them is that they’re easily replaced. They must be. They get replaced every few years. There is only one player in the History of the NFL who has ever been the World’s Most Popular Athlete. They NFL might never see that again.

      If they’re dumb enough to think 32 easily replaceable employees are bigger than that, then the NFL’s time to step down as the preeminent Football League has come.

      • ck says:

        So much for Mr. Opinionated, ha, ha! And Boy is he!!! Well, Brandi, you took the bait and that is what he counts on too! Doesn’t matter what he states b/c the F-A-C-T-S speak for themselves and he doesn’t have any!!! Yeah, he is about as welcome as…..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!:(

        • ck says:

          Guess “Radio Silence” has officially been broken, uh-oh! Sure didn’t last long and no word from Tisa either:(
          Buzzy Says My email did not come back i guess she got it.

        • jason says:

          And ck the simple fact is that he isn’t in the NFL now. I’ve always looked at how the people that do the hiring evaluate players since that’s what counts for anyone that wants to be in the NFL. I haven’t been wrong about how they were gonna do things and what it was gonna take for tebow to make it long term. It’s why i pull for him to make the changes needed to get a GM and HC to want him cause regaurdless of what you wanna believe i like tebow and would like to see him be QB again. As willing as i am to say whatever i wanna say if i didn’t like tebow or hated him i say i do. I’ve learned from the people who evaluate players for the NFL what they look at and again since they hire not me or you i break down players based on the same things they do. We can all disagree with how they evaluate talent and what they look at which on somethings i do but it’s important to know what they look at as well or else you come up with wild conspiracy crap.
          Anyway take care and remember that icon for that jason isn’t me.

      • jason says:

        That isn’t me. Different jason. Just letting you know.

      • jason says:

        Different icon than mine.

      • jason says:

        Then don’t watch or support them. Fans can buy consume the product or not but you aren’t gonna get GMs to poll the fan base on what personnel decisions to make. If i have a big issue with some business i stop supporting it. Start a new league if you want to but the NFL GMs aren’t just gonna base it on fan polls. Sure fans think he should start, some fans don’t and some fans don’t care either way. Each team has the right to make their own decisions about the direction they wanna go in. That’s how it works not what me or you think. If you wanna see a team run a certain way than go become a GM. Any owner can fire their GM and get one that will sign tebow and none are right now. Should the government take a team from them and give it to an owner that will take tebow, is that what we want done?
        Like it or not it’s there’s and they have the right to run it into the ground if they want. Me and you don’t own it. We get to buy their product or not and that’s it. You run your business your way, i run mine my way and they get to do the same. Maybe they’re doing it wrong but that’s still their right to. Brandi doesn’t get to make personnel decisions for them nor does jason.

        • Brandi says:

          Hello “Different Jason”. 🙂

          I’m not trying to make personnel decisions for GMs. I’ve pointed at the Owners repeatedly. They’re the ones who have to decide how much the Fans’ desires count. I decided to start a new league. I’ve said over and over “You build the league you think Fans should have. I’ll build the one they want. Let’s see who wins.” So that’s what I’m doing. Now we’ll see who wins. 🙂

  3. ck says:

    Great…now we have two JA’s to deal with! Apologize for not knowing the difference or, who knows, maybe the icon was changed! Thanks, JA1 for the update and will file that away. Sometimes, when you are not bloviating so much it appears that you could be more positive at times about T2. However, if we just remove the “I” from “Icon” then it makes more sense impo!
    Take care.

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