Patriots Vs. Broncos SLOWLIGHTS!2012 Division PlayOff

 Pats Vs. Broncos Slowlights the Thomas strip and Tebow got hurt was the main reason they lost this game.

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Buzzy Says Wrong  Link So i am just dumb

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  1. Sage says:

    Manning Schmanning. But thanks for posting. 🙂

  2. jason says:

    I’d say brady and belichick were a huge reason the broncos lost. Tebow hurt or not wasn’t gonna win against them. It’s great to pull for and love tebow but the patriots were on point that game.

    • Sage says:

      The video on the link I followed was Manning playing against the Pats, not Tebow.

      Tebow took them as far as they could go in 2011. By the time of the second battle with the Pats, injuries were high. Other Broncos fans said the defense quit — much like seemed to happen in last year’s Super Bowl.

      Champ Bailey gets all kinds of good press, but I don’t think he was a strong leader. During the Bailey years, the team had lots of weak performances. Three straight years with Jay Cutler, it was win-and-in, and they failed all three times.

      Buzzy Says You are correct i posted thw wrong link

      • Sage says:

        By the way, in the playoff game against the Pats in 2011, Josh McDaniels jumped from the Rams to the Pats during post-season, which was highly unconventional and, IMO, unfair.

        Playing against a former coach who knows you intimately is an extra challenge. I supported McD when he was the Broncos’ coach, but he doesn’t impress me now. Just a BB wannabe. Lacked enough fortitude or wisdom to get fully behind Tebow. Stuck with Orton, what, 12 games into 3-win season? If he’d have switched QBs in the 11th game, McD would still be the Broncos HC.

        • jason says:

          I’m with you on that but i don’t take things away from one because i like another. Anyone facing the patriots had a tough game that season and a very hard fought win. McD or not you still have the greatest QB and HC combo maybe ever. It’s a real challenge to deal with them and just tebow getting hurt wasn’t make or break. The 1st time they played he didn’t get hurt and the broncos lost. Also in the playoff game before he got hurt many schemes that belichick was throwing at the broncos offense caused plenty of issues that the broncos and tebow weren’t overcoming. The patriots were a far better team hands down and a difficult task for tebow and the broncos no matter what as they had already proven.
          You can’t write it off as someone quit and someone got hurt. A game to A game patriots were better than the broncos. A game to A game brady was better.
          Buzzy Says : Welcome Back thought you got Lost.

          • Sage says:

            Who said the Patriots weren’t better? Not me. I said Tebow took the team as far as it could go in 2011. And if the game against the Patriots was ugly, it was due to a variety of factors, one of which is the fact that the Patriots were quite good and the Broncos had no answer for their tight ends.

          • jason says:

            My main thing was the main post line that tebow getting hurt was the main reason for the broncos loss which i totally disagree with. I don’t think it mattered much at all toward the outcome.
            I completely agree that tebow lead them as far as he could and did amazing things for the team but had almost no chance against the patriots no matter what in 2011. Great achievements all around for him but that was a mountain he could not climb. It doesn’t take anything away from him or the broncos just an issue of experience vs inexperience which every rookie from every industry faces at some point in the beginning of their career.

            Let’s all have a great fathers day and not just thank our father on earth but the big father above for this great life we all can have.

            Buzzy Says this is true Getting Hurt didnt help by the way he got hurt in the pocket.

  3. andrea says:

    I always believed that McDaniel was hired because of his knowledge of the Bronco’s offense.

    Just another case of John fox being outfoxed by his opponents.

    In my personal opinion – nothing has changed. Fox is just as dumb today as he was when Tebow was playing for him.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Now, that I agree with totally…great points and wish Sage would not waste his valuable time on “Mr. Troll” aka “pseudo expert” even if Buzzy now sanctions same! Looks like he is trying another avenue and becoming a different “entity” from the nasty commentator of the past…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

      • jason says:

        Still know far more about evaluation of players in the NFL and football than you come close to. I’m “nasty” at times still so don’t worry and have been right about why tebow and many other players are in or out of the league. Don’t worry your bitter self about it though cause i’m not back as it seems tebow isn’t playing in the NFL again i don’t find much interest in him anymore. Be nice if he got another shot but it’s unlikely.

  4. ck says:

    Tebow could have won all of that with the right team b/c look at how Brady is now losing, makes you wonder and now Mr. Pizza can’t even sell that (PM)!

    • jason says:

      Brady and manning have great legacy and still perform extremely well. Plus they actually have jobs as QBs in the NFL and have been at the top for years. Tebow hasn’t been able to prove to anyone doing the hiring his skill set is what they want. But i know you love conspiracies so stick with one you like somewhere as most conspiracies make people that don’t know something very well feel better.

      • ck says:

        This is beneath me; however, it is starting to smell in here! Like Liz stated…”Money is a great deodorant!” Agree to disagree b/c you do not have “ALL THE FACTS” and as a matter of fact, doubt you would have any in that regard…reminds me of one of the so-called “chickens” or better yet, “CHICKEN LITTLE” and that is very comical to say the least! Bonjour.:)

  5. ck says:

    Oh, and a “Happy Father’s Day” to all of the more than deserving ones that truly are just that and RARE, I MIGHT ADD!!!

  6. Biff says:

    The main reason why the Pats destroyed the Broncs isn’t because of a strip or Tebow getting hurt. It was because Tebow is not an NFL caliber QB AND THE Patriots aren’t a team with no offense.

    It sickens me when people think Tebow was all that during the 2011 season. The Broncs beat horrible teams with no offense. The defense kept them from being blown out and allowed the last game comebacks. Sorry, 5 minutes of decent play does not eradicate 55 minutes of piss poor play.

    Tebow can’t complete passes at the NFL level, its as simple as that. He had his chance to play when the Pats signed him at the absolute minimum a team could and played like ass.

    Tebow will never play another second in the NFL unless he tries to change positions or works out with a QB coach like Gruden. His pride and stubbornness will see that he never does either

    Buzzy says : you are welcome to state what you believed But remember this is the Tebowzone so you may get some push Back.

    • ck says:

      Biff: You and “what’s his name” should start your own Tebow Bashing Fan Club b/c clearly you are on the wrong site if you think we want to hear negativity all day long that is not objective and only biased…anyways, “opinions are like arm pits…”
      Listen, how can you be ignorant of the facts that he has “WON” all the football games that he did because he had “ALL” the skill as well as the talent necessary to do just THAT!!! Plus, not only THAT, but an exceptional WILL TO WIN W/GOD’s favor clearly evident in miraculous ways (3:16 etc.)…no room for much defeat there–“If God is for you then who can be against you?!”

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