The NFL Tim Tebow Report 5/10/14

1. San Francisco 49ers  No

2. Denver Broncos       NO

3. Seattle Seahawks     NO

4. Atlanta Falcons      N0

5. Baltimore Ravens     No

6. New England Patriots  Maybe

7. Green Bay Packers    NO

8. Houston Texans       Maybe Rumor

9. Cincinnati Bengals     No
10. Minnesota Vikings    No

11. Chicago Bears         N0

12. Indianapolis Colts    NO

13. Washington Redskins  No

14. St. Louis Rams        No

15. New York Giants       No

16. New Orleans Saints    No

17. Dallas Cowboys      No

18. Detroit Lions        No

19. Pittsburgh Steelers  No

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Maybe

21. Miami Dolphins       No

22. Kansas City Chiefs    No

23. San Diego Chargers    No

24. Philadelphia Eagles  No

25. Tennessee Titans      Maybe

26. Buffalo Bills         No

27. Carolina Panthers     No

28. Cleveland Browns      No

29. Arizona Cardinals    No

30. New York Jets         No

31. Jacksonville Jaguars  No 

32. Oakland Raiders       No
 Maybe=4  No=28 -Someone from the team said No   Rumor-Someone was talking/writing about it


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One Response to “The NFL Tim Tebow Report 5/10/14”

  1. Bigfan says:

    Well with the Eastern Illinois QB going to the Pats my hunch Mallet gets wheeled to Texans. Now then it is either Jack or Jill for Timmy as a backup when it comes to those two teams. That leaves the Bucs or the Titans take your pick?…stay tuned cuzz we got McCarron et al yet to go….???

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