Photo: Richard Sherman At The White House Correspondents Dinner With Tony Romo, Tim Tebow, And…Sir Patrick Stewart?

Dan Lyons

Super Bowl champion Richard Sherman is one of the NFL’s preeminent stars, and last night he joined many other celebrities of all walks at the 2014 White House Correspondents Dinner. As far as we can tell, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback spent most of the night taking photos, and he found other football personalities for one Instagram pic that is making the rounds on social media. Here is Sherman with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romon, Florida Gator great Tim Tebow, and…Sir Patrick Stewart, for some reason. We’re very disappointed that Sir Ian McKellen couldn’t make it.

Buzzy Says : Who is the Date anyone know.

Sherman also grabbed pictures with a very eclectic group of others at the dinner, including “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer, and Ariana Huffington.View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

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5 Responses to “Photo: Richard Sherman At The White House Correspondents Dinner With Tony Romo, Tim Tebow, And…Sir Patrick Stewart?”

  1. lex says:

    Buzzy- Tim’s sister is his date at the WH Correspondent’s Dinner.

  2. andrea says:

    I have to agree with Mark Leibovich who called the White House Correspondents Dinner an “abomination”.

    “This is a classic case of the Bubbleworld and the unselfawareness of spending however millions of dollars over a number of days to celebrate ourselves and again I ask, why? ” he said.

    The White House Correspondents dinner is the best example of why this country is going to Hades in a handbasket.

    Every year this event happens I am ashamed for my country.

    If that is Tebow’s sister she looks great.

  3. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    I guess I am a Dummy I looked at some old Pix of her couldnt put it togather

  4. ck says:

    Agree w/all of u and does Tebow have great taste…would not have guessed that was his sister! Sad that the country is in the shape it is in w/Obozo!

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