Parity! Parity! My Shield For Parity!(TKS Sage)

Posted by :brandileanne On : May 22, 2014

The Jokers in Vegas have spoken. The NFL needs an enema. If the oddsmakers are to be believed, we’re in for the same shit as last year.

Top to bottom, the Gamblers are saying betting on nothing changing in the NFL isn’t really gambling. The teams on top last year will be on top this year. The teams on the bottom aren’t going anywhere. And just like Americans in general, the middle’s just getting fatter.

On paper, year to year parity should be less in the National Football League than any other Major US Sports League. There’s a draconian Salary Floor. Players careers were already the shortest in Professional Sports and getting even shorter. On paper, there’s no real long-term Planning and nothing even remotely resembling Rebuilding. Unfortunately, the only thing on paper that actually is happening, is sloppy, often gawdawful unwatchable Football.

The CBA simply doesn’t allow for Coaches to have teams ready to Play. Especially early in the Season and later when injuries begin to pile up. It’s the easiest thing for the League to make better. Even if they can’t get the NFLPA to go along with increasing Camp and opening more actual practices during the season, they could easily lift the restrictions on Player Contact with their Coaches and Training Staff during the Off-Season. But, of course, NFL Players aren’t really grown men capable of saying No. Not if Coach says voluntary Off-Season Training isn’t really Voluntary. So instead, more Players get hurt and Fans get crap Football. Such it is in the League that calls all of that…Parity.

The Fans want to watch. They used to love the NFL in huge numbers. Now it’s mostly like. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to love it again. But love has to be a two-way street or it just turns into a dead-end. They watch the Draft. Maybe it’s the last ditch hope that next year will be different. Vegas says…Grow Up! This is the NFL. They don’t care about your hopes and dreams. These are the same people who called paying shills to say to the Players You Guys shouldn’t be getting headaches worrying about Concussions “Medical Studies”. The same people who thought bullying ESPN to take ‘Playmakers’ off the air was the same as not having the issues the popular series made a meal of. The same guys who tried to call waiting 2 days to return the Players Association’s phone calls during Contract Negotiations force majeur until the Networks got pissed off enough about the growing possibility of paying Billions for Games that weren’t being played Bad Faith. BOOM! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Season! Everyone cheer. And don’t look at the fine print.

Congress and the Supreme Court have told the NFL don’t even think about getting the same Big Boy status Major League Baseball has until you all grow up. But if Fans will still cling to the hope that 7-9 is the height of the next freakish Basketball Player coming out of some country they can’t find on a map instead of this year’s same old-same old they can expect from their Gridiron Gang, nobody in the NFL or any of the Teams seems all that interested in doing anything different.

Baseball has more of the actual Parity the NFL likes to claim. Dynasties are getting tougher and tougher to create. It’s anybody’s guess who’s going to be in the World Series; let alone Win it. And every Spring, your Team could be in it. Well, unless of course, it’s the Astros. On paper, the NFL should be an annual Roller Coaster ride. Problem is, the only thing is has in common with that thriller is at the end, everyone stops at the same spot.

I’m not going to complain about the real problems the League faces. (Some have complained they don’t like that I even write about them.) I know there are problems, particularly demographic ones, that are not going to be easily fixed. But the simple things. Hiring creative GMs and Head Coaches and encouraging them to be so. Give something a shot. What’s the worst that could happen for some of these Teams? They’ll suck? They suck anyway. Try sucking at something different. Fix that friggen CBA. Remove the things in it that make it the only Player’s Contract in Professional Sports History that guarantees a bad product.

They can’t do everything to make things more exciting for the Fans. But they can do the things they can do.

Or they can expect the fans to sit through aggravating Season after aggravating Season, seeing the same long past old things over and over ’till they just want to scream at someone. Can’t do it at a Game. It might be taken as being emotional. None of that in the No Fun League. No. Here we expect you to watch the Broncos, Patriots, Seahawks and 49ers. The others are just meat by-products. What do those 4 teams have in common? None of them are McTeams. They don’t build the way everyone else does. They adjust to the Personnel they have and because of that, it’s easier to find Players. Players want to Play for a Team that will find them something to do. Not one of those Teams is an out-of-the-box Team or Organization. They are all way outside the box.

Maybe there’s a lesson there for the others.



Same Sports Bimbo I’ve always been.

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6 Responses to “Parity! Parity! My Shield For Parity!(TKS Sage)”

  1. andrea says:

    It is amazing to me how fans will pay up to one thousand dollars a year for season tickets and year after year they get the same losing results.

    Tebow had more wins in a half season (7) than 10 teams had in 16 games last year. Hopefully some team will come to its senses.

    It will be interesting to see if RG III comes back from his poor preformance last year or not.
    It will be interesting to see if the Rams shuts down the gay media circus early or makes us suffer through an entire year of the circus.

    It looks like the police are looking for a Denver Bronco player after some type of altercation at a strip club.

    NFL players are becoming an embarrassment.

    • Sage says:

      My guess is RG3 under-performs and then starts complaining about Cousins breathing down his neck.

      RG3 started out mature, but then he complained about Shanahan keeping him in the game and his attitude never recovered.

      What RG3 might not know is that Shanahan was a college QB in Illinois. He nearly died from a game he played with a ruptured spleen. Shanahan didn’t ask anything of RG3 that he wouldn’t have asked from himself.

      • ck says:

        Sage: Wasn’t Shanahan at The Denver Broncos?

        • Sage says:

          Yes, Shanhan spent maybe 13 or 15 years as HC in Denver, as well as quite a few years as an assistant. He led the team to 2 SB championships.

          A great coach, but I think the position of power causes people to loose humanity after 10 years or so. Power and pressure.

          • ck says:

            Sage: I thought so and thanks for confirming…too bad, they lose their edge after awhile and wish he would take a chance on T2 and be PROVEN RIGHT WITH A PERFORMANCED BASED/DRIVEN WINNER!!!:)

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Well said and the NFL is a DISGUSTING EMBARRASSMENT AT THAT!!!:(
      Brandi is right and why would anyone want to sit through the likes of all that you know what! And you certainly hit the mark with how much it costs to endure watching games not worth watching for the most part!!!

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