New England Patriots Draft Jimmy Garoppolo, Put Ryan Mallett on Notice

In a bit of a shocking move, the New England Patriots rearranged their quarterback depth chart during the 2014 NFL Draft with the selection of Eastern Illinois’ Jimmy Garoppolo, effectively putting Ryan Mallett on notice.

Heading into the draft, the Patriots were rumored to have been interested in finding another backup quarterback with Mallett facing a contract year in 2014. They were reportedly interested in Pitt’s Tom Savage, but instead chose to go with Garoppolo, a small-school gunslinger with plenty of upside.

Garoppolo is an exciting young prospect who brings tremendous accuracy, smarts and instincts to the table. The biggest knocks on him, though, are his lack of poise in the pocket and inexperience with making NFL-caliber reads. However, a quick look at the tape will show you that there’s plenty of talent for the Patriots to work with.

Unfortunately for Mallett, this latest move has plenty of repercussions for the three-year backup to Tom Brady. Whether they truly are interested in trading him or don’t plan on getting involved in the bidding war that could ensue when he hits free agency in 2015, the Patriots appear ready to sever ties with Mallett.

If the Patriots are planning on trading him, expect a deal to get done soon.

However, with Garoppolo in the mix, there’s little for Patriots fans to be worried about. Given time and coaching, the Eastern Illinois alum should develop into a quality backup with the potential to be the heir to Brady’s throne.

Garoppolo’s favorite player is Brady, and now he’ll be under his tutelage. Sounds like an ideal situation for the small-school passer, but suddenly shrouds Malletts’ future in uncertainty.

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6 Responses to “New England Patriots Draft Jimmy Garoppolo, Put Ryan Mallett on Notice”

  1. tawk2 says:

    Not looking good for Tim now, I guess you have to go through the darkness to get to the light. GO TEBOW!!!!!!

  2. Sam says:

    So this basically means that Tim’s chances to join the patriots are sinked?

  3. Bubbaelvis says:

    Wow, that was a bit of a shock. I thought they might draft a QB in the later rounds. It looks bad for Tebow but maybe not. If they do trade Mallet, they may need a veteran backup. You have to think that every year is a superbowl run for the Patriots. They may bring in Tebow to replace Mallet while Garopollo develops. The thinking being if Brady went down to injury they would have someone who could continue to win games. They would carry 3 QB’s which they have done in the past. Tebow comes cheap and would bring good value. I have to believe they brought Tim in for a reason last year. Belichick doesn’t do anything without a plan or reason. Anyway, I will remain optimistic.

    • steftebowfan says:

      My heart sinks to think Tebow may never get a chance to play again. I would rather he went to the LA KISS Arena team if his bogus Jimmy Sexton couldn’t get him job playing ! But I hope he is still in the works for Pats. If they trade Mallet, they will need a back up for Brady that is more experienced and it could be a competition for the long term job. I just can’t believe Pats would bring Tebow in for nothing. There is really going to have to be a miracle to have Tim playing again!

  4. steftebowfan says:

    I am searching and waiting on Twitter. Tebow anyone?

  5. kim henderson says:

    does ant a petition started I think we could get a petition started to have a investigation started how certain people ruined his career and the nfl rather hire inexperience players and criminals to play the game and if they would tim tebow another chance the teams,owners and gms would make a lot of money with tim on their teams I just cant believe it is because he is a Christians it has to be about the star power I thought bill of the patriots handle that very well when tim was with the pats.we could get a lot of people and some big wigs to sign it then maybe it would get investigated or at least give tim tryouts for some teams trent dilfer and tom bradys qb coach said had improved anuff for some tryouts so can someone tell me how to get the pppppetition started this is for tim and all his fans that want to see him play some where this year.///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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