Buzzy Says : No Comments for two days Come On!

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  1. Sage says:

    Seems like for the last couple of seasons Tebow has followed the advice to lay low and not rock the boat, just as all of his detractors wanted him to. Now there’s no pressure on the nfl anymore. Yes, it’s possible to brainwash the public into thinking a good player can’t play.

    It’s possible he’ll emerge like a cork to play again, but will it be years down the road?

    • David Oliver says:

      Satan’s Stooges are alive and well on Planet Earth – and this is just an on-going sign, that the old USA is keeping up with (or leading?) The REST of the World in Spiritual Darkness now in Vogue in these “Latter Days”

      Boycott the NFL – How can I support such an Overt Blackballing of TT?
      Obviously Because he has Exceed their allowable Christian visibility – Limits!

      Go Tim ! Follow God’s Path – where ever His Will Leads You!

      • Sage says:

        Maybe indeed there is a better path for him.

        The nfl is on a cultural decline.

      • ck says:

        David Oliver: Said a mouthful and agree that the NFL is on a definite cultural decline (Sage) due to what they embrace which is the vocal minority and will pay a HUGE price w/silent majority!!!

    • Brandi says:

      I ticked some people off saying don’t fall for it. Don’t shut up. (That’s what his detractors and those in the League who want the Fans to be nothing more than Studio Audiences and silent ATMs want.) Stand up and shout instead. Make the NFL know it will cost them huge if they run Tim off. There’s no solace in saying it now. The NFL has become the first and only Non-Iron Curtain Country Sports Organization to marginalize its most popular Athlete because his popularity made them feel uncomfortable.

      So great. The NFL is 1950s Bulgaria. All 10s for the female weightlifter.

    • kim henderson says:

      can and will he get a tryout this season he has not stopped practicing and getting better TIM DESERVES A TRYOUT THIS SEASON .also does any one know how to get apetition started on tim tebows behalf to investigate the tim tebow case for the way they did him and roger goodell needs to step in now and take care of business

      • Brandi says:

        Take this for whatever it’s worth. The 1st word I got on Tim being Traded to the Jets was a couple days before their name came into play and it came from a League guy. Not long after the Jets Season started, the word “Collusion” started going around. The C-Word hit the NFL pretty much for the first time during the CBA Negotiations and was tossed around alot for awhile. Some of the Players even accused their own Union of it.

        I think the perception the League had a hand in the Trade to the Jets has been one that’s been one more dark cloud following Tim around the League. He was the NFL’s Golden Boy. The jealously that caused among other Players can’t but have soured him to some. Goodell’s already said he wants Tim in the League. Owners have said it. But none of them have had the guts to say who cares who it ticks off and just do it. If Goodell stepped in, expect the word “Collusion” to be spoken more than just in shadowed places.

        For all the complaints NFL layers have about the way the NFL does things, they bring alot of it on themselves.

      • ck says:

        Kim Henderson: Well said, as he deserves better!

  2. Sage says:

    I’ve never heard whether Tebow would accept a job in a lesser league. Are all the other leagues boycotting him too? I’d like to know the answer.

  3. tawk2 says:

    Sorry Buzzy I have been commenting some on other stories here.

    I am wondering too what is going on with the other leagues out there is Tim being blackballed there as well?

    I keep hoping each day there will be some great news being shared here, we can only keep our prayers alive and not give up!

  4. bubbaelvis says:

    It is not time to give up. It looks bad but there is still time for him to sign. Teams are still sorting out their QB situations and cuts or trades can still be made. I am stubborn in my belief that a year’s worth of work will pay off for Tim. Someone will have to at least give him a look. We will see him starting at QB in the NFL again.

    • Randall Summerall says:

      I really think he will at least get some tryouts are there not any curious coaches out there to see how much better he has gotten. Each team can start with 90 players come on you can’t tell me he can’t get a look.

    • ck says:

      Bubbaelvis: Never say never where T2 is concerned…agreed!

  5. lex says:

    bubbaelvis- i hope you are right. maybe this is the quiet before the storm, so to speak.

  6. Sage says:

    Mascott or anyone else: Is it possible to use, say, nfl Rewind to watch all of Tebow’s prior games?

    I’d really like to know on how many plays he was permitted to throw on either 1st or 2d down. My memory suggests it was rarely if ever. (That’s why the Steeler’s play caught them so much off guard.)

    If it’s true that Tebow rarely if ever threw on 1st or 2d, it’s very telling. I doubt Manning’s completion percentage would be very high at all if denied opportunity to pass except on 3d down.

    This is one I’d actually research if the games are available. Thx.

    • tawk2 says:

      Yes Sage I watched all Tim’s games in Denver, the year he was under Fox he seemed to only throw on third and long, never at the beginning to get a rhythm going. I thought that was so messed up. It’s funny the year before the last three games that McDaniel let him play threw for over 300 yards a game, but he was not held back and not allowed to throw until third and long. So yes I feel he was sabotaged by Fox and Elway. It’s funny a quarterback in college who holds passing all time records cannot pass in the NFL, Come On Man!

  7. shaztah says:

    I read this site everyday but sometimes I get upset because I don’t understand the NFL’s thinking. I also have been busy getting ready for my new Grandson’s arrival. Only 4 weeks to go 🙂 I did not watch much if any games last year, honestly Tim is who made me interested in the NFL and when they screwed Tim I lost interest and respect for the game. You do a FANTASTIC job Buzzy and I appreciate it. I do still have hope for to play this year, the Pat’s didn’t sign him until June 12 last year so there is still time.

    • tawk2 says:

      Congrats on your new grandson! How exciting! Yes Tim only wants to play in the NFL, but the NFL does not want Tim, I hope everything works out for him and all his dreams come true.

    • ck says:

      Shaztah: Congrats and agree w/u & Tawk2!

  8. steftebowfan says:

    All this Tebow bashing reminds me of another great guy the world disdained whom Tim knows well, Jesus. Jesus promised that those that follow Him would endure similar trials! But they will also have similar outcomes- VICTORY!! I really think God is going to use Tim’s entire NFL experience as a huge witness to HIM. He is building up the disdain,the drama. I can’t wait till God gives them the ONE TWO sucker punch! Tim wins a Superbowl!! If God wanted Tim to leave the NFL, he would keep drama low and even Tim’s detractors would forget about him. But NO the detractors cannot let a “dead Tim” die they keep poking at his NFL corpse! This is ushering in a huge move from God “The Resurrection of Tim’s Football career” and bring Glory to God at the same time!! Remember Tim is younger than many QBs Romo is 34 with a new contact! Tim could still play for the next 10 years! Can you see it? Do you believe it?

  9. ck says:

    Yes, Buzzy, was busy out of town and am a “BIG FAN” and no pun intended of this site, as you know. Can’t wait until we get the chance to FINALLY say to all the ones who tried and couldn’t keep “A GREAT CHRISTIAN DOWN” THAT

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