Buzzy Says : Forgive me for posting this But the NFL has lost their mind

Tim Tebow is not going to get signed this summer most likely and that’s too bad, as he has a resume that beats out a number of other players in the league. Tebow has been compared to a number of players in college and is Better QB than all of the litter for this year. But Mr Caldwell of the Jags Statement two years ago Hurt T2 chances Bad. the Jets and NE did not he;p either after talking to 6 Teams they either think he wont fit their system or if they go with the Read Option and he gets hurt the wont have a backup They all refuse to drop the west coast offence.I am sorry to post this maybe one owner out their will override his GM and give T2 a chance but if the coach and rest to the team does not Buy In that will not work.  Hopfulley as soon as i post this he will get picked up


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6 Responses to “Buzzy Says : Forgive me for posting this But the NFL has lost their mind”

  1. Sage says:

    Ayn Rand said that “the hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everbody has agreed not to see.”

    Regrettably, it seems that everybody (i.e., the people in media and nfl management) have agreed not to see Tebow’s sterling ability and the likelihood of his success as an NFL QB.

    It may also be like a watched pot. Seems like the water will never boil. But it may be that someday when we’ve given up, Tebow will have another chance to mesmerize the world. I really, really hope so.

  2. tawk2 says:

    I too pray Tim gets a shot to play, but right now like Buzzy said it does not look good. Plenty of teams out there using the read option now, but Tim does not even get looked at, he plays the read option better than any other quarterback, but still does not get a chance. I am so done with the NFL.

  3. Sage says:

    Although I wish Tim had gotten aboard with the Browns, I am still happy for Vince Young. Athletically, he’s been through similar B.S. as Tebow. Athletically, VY had talent that might have even matched Tebow. In my book, these were the two best winners coming out of college for a generation.

    VY was exceptionally talented, and rookie of the year, but his smarty-pants coach Jeff Fisher still couldn’t appreciate him. It was much like the way John Fox tended to alienate Tebow.

    VY, of course, doesn’t have Tebow’s sterling determination and character fortitude. But if he gets a chance, I hope it goes well for him. I’m awed by the way he seems to stride 2 yards at a time, and the way he comes up big when the game is on the line.

    • tawk2 says:

      I too am glad Young got another chance, but it really upsets me that Tim does not get the same chances, and Tim has accomplished in such a little playing time more than Young, he is also younger. I just pray Tim really gets a true chance.

  4. andrea says:

    I think if Tebow gets a chance it will be after the draft selections

  5. ck says:

    Buzzy, it is always “darkest just before the dawn!” KEEP BELIEVING AND KEEP PRAYING…MIRACLES HAPPEN ESPECIALLY WHERE T2 IS CONCERNED!!!

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