WorldNetDaily Says The Broncos’ Super Bowl Performance Was Wrath From God For Tebow


Super Bowl XLVIII won’t go down as a memorable game, but crazy people are trying to make sure that it is remembered for bringing all the insane people out of the woodwork. There was a 9/11 Truther at the post-game press conference and now notable fundie website WorldNetDaily is declaring that the Super Bowl blowout was wrath from God because the Broncos dumped Tim Tebow two years ago. Such a surprising take for unhinged religious folk.

A new theory is being proffered by a South Carolina football fan suggesting the Almighty directly injected Himself in Sunday’s event to even the score, so to speak, after the Denver Broncos booted quarterback Tim Tebow, an outspoken Christian who is no longer playing in the NFL.

“God’s hand was all over this Super Bowl,” says David Campbell, a WND reader from Myrtle Beach, S.C., who explained his view of the divine intervention in a letter to the editor.

First of all, I love that the top story on the site is a crackpot theory in a letter to the editor. That’s how the best stories are produced!

Secondly, why so handsy, God?

Campbell then fast-forwarded to this year’s Super Bowl, as the Denver Broncos were matched against the Seattle Seahawks.

“Denver was the favorite, because of Manning. The Seattle quarterback? A kid named Russell Wilson. Christian, small guy, nothing really of note. No big records, no big wins, no big following. The New York Times labeled him forgotten, undersized and underestimated. Kind of like David against Goliath.”

And that’s when the little charmslinger took out his charming sling shot and slung deadly charm right into the giant noggin of Goliath Pey-Pey.

I won’t claim to know the motivations of the almighty (at least not ALL the time) or whether He/She/It intervenes in the day-to-day affairs of man, but if God did play the long con on the Broncos, I’m impressed by the divine spitefulness. Not only did God allow the Broncos to advance further in the postseason than Tebow ever got them, but the Broncos got to the Super Bowl by defeating Philip Rivers, perhaps the most vocally Christian player in the NFL outside of Tebow. Though I do understand why God deliberately smote the Patriots, the team that cut Tebow in the preseason. Also, y’know, because they’re the Patriots and God, like everyone else, clearly hates them. NO ONE DENIES THIS.

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2 Responses to “WorldNetDaily Says The Broncos’ Super Bowl Performance Was Wrath From God For Tebow”

  1. andrea says:

    The photo of the football sailing over Peyton Manning’s head is right up there with Sanchez’s buttfumble.

    Great stuff!!!

  2. ck says:

    Andrea; Have to say that is not out of the realm of possibilities…yea, it was one for the books! They sure piled on that old MILE HIGH MANURE!!! GOTTA LOVE THAT PIZZA COMMERCIAL…NOT!!!

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