Tebow is finished as an NFL quarterback

George Diaz | Orlando Sentinel Sports Columnist11:02 a.m. EST, January 11, 2013

 The team’s new general manager says he does not see a scenario in which the Jaguars add Tim Tebow to the roster.

Tim Tebow is done as an NFL quarterback.

Toast. Nice and crispy.

How many NFL coaches and general managers and NFL teams have to say the same thing before his devoted disciples get it? First the Denver Broncos, then the New York Jets, and now his hometown team in Jacksonville.

Sports writers debate whether the NY Jets should trade or play Tim Tebow.

“I can’t imagine a scenario in which he’ll be a Jacksonville Jaguar — even if he’s released [by the Jets],” new Jags general manager David Caldwell said Thursday.

Greater football minds than me have figured it out: Tebow’s elongated throwing motion, his happy feet and other flawed mechanics don’t fit the requirements for a starting QB in the NFL.

His great run with the Broncos last season was an aberration: The team scaled down their offense to accommodate Tebow’s liabilities, and let their defense and kicker Matt Prater do most of the heavy lifting.

But Tebow is not a long-term solution.

His only shot would be to come in as a wildcat option, and even that seems to be a possibility that’s not on the table any more.

Tebow’s strength is his ability to improvise, but scrambling out of the pocket and making something dynamic happen isn’t something you can script in an NFL playbook. His ability to extend plays will make him exciting to watch and will energize an NFL offense, but you can’t run an offense on the fly.

“It was either really, really bad or really, really good,” NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said of Tebow last season. “ And I think that’s what you’re gonna get. If you want the dynamism, if you want the leadership, if you want the kid, you’re gonna have to put up with some things that are sometimes ugly.”

It is clear that no one wants to put up with his inconsistencies.

Tebow still has a great deal to offer an NFL team.

But it won’t be throwing the football.


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  1. ck says:

    Guess George Diaz does not know what he is talking about and should find another job such as something he is more suited to; i.e., used car salesman where lies are a way to make a living!!!
    Yes, Buzzy, this farce of a journalist got a response, a negative one at that!:(

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