Second Order of Business for A11FL? Sign Tim Tebow

Posted by :brandileanne On : April 3, 2014

The A11 Football League Founders and Execs are taking care of the first order of business. They’re finishing up their structure and preparing to explain to the World what they’re all about. Two months after officially telling the World the League exists…months after unofficially doing so.

Their “official” Announcement of existence shocked many with the inclusion of the disclosure of the League’s Partnership with ESPN. But it was what was said after the pomp and ceremony to the Reporters there that excited everyone. For the first time, the A11 Football League formally disclosed their courtship of the World’s Most Fascinating Athlete and International RockStar, Tim Tebow.

Awhile back I wrote that NFL General Managers may be single-handedly guaranteeing the enormous success of the A11 Football League with their Undeclared War to Put Football Fans in their Place. The most visible Front of that GM’s Police Action being the “Blacklisting” of the Most Popular Player in NFL History…Tebow.

Two NFL Owners inadvertently let slip the very core of the NFL’s problems that we see manifesting in ‘The Shield’s’ Death by a Thousand Cuts.

First was Woody Johnson when he said the NFL is in the “Media Business”. That’s how the League currently makes the bulk of its money. But the NFL will never again see the type of deals it’s gotten fat on. Unless it can show the Networks it can multiply its casual audiences four-fold. Which it can’t.

Professional Sports are in the Passion Business. And the NFL’s War on Fans also has a Passion Front. Tebow Fans don’t just outnumber NFL Fans…By ALOT. They are fiercely passionate. Every sling and arrow the League has flung at Tim Tebow has only built the Tebow Legions and made them even more passionate. Of late, that passion has been morphing into a passionate hatred of the NFL.

The second famous faux pas made by an NFL Owner came from the Jacksonville Jaguars Shahid Khan after new GM Dave Caldwell uttered the most infamous words in the Galaxy of Tebow…”Even if He’s Released”.

Khan messed up and messed up huge…unless, of course his only interest is in being the Owner of the “London Jaguars”. Khan said nothing to soften the blow to the 95% of his Marketplace who adore Tim Tebow. And simply stated he has to bow to the will of his “experts”. Well Shad, if you actually believe that, then you’re a total idiot. But, as I’ve written here numerous times, if Shad Khan isn’t simply a coward, then his only real agenda is Relocation at all costs.

But Shad Khan’s standing by his Man comment represents the very heart and soul of the NFL’s War on Fans. That being, with the structure of most NFL organizations, most NFL GMs see nothing in it for them in making the Fans happy. Apparently, none of them graduated from the Sam Walton School of Business which has as its first lesson…NEVER think you’re Smarter or Better than your Customers. With NFL Organizational Structures, for most Teams, the only person who has both the Organizational Responsibility to have happy Customers AND the authority to do anything about Personnel decisions is the Owner.

If the Owners simply “Stand by” their Men, you end up with what we see. Culture problems, Fans who feel disenchanted and disenfranchised, even scored sometimes. And most fanaticism removed from the term “Fan.

Professional Sports Leagues CANNOT survive on Customers, They fail even more quickly on Audiences. They NEED Fans. They NEED Passion and Fanatiscism or sooner or later the League will be forced to retract.

Mark Cuban says the NFL will “implode” in ten years when it no longer has the Network troughs to feast from. He’s absolutely right about that possibility. Unless NFL Owners start firing people who don’t realize they’re in the People Business, most notably, the Passions of the People, Cuban is probably understating the NFL’s dismal forecast.

This all leads back to the A11 Football League’s second order of business. SIGN Tim Tebow. Don’t just talk about it. Do it.

WHATEVER it Takes! Tim Tebow is the single biggest guarantee of a successful League. Far more important than any number of Billionaires lining up with their checkbooks open. Because he does the one thing money cannot and will never buy. He brings more passionate Fans than the NFL will have in its lifetime. Which may already be short. And will be MUCH shorter beginning the day Tim Tebow puts on a Tampa Bay Bandits jersey. In terms, that is, of being Sport’s Pre-eminent League. Curling is catching up with the NFL, for goodness sake. Now, if it was guys pushing Hooter’s Girls down the ice, I could understand it. But it’s a guy sliding a rock and two janitors trying to run ahead of it.

And the NFL is losing ground to that?

Time for Football to have a real Fans’ League and nothing says it more than the Player the Fans want most to see. Tebow. Go Big or Go Home. Sign Tebow…NOW.

Do it before the NFL Owners wake up and realize they have dumbasses working for them who are going to cost them their fortunes.



Same Sports Bimbo I’ve always been.

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24 Responses to “Second Order of Business for A11FL? Sign Tim Tebow”

  1. Phil says:

    Um, they just folded.

    Buzzy Says : What is that suppose to mean.

    • Brandi says:

      Not even close, Phil. What Phil’s talking about Buzzy is A11FL made an announcement on their Facebook Page that an opportunity to secure the League for many years was presented to them. They “went dark” on their Social Media while they put it all together and come out with what’s going on.

      The gist is, they have guaranteed financial support for anything the League will need for several years at a minimum. In short, a “Can’t Fail” Card. This has guaranteed what the Founders wanted from the day they started trying to put the League together. That there will be Fan Ownership. Beyond that, guaranteed Media and Sponsorships for years.

      Because they “went dark” on Social Media, some of the League’s earliest detractors called it going under when, in fact, the deal they’ve got, they can’t possibly go under for several years…even if they don’t have strong early audiences.

  2. Larry says:

    Brandi, where are you getting all of this? They went dark 3 weeks ago and the first exhibition game is only 5 weeks from today. I just went to their site for the first time. Their blog hasn’t been updated in over 2 months and they even have forms on the site for guys to sign up to become A11FL players & coaches.

  3. Phil says:

    Uh, i’m not an “early detracttor” or whatever. I found this site while searching for a11 news, because I read on their forum that the May Tampa game is canceled.

    Didn’t want to start an argument sorry.

    • Larry says:

      Phil, where’s the A11FL’s forum?

        • Larry says:


        • Brandi says:

          That forum is now called the “Alternative Football Nation”. A little over a month ago I mentioned there that it didn’t feel like a Fan Forum for the League. Now it’s formally not.

          It got invaded by USFL Fans whose agenda as smearing the A11FL (I’d like to use a different term. But nothing else would be accurate.) A little over a week ago, they seemed to have ceded their Forum to them.

          • Larry says:

            Whether that forum has been taken over by USFL fans or not, the fact remains that the first A11FL game is no longer listed on the Raymond James Stadium’s calendar. And the changes were made to the schedule 3/28-the day after the A11FL guys went dark. Which is now over 3 weeks ago and there’s been nothing posted as to what’s going on.

          • Brandi says:

            I’m not arguing with you there Larry. I don’t know if I’d have taken that approach. Probably not. But I do understand their thinking.

            How many Tebow Fans stopped talking long ago because they got tired of fighting with those who’d long before exhibited the fight is all they’re interested in? The A11FL folks decided they just wanted to get down to work and not say anything until they were done. The way I look at it is it doesn’t matter what they do, what they say, the fights will never go away. Nothing changed when their ESPN deal was announced…even from those who said they’d never doubt them again if they get a “Real” Network to carry their Games.

            Minnie Driver got off Facebook because of people giving her grief about some beach pics. (As if she can do anything about being 40-ish) Those who want to poke are going to poke. I tend to like poking back. Others don’t want the fight. Different strokes. 🙂

          • Larry says:

            I just had a look at that forum that Brandi claims was taken over by USFL fans. The admins changed the forum to a different url b/c the old one included A11FL in it & the admins of the forum no longer believe the A11FL’s even legit. So they changed the url to include all alternative football leagues (Alternative Football Nation). As for the A11FL forum being taken over by USFL fans, that’s not true. An official social media person for the USFL posted the following on the A11FL forum just 1 week ago:

            “Thanks for letting us know about the revamp of your forum. Certainly, most of your current members are A11FL fans but as your discussions broaden to cover other leagues we look forward to participating, and to answering questions about our league. — USFL”

  4. Phil says:

    Uh, I’m not an “early detractor or whatever. I found this site while searching for a11 news because I read on their forum that the May Tampa game is canceled.

    Don’t want an argument sorry.

    • Brandi says:

      Sorry if I sounded like you were trying to start something Phil. The rumor mills have run rampant on this. They’re all wrong. I got the heads up on the A11FL Facebook Page “going dark” a couple hours before they did and why they chose that route.

      I also knew the “big opportunity” that they spoke of a couple weeks before that. I talk with the A11FL folks a few times a week and have for almost a year. Our Group even has a joint program with them to send poor kids, disabled kids, foster families, pretty much anyone with call it special needs to A11FL Games for free. Plus our group has been involved in setting the stage for the Showcase Game in Tampa well before it was even announced there’d be one.

      What’s going on can be summed up as…the Big Fish got big interest in A11FL and came calling with offers that secure the League’s future. Some of these Big Fish are some of the biggest names in both Sports and Football. Any more than that, the League will have to announce.

  5. Sage says:

    A little discouraging about A-11. Nobody cancels games and shuts down media when everything is right on track.

    Maybe players like Tebow are a big part of their equation and they can’t launch without.

    Hard times for Tebow fans. He came into my life during the draft week and since then it’s been hard not to care what’s going on with him. But the nfl blackout seems nearly total now. You couldn’t pay a broadcaster to say his name in the context of active pro football.

    Lotsa fans, but none in the right places.

    Buzzy Says : Brandi what i can find out things are not looking good for the A11FL I would have to agree with Sage.

    • Brandi says:

      Sage, Buzzy…if by “what you can find out” you mean what you can find searching speculation, I agree. But the League is in great shape.

      However, IMO, that may not be the case, if they fail to sign Tebow.

      • The Major says:

        So Tim has turned down big offers from the Arena league, CFL, Russia, and who know what else but you think he’s gonna sign with a league that looks like it’s already out of business?

        I wanna see Tim on the field more than anybody, but that just doesn’t make any sense. How can they afford him when they can’t even afford their own exhibition games?

    • Brandi says:

      Buzzy, Steve Humphries, A11FL Founder, says he’ll contact you directly and fill you in on what’s going on and where they’re at, if you’d like.

      Buzzy Say: Well Thanks But I am not that important.

  6. steftebowfan says:

    So true Sage but I am keeping the faith these blackmailers will loss this war. Tebow will rise again I hope soon

  7. tawk2 says:

    I seen that Donald Trump want’s to buy the Bill’s or another NFL team, does Trump like Tebow? I don’t know how good he would be at being an owner. I did see that Trump bought Tebow’s helmet and jersey from the Jets at a charity function for $12,000, he was the highest bidder.

    Probably won’t make a difference, the NFL has chosen to black ball Tim so I think most will not even give him a legit shot at a tryout.

    Buzzy Says : If Trump Gets the Bills I would Guess T2 will be the starting QB

  8. ck says:

    Brandi: Thanks for the update and being PRO TEBOW!!!:)

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