Report: 49ers halt negotiations with Kaepernick amid police investigation

FOX Sports

APR 17, 2014 9:03p ET

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The 49ers and Colin Kaepernick were reportedly not close on finalizing a contract extension when talks were put on hold.

 The 49ers have put contract talks with quarterback Colin Kaepernick on hold amid a police investigation into an incident involving a woman at a Miami hotel earlier this month, reports.

The 49ers and Kaepernick were not close on finalizing a deal that is expected to exceed $18 million per year when negotiations were put on hold, according to the report.

In addition to Kaepernick, the police report on the incident also names 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton and Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette as possible suspects. 

FOX Sports’ Kevin Vaughan and Mike Garafolo previously reported that the woman who filed the report on April 4 told Miami police that the players encouraged her to smoke marijuana and that after she was undressed by Kaepernick and ended up in a hospital with no memory of what happened or how she got there, according to a copy of the incident report. She also told police she had a prior sexual relationship with Kaepernick.

Initial media reports suggested that a sexual assault had occurred, but there is nothing in the report that clarifies exactly what happened. The report itself has “police information” listed in the area where a specific crime would normally be included.

In a series of tweets sent out last Friday, Kaepernick defended his reputation, saying he was dealing with “someone who makes things up.” 

“I take great pride in who I am and what I do, but I guess sometimes you have to deal with someone who makes things up,” one of them read.

“I want to thank all of the people who have shared their encouraging sentiments. I assure you that your faith is not misplaced,” he wrote in the other.

 Buzzy Says : He just sat the poor girl up what a dirtbag too bad he is not guilty of much legal

as he was in on the whole thing hope he gets fired from his 18M job


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6 Responses to “Report: 49ers halt negotiations with Kaepernick amid police investigation”

  1. andrea says:

    Sorry Buzzy – the mainstream media loves this type of male – I wouldn’t be surprised when this is over he will be paid 36 million a year.

    We need to feel sorry and try to understand this type of punk – on the other hand Tebow is a rotten Christian who needs to be destroyed.

    Just another day in the National Felons League.

    The only thing that surprised me is that Kap didn’t have Ray Rice there so Rice could slap her silly before knocking her out with a punch to the face.

  2. tawk2 says:

    As a survivor of an sexual assault and my rapist drugged me as well. I can believe this woman has no recollection of what happened before waking up in the hospital. God was with me and I regained control and was able to flee, but not before I was hurt badly. I was in the hospital with broken ribs, concussion, bruises all over my body. But my rapist said I consented. Two of the men who assaulted me were out on parole and the other one was a habitual offender.

    Needless to say they are still walking the streets in Florida, they even failed their lie detector tests concerning what they did to me. The DA said there was not sufficient evidence to pursue them. The DA never got my hospital records or their criminal records. All my advocate and I could think was that they had people in law enforcement helping them.

    I still don’t know what happened to me for about 8 hours, and my therapist says if I were to remember I would probably go over the edge sanity wise. I know what I woke up to, no one should ever have to bear.

    I am so tired of so many saying the woman is at fault when another sexually assaults them, they were in the wrong place, or wearing the wrong clothes, etc. No one has the right to do this to another!

    I have read in the comments that Kaepernick had sexual relations with this girl before, and many of the com mentors are saying that this gave Kap the right to have sex with her. But I believe if you are unconscious or under the influence of alcohol or drugs you are not consenting and others are taking advantage of you.

    I am very passionate about this subject. I also hate it when others lie about being assaulted that paints those of us who have been in a bad light. My ex husband also used to sexually assault me, but by some standards he had the right because he was legally my husband. No means no!

    Andrea you are right Kap will probably rake in the big bucks for this, and get off like all the other thugs in the NFL. It’s a shame another woman’s life will be ruined in the process. I know I will never be the same and will never forget what happened to me, I just have to learn how to cope and never feel safe again. Sorry for the long post this just really upsets me!

    Buzzy Says : Kap sat her up b/c she trusted him he is just as guolty of rape as his buddys that he did it for I just hope he goes to Jail with the rest of them if they have DnA on one of them then everyone in the room was guilty for not stoping it.(Bless You Tawk2)

  3. Bigfan says:

    WOW tawk…thanks for sharing your story. Many our Lord shed his grace on thee…

    • tawk2 says:

      Thanks Bigfan, I have had so much happen in my life starting from a child, so much I often wonder how I survived, but I do know the Lord has been with me every step of the way. The Lord sent my husband Jason almost 12 years ago, after I had fled my abusive Husband. I had been gone about 8 months when I met my Jason on line, he lived in another state, two months later I met him in person for the first time and it was love at first sight, I already loved him. We then came back here and have lived her ever since. I have been in hiding from my ex abusive husband ever since. After I left my abusive husband and fled to another state with friends, I was teaching at a high school, and several of us lady teachers went out to a Rest/bar for dinner and to sing karaoke. My friends said later that they thought I liked the guy who I ended up leaving with, although the only recollection I have of him was his evil eyes and him coming up to me asking was I ready yet. I was drinking coke and left my drink on our table when we all got up to do the electric slide together, I am guessing that is when he slipped the roofie into my drink and then waited for it to kick in. I was so mad at my friends for letting me go with him, but after talking to the detective handling my case he said the drug does not put you to sleep it actually makes you almost like a robot so you say and do what you are told. I still remember the guys evil eyes, I just wish my friends would have stopped me.

      The guy kidnapped me with his two friends and took me from GA into FL back to their house, I would later find out. I only have what I woke up to which is very hard to deal with. I still have night terrors from this and from my childhood and from my abusive husband. I often wonder if I will make it through another day. But as I said God has been with me every step of the way, and I do have blessings in my life too. I try to focus on my husband and our daughter to help get me through each day and at times even through each moment. It makes me so angry that so many have hurt me over the years and pretty much gotten away with it, that is here on earth, I do believe they will have to answer to the Lord when they pass. It really scares me how our world is now a days for a girl or even a boy to grow up in. So much violence and hate everywhere. I try to share my story with others to one help me heal and to try to help another.

      I do know that when another often tells me just to get over my past, it really hurts, how do you get over such horrendous acts, yes you learn to live with them but you never get over them. There is a piece of me that each abuser took from me that I will never get back. I hope after I get better to be able to be an advocate for others and help to educate our young on the dangers out there.

      Tim Tebow is such a tremendous inspiration too me, he never gives up no matter what. My husband often tells me how strong I am, but I always think I am weak, but I guess to have survived my horrid past, I guess I am really strong.

      Hope you and yours have a wonderful and blessed and Happy Easter! Happy Easter to everyone here!


      • ck says:

        tawk2 Well, they are out there unfortunately and it takes a lot of courage to get beyond what happened so you are definitely in my prayers…no one should have to go through that and hope God almighty deals w/perps by exposing them and then they should be placed in a cage where all such animals belong!!!

  4. tawk2 says:

    Thanks to everyone for your kind and caring comments. I take it one day at a time, at times on moment at a time. I have God and my wonderful family to help me each day. Thanks again to all here!

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