Predictions for Tim Tebow’s 2014 NFL Offseason

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  • Predictions for Tim Tebow's 2014 NFL Offseason
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The NFL calendar has been flipped to the dawn of a new year, and that leaves many players (free agents) without jobs—temporarily—and opens the door for rookies to realize their NFL dreams. But there is one free agent who is still looking to achieve his goals: Tim Tebow.

The most polarizing name in the sports journalism business.


Does Tim Tebow deserve a chance as an NFL QB?

  • Yes

  • No



What is in store for Tebow before the 2014 NFL season starts up? There’s one thing we know for sure: We’ll be seeing plenty of him on television.

Tebow joined ESPN as an analyst for the SEC Network, with his main responsibilities being SEC Nation—a traveling pregame show that will debut in Columbia, S.C. on Aug. 28 before Texas A&M takes on South Carolina.

Here is his ESPN debut in the pregame coverage of the last BCS National Championship Game—something he knows a little bit about:



This new job might bring joy to Tebow haters and despair to Tebow lovers, as it should signal the end of the Florida product’s NFL career. But not so fast. Tebow was very clear that he still wants to pursue his professional dreams, according to a statement he released through ESPN:

I am so excited that ESPN has given me this incredible opportunity. When I was 6 years old, I fell in love with the game of football, and while I continue to pursue my dream of playing quarterback in the NFL, this is an amazing opportunity to be part of the unparalleled passion of college football and the SEC.

Tebow still wants to play football in addition to covering it—the gridiron equivalent of having your cake and shoveling it down your gullet too.

But how realistic are those aspirations?



Eric Allen is a man who has experienced both sides of that particular coin—though not at the same time—and he doesn’t think it’s realistic for Tebow to truly be prepared for an NFL team while gallivanting across the nation and participating in ESPN-sponsored tailgating events.

Nevertheless, Tebow has never been one to do things conventionally, and he is very serious about getting another shot in the NFL.

According to the Associated Press (h/t ESPN), Tebow declared that he still trains five days a week, working on the craft of being a professional gunslinger.

I feel like I’m the best that I’ve ever been as a quarterback right now. I hope I get the opportunity to show that.

I’m not sure what’s ahead of me. I’m very excited to have this opportunity at ESPN, but who knows what the next few months will hold?

ESPN gave us an inside look at that training regimen, and it looks impressive, to say the least:



Whatever your feelings are on Tebow as an NFL prospect, you can’t help but marvel at his work ethic and drive, as he refuses to let go of his dream.

Unfortunately, all his hard work will be for naught.

The former Heisman winner will be 27 years old by the time the 2014 NFL season kicks off, so he’ll need to demonstrate serious progression in his mechanics and accuracy to pique the interest of an organization. Furthermore, QB-needy teams will have the chance to look to the draft to address their hole at the position. On the other hand, the 2014 quarterback class isn’t very deep, with only a few players who could start from day one:


2014 QB-Needy Teams and Prospects
Team Player
Houston Texans Teddy Bridgewater
Cleveland Browns Blake Bortles
Jacksonville Jaguars Johnny Manziel
Oakland Raiders Derek Carr
Minnesota Vikings Jimmy Garoppolo
Tennessee Titans Zach Mettenberger
New York Jets A.J. McCarron


With as many as seven NFL teams definitely looking for a new quarterback (to provide competition, at the very least), there will be a market for NFL-caliber passers.



Whether Tebow’s hard work has elevated him into that category remains to be seen, however.

That brings us to door No. 3 for Tebow’s professional pursuits: What about acting? Based on his Super Bowl commercial, we may have to prepare ourselves to watch Tebow on the big screen.

Tebow’s future is so up in the air that the possibilities are endless.

We can say two things for sure about Tebow’s upcoming offseason. First, he is not going to quit on his NFL dream—not yet anyway. Secondly, we’re going to be seeing a lot of Tebow’s face on our TVs

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11 Responses to “Predictions for Tim Tebow’s 2014 NFL Offseason”

  1. ck says:

    Well, I am continuing to “BELIEVE” he will get his chance and SOON!!!

  2. Bubbaelvis says:

    I am believing too. I don’t believe all his hard work will be for nothing. I do believe his comeback will be the big story this year. How it is going to happen and where – I don’t have a clue. One thing I do know is to never count him out.

  3. Brandi says:

    This right here is why I’ve gone on a rampage that has my Stalker Set saying I “Hate” the NFL. I don’t hate the NFL. I loathe how little it now cares about how much it’s distanced itself from the desires of the Fans.

    Bleacher Report could never be called a bastion of the Legions of Tebow. If anything, it has tended to attract a generally Anti-Tebow crowd. (even while he was having a wildly successful Broncos Miracle Season)

    Yet long after Tim Tebow has had his last meaningful snap and long after the supposed “Real” Football Fans have chased off the “Phony” ones who are “Only” Tebow Fans…only 6% agree with NFL GMs (and presumably Coaches and Owners) that Tim Tebow “isn’t an NFL Quarterback”.

    And the NFL doesn’t care one twit about that.

    These numbers are pretty consistent no matter who is doing the polling. Over 90% of Fans think Tim Tebow should be Quarterbacking a Team in the NFL TODAY. But the NFL could not care one bit less about that. It’s “Just” Fans. And, as we all know, Fans are “idiots”.

    San Walton would kick the NFL’s BUTT for thinking it’s better than its Customers.

    • ck says:

      Brandi: Proven right regarding popularity by that pole and bet Sam Walton is “rolling over in his grave” by what has become WALMART: MADE IN CHINA!!!

      • Brandi says:

        Those numbers are pretty consistent and reflect something else that gets ignored every day in the Tebow discussions. (and just about everything else Sports, especially NFL)

        ESPN gets over 95% of its viewership from Live Sporting Events. When Tim was Playing, the Tebow coverage was decidedly more “Pro Tebow” than it is now. That’s because Non-Live Sports Programming had larger audiences beefed up by Fans of Tebow who normally didn’t watch. Now he’s out of the League and the TV Audiences for Non-Live Programming are even more unrepresentative of average Sports Fans than they normally are. In short, the TV SportsTalk guys are appealing to their audiences with their almost non-stop Anti-Tebow talk.

        It sends a message that Tim Tebow is unpopular. That 6% who think he’s “Not an NFL QB” are the bulk of the 5% who watch SportsTalk Shows on ESPN2. The other 94% of the Sports Fans are busy doing other things.

        There’s one number that tells it all. The Networks do calculations on Viewers per mention. In essence, how turned on or turned off are audiences by a Player, Team, Sport, Topic. Tim Tebow has NEVER, not even once, reached his peak. No matter how many sound like they complain about “Too much Tebow”, no matter how much Tebow the Networks have, the audiences keep growing. In short, there actually never has been ENOUGH Tebow to match his popularity. Take that one and shove it up the Anti-Tebow crowd’s (pick your orifice) 🙂

  4. andrea says:

    I saw that poll Brandi and it is just unreal that the football teams that always finish with a losing record season after season will not take a chance on Tebow.

    I’m just waiting to see if the NFL shoves that “gay ” football player down our throats after the train wreck of a performance he gave at the combine awhile back.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Just b/c he states: “I want to thank my Lord/Savior Jesus Christ” and they aren’t discriminatory…I’m w/u and Oliver as we need to Boycott just like they do so they get the message back!!! Seems like Duck Dynasty didn’t back down and WON!!!

    • Brandi says:

      A Tweet yesterday by Sports Illustrated NFL Writer/ Producer Peter Bukowski says what I’ve heard repeatedly across the League.

      In response to one his Followers comments about the disconnect between NFL Head Coaches and Scouts, Bukowski said this.. “Mike McCarthy said he wanted a chance to work with Tim Tebow. Scouts knew they’d get fired for picking him”

      The Packers Scouts knew they’d be fired if they brought in Tebow, even though Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy wanted to give him a look.

      The Green Bay Packers are OWNED by the Fans! But the Packers General Manager doesn’t care. Doesn’t care what the Packers Fans/Owners want. Doesn’t care what the Packers Head Coach wants.

      I’ve been saying this for months. Whatever the heck is going on, it’s coming from NFL GMs and they don’t care. We’ve seen how many examples where an NFL Owner wants Tebow, but the GM nixes it? These guys are building some strange General Manager Fiefdoms and they just plain do not care what ANYONE else wants. Don’t ask me how the heck they’re getting away with it. Especially since Roger Goddell darn sure wants Tim Tebow in an NFL uniform.

      Every Football Fan should be scratching their heads and asking what’s up. Because it sure isn’t about Tim’s ability. Not when you’ve got Head Coaches interested and getting vetoed. It’s the NFL Politburo.

      Buzzy Says : the Pack is not the only HC wanting Tebow , Jags .Steelers ,Bills, Bucs But all GM’S Nix the Deal and No Owner
      has any Balls.

  5. Sage says:

    The modern NFL is a reflection of our culture. For at least a century progressives in education have been leading people away from independent thinking. The goal, apparently, is a docile populace, easier for progressives to manipulate.

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