It’s All For Nothing If They Don’t Sign Tebow

Posted by :brandileanne On : April 14, 2014

Coaches come and go. Owners come and go. So do “Rich Guys”, in general. Stadiums get bulldozed under and replaced. Leagues come and go.

But there’s only One Most Popular Player in the History of a Sport. And for (American) Football, that Player is Tim Tebow.

There’s no precedent for the place the new A11 Football League finds itself in. Because, frankly, no Major Professional League in Sports History has ever been stupid and arrogant enough before to run off the Most Popular Player it’s ever seen or heard of. Until the NFL and Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow is more Popular than the Game of Football itself. And he has been wildly successful at it. And for reasons only the NFL can explain…but refuses to…that scares the ever luvin crap out of them.

The A11 Football League has known they wanted Tim Tebow so much and for so long, they made him an offer before they even had a League. They did so NOT because he’s so popular; but because of why. From the first whiffs of an A11FL, the League’s Founders and Executives have said Tim Tebow represents everything they want their new League to be about. They want him to be the face of the League because that’s the face they want to have. They love EVERYTHING about Tim Tebow. Except, perhaps, that he’s been tough to sign.

There was a time that was a blessing in disguise for them. Tebow had just gotten cut from the Jets when the A11FL Execs first began courting him. Publicly…VERY Publicly…and privately. I was contacted by one of the League’s Founders and asked what I thought. We had already been chatting, as they’d been asking about my thoughts on a League Blog for and by Women. Sort of their ESPNW, I suppose. We came up with the name “Skirting the Lines” by the way. Perhaps to be seen on a Football League’s website near you someday. :) I told them then. Two Years. That’s what Tim Tebow is worth to them. The instant elimination of the toughest two years in the development of a new Sports League. Those first, toughest two. The League would be an instant success. Maintaining that success would be up to them. But A11FL comes out of the gate with the very solid potential of having more Fans than the NFL, since Tebow already has more and most of them never liked the NFL in the first place. How much do you think they love it now? :)

Truth…and numbers, oh great and powerful Statizenry…be told, not all that many really do love it. The NFL, that is. Millions like it…ALOT. But the League’s efforts to remove passion have begun being effective. With that, much of the passion for Football. Even among the only “Intelligence” on Earth. 12-24 year olds. Only 24% of that group call themselves “NFL Fans”. That number was around 30 as the new Millennium rolled around. While self-proclaimed Soccer Lovers have jumped up from just a single hand’s digits to 12%. Most of that European Soccer, by the way. Sorry MLS, even Soccer Kids think you suck.

I say all this because the second biggest failing of A11FL Version One in my opinion has been too much interest in what the “Alternative Football” crowd thinks. Y’all know my feelings on this. Anyone who thinks that Spring Football can survive and thrive only on the hunger for Football in the US…a hunger so great, people just want to eat it up 12 months of the year…shouldn’t be allowed around sharp objects. The NFL is struggling to maintain a consistent interest across the League for 4 months. Struggling and failing. NFL Owners have admitted, they’ve exhausted the US Market’s interest. Their strategy…can you still call it that when it’s absolutely inane?…of trying to appeal to the too busy to reach for cash at the drive-through set only serves to further spread the cracks in the League’s Foundation. Just swipe my eCash while I update my Fantasy Roster.

Jim Rome calls 20-something guys “Dumbasses”. Knowing everything there is to know and everyone else is an idiot. Romie says not to worry, he was as well when he was a 20-something Guy. You grow out of it. 20-something Girls ask “Yeah? When?”

The NFL’s current Marketing technique of appealing to the dumbass in 20-something dumbass Guys is a tough one to sustain a League on. The Shield currently lives off the Legacy of what the NFL once was. And TV Contracts the Networks now wish they could have back. When those two run out, what then? The Jaguars will be just as inept in London as they have been in Jacksonville. Now, send Jerry Jones and the Cowboys across The Pond and everybody’s happy. Jerry’d love the London Paparazzi. And Football Fans in Texas are burned out by his endless promises of coming brighter days the Jones Way.

And therein lies the root of a Foundation for A11 Football League, Version Two. NFL Fans, even those who have spent huge piles of money on Personal Seat Licenses, can’t do diddly squat about obtuse Owners and arrogant General Managers. Boyz Fans get both wrapped up into one face…and annoying voice…to fume at and over. No Team in Football has more reason to be responsive to the Fans than the Cowboys. Because of Jones’ success in suing the NFL, he’s got an annual pile of cash from Merchandise Sales forbad to the 31 other Owners. Even Wisconsin Packers Owners who aren’t allowed to move those foam finger bucks from one pocket to the other. Jones gets some of that action too. Jerry Jones has very Financial reason to make Cowboys Fans happy. But he doesn’t care. As long as Jerry Jones’ ego is happy, everyone else is supposed to be too.

The A11FL is supposed to be the Anti-Ego League.

Then why hasn’t Tim Tebow already been signed? THAT is the question Tebow Fans keep asking. That is the number one failure of A11FL, Version One…Before the Darkness. And it’s the question for many Tebow Fans who have already become Fans…or at least interested..of the A11FL. Is that one of the reasons FOR the Blackout. Will they come back out into the light of day next to a smiling #15 in a Bandits jersey? It would give a whole new meaning to the B-Words. Blacklisted for Tebow Fans. Blackout for “Alternative Football” Fans.

It’s not money with Tim. If it was, he’d have pocketed the cool Two Mil in Russia.

By all accounts, he’s pretty happy these days. But he still wants to Play Football. I’ve asked the question before…Will the A11 Football League be Dead on Arrival if they don’t sign Tim Tebow after making such a big deal out of wanting to? Chances are it’ll be dead to most Tebow Fans. That’s a demographic the NFL is out of their arrogant friggen minds to think they can live without. So how much better would the League that has all but Branded itself the Tebow Football League fare without him?

Really wanna know? Just do a quick search of articles about the A11 Football League’s Announcement Presser. Not one word was said about Tebow in the open part of the Session. But the League’s having offered Tebow a contract was told to Reporters afterwards. And that’s just about the only thing written about the League’s Announcement that at long last all of those throngs of Fans hungering, thirsting for Professional Football in the Spring now have something to sate them.

Even the League’s Partnership with ESPN bought them NOTHING…zip, zilch, nada. No Interest. NOT even from ESPN itself, which did a simple Press Release. But they sure as hell talked about Tim Tebow.

Sorry Footballzoids. It’s time to put aside your own egos and admit something. Tim Tebow is BIGGER than you. All of you. Whatever it takes. A11 Football League, Version Two CANNOT fail to sign Tebow or they’ll NEVER be able to convince anyone, least of all The Galaxy of Tebow, that’s it’s all been anything more than a cheap publicity stunt. And the A11 Football League will run the risk of being even more hated by Tebow Fans than the NFL is. The Tebow Train will run over the League and crush it.

Nothing the A11 Football League does, nothing…no big names, no Network Deals, nothing…nothing else matters if they don’t sign Tebow.



Same Sports Bimbo I’ve always been.

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6 Responses to “It’s All For Nothing If They Don’t Sign Tebow”

  1. David Oliver says:

    I hope Tim Tebow will recognize and make the right decision
    at the RIGHT TIME regarding his possbible future with the A11 league.

    I know he has been “Black Balled” by the NFL as a QB, ALL he needs
    is one NFL Owner, Manager, or Coach with decision making Authority
    to have the guts to give him a fair chance – but that may NEVER happen.


    The A11 league maybe the answer for TT, his fans, and all others who are fed up with the ELITIST OWNERSHIP and $ CONTROLLERS of this league who have lost touch with the fans and REALITY!


    • ck says:

      David Oliver: You and Brandi are soooooooooo right and I hope it comes back to haunt them in a “BIG WAY!” Just remembering the look on PM’s face when he realized he LOST ON A HUGE STAGE…Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  2. andrea says:

    I agree with everything David Oliver wrote.

  3. steftebowfan says:

    Me too Go Play Tebow. !??

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