Is Tim Tebow Being Blackballed by NFL? Some Say Yes!

Is Tim Tebow being blackballed by NFL teams? For a man with a winning record as a starter at the quarterback position, one could certainly come to that conclusion about the former Bronco and now former Jet (thank God). At least one sports writer believes that Tebow is being shut-out by NFL teams afraid to deal with the sometimes circus that is Tebowmania. Michael Silver, a Yahoo Sports’ journalist who is admittedly not a fan of Tebow, is beginning to wonder whether the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback is being unfairly treated:

Against all odds, I’m starting to wonder whether the man who helped the Denver Broncos become one of the league’s most stunning success stories in 2011 is getting unjustly blackballed. . . .

Now, here’s the interesting part: Tebowmania is at least partly to blame.

As much as prospective employers are wary of Tebow’s flawed mechanics, much-maligned throwing motion or deficiencies when it comes to reading defenses, the incessant media and fan attention that accompanies his presence on the depth chart is an even bigger concern.

“He seems like a great guy to have on a team, and I’d be tempted to bring him in as our backup,” one NFC head coach told me Wednesday. “But it’s just not worth dealing with all the stuff that comes with it.” (emphasis added)

Could there be more to the story than this unnamed NFC head coach is letting on? NFL teams are rife with players who distract teams with their multiple drug busts, drunk driving arrests, murder charges, spousal abuse convictions, and other less than savory character traits. And, let’s not forget that one NFL team “took a chance” on a convicted dog killer. I’m not buying that NFL teams don’t want to take a chance on Tebow because of “all the stuff that comes with it.”  I believe that Tebow is being blackballed, but not because of the stuff that comes with Tebowmania. After all, with Tebowmania comes lots and lots of money, which is the lifeblood of all NFL teams and their owners. Just ask Pat Bowlen, the owner of the Denver Broncos, whether or not he was happy to make money off of Tim Tebow’s presence with the team.

So, what is going on with every NFL team (at least as of now) passing over a proven winner?  There will be some who think that Tebow does not possess the QB skills necessary to succeed in the NFL. That may or may not be true, but Tebow’s actual win-loss record says otherwise. It does make one wonder why Tebow’s hometown Jacksonville Jaguars would stay with Blaine “He Gives Us the Best Chance to Win” Gabbert when they could acquire Tebow, a winner on and off the field?

There’s no question that Tim Tebow illicits strong opinions, both pro and con. However, as I have written about previously (here, here and here), I believe that a large part of the blackballing of Tim Tebow has nothing to do with his football skills, but everything to do with his strong and unequivocal Christian witness. The NFL, like the culture at-large, is becoming a place where Biblical Christianity is best left unspoken. Therefore, we shouldn’t really be surprised that NFL teams — not known for Christian owners, General Managers or Coaches (Tony Dungy being the glaring exception) — don’t know how to handle someone like Tim Tebow. That was most evident with the loathsome head coach of the NY Jets, Rex Ryan.

Will Tim Tebow find a home to play football in the Fall? Will it be with the NFL or even the CFL? Will any team decide that the upside of having Tim Tebow on their squad outweighs the “the stuff that comes with it?”  They say that peer pressure among adults is greater than among teens. Will there be any NFL owner, GM or Head Coach who wants to win with Tebow instead of lose without him? Time will tell. I hate to say it, but where is Al “Just Win Baby” Davis when you need him?

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7 Responses to “Is Tim Tebow Being Blackballed by NFL? Some Say Yes!”

  1. David Oliver says:

    Amen ! In Regard to what “STUFF” that they LOATHE, comes with Tim Tebow:

    The “Stuff that comes with IT” is “Newspeak Code” for JESUS CHRIST!

  2. andrea says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see if the GM’s and head coaches will be willing to tolerate the media “gay circus” or the media “Manziel” circus this season.

  3. David Oliver says:

    Yes – they can always handle the “Dark Side” Trendy Stuff !

  4. Brandi says:

    Very rarely does an Athlete come along who is bigger than the Sport. When it happens, Pro Sports Leagues struggle with it. But they adjust. Sometimes, they’re accused of adjusting too much. Like making certain a Team with one of those rare Athletes who is so popular, the League and other Players have to bite down hard on their egos, gets enough “Supporting Cast” to Win a Championship. Reverse Collusion.

    But the big difference between Tim Tebow and those others isn’t his Talent or Potential and it’s not his “Outspoken” Faith. It’s that his Popularity is unflappable, with or without the League.

    It’s a fair speculation to think the Jets, after playing up that popularity, tried to squelch it by keeping him on the bench. But, in my opinion, nothing scared the GMs of the NFL more than when, within days of being cut by the Jets, Tim’s popularity actually began to rise. The NFL knew then and there, his being bigger than the League wasn’t idle speculation. It was a reality they would either live with or without.

    The arrogance of some convinces them that the NFL will be “just fine without Tim Tebow”. But the reality is the NFL is in more serious danger of that “implosion” Mark Cuban speaks of than the League’s defenders ever want to admit.

    Football Coaches are used to being like demigods demanding their way and getting it. Now NFL GMs have much the same attitude. For some reason I’ve yet to find anyone who can explain, NFL Owners haven’t been willing to step in and undo the damage their employees have created. Not among Tebow Fans. Not among Fans whose calling it the “No Fun League” has gone from being said as a joke to be said in anger. Not among Churches and Social Clubs who still don’t understand why they can’t hold a simple “Super Bowl Party” without having to call it something else, make certain the screen isn’t too big and there aren’t too many speakers, etc., etc. ad nauseated. To Fans who now wonder if ALL Tailgating across every NFL Stadium will be punished by ejection.

    The NFL has been waging an inexplicable War on its own Fans at a time when its very future existence relies on every one of them. When all it would take to make things better would be for the Owners to tell their Lawyers “Let them have Fun” and tell their GMs and Coaches, “This Kid has earned a spot on that Field. And he pays my bills, while you simply cost me money. And now Customers.”

  5. andrea says:

    Good post, Brandi.

    I wouldn’t mind at all Tebow going to the A-11 if this NFL nonsense continues.

    • Lynn says:

      I believe Tim signed a three year contract with ESP that allows him an out only for the NFL… so it’s likely safe to put the A-11 talk to rest.

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