Chicago Bears Interested In Tim Tebow


Chicago Bears Football — Don’t look now Bears fans, but Tim Tebow could be rocking Chicago’s navy and orange by the time the 2014 season kicks off next fall. It has been reported by Sports World Report that the Chicago Bears are in the running for the former Denver Broncos quarterback along with Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Don’t Make Assumptions Yet

Everyone remembers four years ago when Tim Tebow took the NFL by storm…and everyone hated it. ESPN –  and especially Skip Bayless — blew up over ‘Tebowmania’ and brought it to a point where even hearing the word ‘Tebow‘ made you irritated. But times have changed.

After signing with the New York Jets and then the New England Patriots, Tebow spent all of last season out of football. Instead of trying to find another profession, Tebow went to work on the mechanical flaws that kept him from making a roster this past season. He turned down offers from a variety of Arena Football League and CFL teams because he has the goal of one day making it back to the NFL. Now he might have the opportunity, and Chicago could be his destination.

Chicago Bears Are The Right Fit

Out of all the teams that are reportedly interested in Tebow, Chicago is the hands down the best fit. Bears fans might be hesitant because they think Tebow is still that same overrated quarterback they saw flounder in New York two years ago, but he’s not. After an intense season of working on his fundamentals, Tebow would be a perfect fit in the Bears system for a few reasons.


1) He Has Worked With Trestman Before

If Marc Trestman goes into GM Phil Emery’s office and says, “I want this guy,” Emery will make it happen. Trestman has worked with Tebow before, most notably prior to the 2010 Draft. It is well-noted at this point that Trestman has an eye for quarterback talent. If he feels he can work with Tebow, there is no reason to believe he can’t.

2) The Bears Organization

One of the major reasons why Tim Tebow failed in New York was because the Jets front office is miserable. Between Rex Ryan’s antics and their quarterback issues, Tim Tebow failed there because of the organization. That won’t happen in Chicago. Just like many analysts feel Michael Sam could thrive with the Bears, Tebow can do the same. Chicago’s media base isn’t interested in spreading gossip like New York. Also, the Bears organization has a very good hand on the public relations side of the things.

3) The Locker Room

Since coming to Chicago, Marc Trestman has made the Chicago Bears locker room one of the best in the NFL. He is part of a new wave of coaches in the NFL who treat players like people and not just X’s and O’s. He genuinely cares about the individuals he coaches. That showed last year and into this offseason as players have been seen training and hanging out with each other all the time. Players will not judge Tebow if he decided to come to the team.

4) Religion

Anyone who has watched a Tim Tebow interview knows that he is a man of faith. When he was with the Broncos and Jets he stuck out like a sore thumb because he was one of the only people on the team who expressed his religious beliefs. That won’t happen in the Bears locker room. Last season, Brandon Marshall and Josh McCown led bible studies during the week as well as before games. There are multiple pictures of the team embracing religion, something that Coach Trestman welcomes.

5) Playing Time

Tebow won’t be expected to come in and start or compete for a starting position for the Bears. It has already been made perfectly clear to the ring of $125 million that Jay Cutler is Chicago’s starting quarterback. Tebow will be able to come in and work with Trestman one-on-one to help him improve his game. There will be no pressure or controversy like there was in New York. This can do nothing but benefit both Tebow and the Bears.

Tim Tebow Chicago Bears

The decision of whether or not to go after Tim Tebow is up to Marc Trestman. If he feels that he can work with the former Heisman Trophy winner, Phil Emery will find a way to make it happen. Tebow will just have to decide whether or not he wants the opportunity to start on a team like Oakland or Jacksonville, or if he would rather take less money and work for a quality organization like the Bears.

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17 Responses to “Chicago Bears Interested In Tim Tebow”

  1. Ren-Ren says:

    I’m glad it seems like he’s being considered for teams this year. Go Tebow!

  2. Bigfan says:

    That article is almost one month old and it sniffs of rumor. Since then nothing,nada,zilch in print on NFL radio, ESPN or FOX you name it. Buzzy would have been on it like a duck on a jun-bug. Instead ostensibly quiet. More I think of it, this was the same scenario outlined last year with Trestman and the Bears…while encouraging for sure, only time will tell if it holds water????

  3. steftebowfan says:

    I hate to say it but Sports World Report is known for speculating with no facts and getting us excited for nothing. I have fell for their stories many times and when you read them, you can tell they have no hard info that supports their headline. When I hear Tebow News, first thing I do is look to see if its Sports World Report so I don’t get my hopes up. And bummer… I see this article is from Sports World Report!! They just do this to get us to read their stuff. I hope I am wrong but they haven’t surprised me yet… Go Tebow !!!!!!!!!

    • Brandi says:

      I don’t know where Sports World Report gets their information. Maybe most is just speculation. I do know that local beat Reporters for the Teams have ALOT more information than they ever write/report about.

      There’s been more fire to much of the smoke as it relates to Teams having an interest in Tim Tebow. But nobody’s pulled the trigger. For some reason, GMs are discouraging interest. Even interest from Coaching Staffs. So any “hopeful” signs that are coming from Head Coaches not named Carroll or Belichick, I wouldn’t get too excited about.

  4. tawk2 says:

    It would be great, but I too am reserved to believe now. Although the Patriots kept it under close wrap when working out Tim and pursuing him. We can only hope it is true! GO TEBOW!!!!!!!!

  5. Ambrose Fontaine says:

    Might be the boost Culter needs, and the environment Tim needs. Mature, calm coach who doesn’t seem affected at all by hype. Level-headed guy who sees a winner and appreciates his heart. Hope this is true…for all involved. Chicagoans will appreciate Tebow’s toughness for sure.

  6. sage says:

    I’m okay with rumors. Need something to keep hopeful. If Tebow doesn’t get on board this year, then I suppose it’s still possible something could happen down the road. But I need to see it now.

    And am I to believe that none of the minor leagues have interest in Tim? (I assume A-11 is still-born, sadly.) I’d much rather see Tim accept an offer from a lesser league than hold out for an nfl that doesn’t want him.

    • The Major says:

      I’m sure they’d love to have him. But he’s already turned down Arena and the CFL. Not sure what that leaves.

      And yes, A11fl does indeed look dead.

    • Brandi says:

      I’m still not sure where you guys are getting your information that A11 is “still born” or “dead” or whatever. Other than other people’s speculation.

      As far as I know, nobody who is anywhere close to the League is saying anything like that. I work with them almost every day the last few months. They’re coordinating their Showcase with our Project Manager.

      It’s now on their Ticketing info that the Tampa Showcase Game has been moved back to July 12th. I don’t like the “going dark” any more than anyone else. It makes the “Built By the Fans For the Fans” mantra pretty tough to sell now.

      But they weren’t being hyperbolic when they said basically they received an offer they just couldn’t refuse. They’re not only not dead. They’re set, funding and backing wise, for years.

      Now they need to work on their communication process. I’m not going to fault anyone who says that’s sucked up the joint.

      Buzzy Says : Get one of the wheels to come here and leave a comment I will move it to the front page Mybe that will explain things .

      • Sage says:

        Delighted if A-11 is alive. A July exhibition game makes more sense than a Spring game. 2015 season still so far away.

      • The Major says:

        If that’s true, please explain this:

        Excerpted from the meeting:

        MR. FARRELL: As you recall in May, we had the A11LF football game on there for May 17th. We had talked about that. That’s now been pushed a little further. We’re talking about dates now in late June or early July. They’re reforming a little bit as far as their investors, but they still feel that they’re going to play in Tampa in either late June or early July.

        CHAIRMAN SCOTT: Okay. Any questions?
        (No response.)

  7. andrea says:

    Since Tebow had more wins (7)in his 3/4 of a season as a Bronco than 10 NFL teams did last year in 16 games, he should be looked at by at least 8 teams. Washington should be off the list because they have a celebrity QB (RG III) and the NY Giants as they have Prince Eli ( I expect Prince Eli to stink up the joint this year as well).

    It will be interesting to see if these 8 teams want to continue to wallow in mediocrity or take the correct course of action and sign Tebow.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Now, that was funny b/c both Mannings are really smelly NOW!!!
      All the best for T2 and will see if a rumor or not!!

      • kim henderson says:

        I hope tim tebow gets a chance this this year he de serves it .if he doest get a chance this year he needs to play another league like kurt warner to show the nfl that he has omprovedon his mechanics. its sucks ther are a lot of other quarterbacks in the nfl that are teribble and they are on teams .its seems to me they rather have thugs in the league than heros

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