Breaking down Tebow’s magic

im Tebow and the Broncos, while trailing until last minutes of their games, have now accomplished a six-game winning streak. Former NFL coach Steve Mariucci joins “Around the League” to look at the game tape and expose Tebow’s magic.


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  1. tawk2 says:

    They call it magic when Tim did these awesome plays, but when others do similar plays they are called a great quarterback, what is the difference?

    If Tim was a thug and did not worship God so openly I really believe he would already be a franchise quarterback for and NFL team! I get so tired of the analyst pointing out how Wilson, Kapernick, RG3 can break the pocket and make a play happen out of nothing, when Tim has been doing that all of his career both in college and the NFL.

  2. Larry says:

    So the A11FL’s doing just fine (sarcasm). They’ve cancelled the 2 showcase games scheduled for this year, killed the 2 California teams due to it being too expensive to have teams in Cali, & will possibly be killing 3 more teams.

  3. The Major says:

    Pretty sad they’ll spill the beans to any two bit reporter who calls but still as of this posting continue to offer tickets to an event they know is cancelled.

    Like I said, good luck getting a refund.

    • Sage says:

      The idea of the league seemed good, but it’s starting to look like there is little substance.

      • The Major says:

        I think there’s room for a new league too.

        But we’ve (meaning Tebow fans) been the victim of a micro-marketing sales strategy.

        I honestly believe Brandi has been playing us for fools.

        • Larry says:

          “I honestly believe Brandi has been playing us for fools.”

          I agree. As has the A11FL. Right from the beginning, they were using Tebow in their social media marketing. At one point, they were even using a pic of Tim as their FB cover pic.

          On the bright side, the NFL is going to be possibly starting some kind of developmental league, so if it starts pretty soon, Tebow might be able to be in that, if nobody picks him up in the big NFL:

          • Sage says:

            Thanks, Larry. I couldn’t find the right page. At any rate, Brandi is different but I’ve enjoyed her unique perspective on sports. These days the mainstream media are just conformist schmucks.

            It’s gotten to the point where if I want to follow team sports, it may have to be hockey or maybe cricket.

          • ck says:

            Larry: You may have a point about exploitation of T2 fans, but even so at least SHE defends T2 for the most part which is relevant to what is going on and it is unfortunate that all the NFL wants to do is try to keep him from his dream “IF” they can…believe that all the obstacles/miracles are for a reason!!!

        • Sage says:

          You guys may be more savvy than I. Are you saying there was a ploy to cull email and other data from Tebow enthusiasts? How profitable could that be?

          • Larry says:

            What I meant was that I think this small group of people thought that by appealing to Tebow fans in their social media advertising for the A11FL (by using Tebow & his agent in their advertising) they could get the money they’d need to operate it via crowdfunding. But Tebow fans didn’t bite. The crowdfunding site they used raised only hundreds of dollars, instead of hundreds of thousands. So now they have the expenses involved w/putting together a football league & very little money to do so. As for Brandi…she supposedly has used the email/spam thing. Scroll down a bit on the following page to learn more about her:


          • Larry says:

            Sage, they’re the 5th & 8th comments on this page by posters named lenny & Hayes. Just replace the (dot)s in the url w/actual dots.:


            Buzzy Says Just copy and paste the link Take it easy on Brandi she is welcome here as a T2 cheerleader.

  4. tawk2 says:

    I just seen a report that Vince Young is trying out for the Browns, why can’t Tebow be looked at as well? Makes me sick that Tim keeps getting looked over time and time again!

    • ck says:

      Tawk2: Not only is it unfair, it reeks! Guess God has something REALLY BIG in store for T2…WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT HAVING TO WAIT AND SEE!!:)

  5. Sage says:

    The kerfuffle in the NBA is amusing. It’s 24/7 moralizing on sports radio. Hear them roar! They’re not racist! Congratulations, radio guys. So proud of you.

    Seems an outright refusal to place anything in context, or even to look for context. Oh well.

    If the NBA were to implode I would only laugh. There’s a giant effort to sew racial and gender and class division before the 2016 elections. Inherit the wind.

    • ck says:

      Sage: Yea, you nailed it…laughable and obviously a needed diversion w/elections coming up and the mess we are in! What gets me is this guy was in his own house and isn’t that supposed to be your “CASTLE”?!!! So much for protected speech!!! Good thing they picked on a Billionaire, ha, ha!!

    • ck says:

      Had to look up kerfuffle; i.e., controversy. That was a new one.:)

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