Tim Tebow’s MOVIE REVIEW: Non-Stop’

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  1. Bigfan says:

    Well that tells me Timmy is still here on the West Coast (USC) training and practicing to get a little better everyday!!

  2. andrea says:

    It also tells me Tebow has more class than all of those Hollywood bozo’s combined.

  3. ck says:

    Well, have to agree that Braveheart was a movie worth remembering and I can see why he would identify w/Wm. Wallace…HEROES ARE JUST THAT, BRAVE!!!

    • Bigfan says:

      Braveheart was a family favorite movie in the Tebow household.

      • ck says:

        Bigfan: Am off to do some research…

      • ck says:

        According to JCI Ministries in 2012, Tebow stated that his dad rented the movie and stated that if they had the passion to sacrifice that Braveheart had then they would be successful; so, that is something else I did not know and thanks for the info. btw.

  4. ck says:


  5. ck says:

    Hey, where is Sage and The Mascot Army?

    • Sage says:

      Howdy CK. Right here. Wishing there were some developments on the Tebow front!

      Since I’ve stopped visiting profootballtalk and clicking on nfl news, I’m not sure what’s happening in the league these days. Are there roster moves going on? This is a big spring, since Tim has to get on an nfl roster or tell them to pound sand. I hope he is giving serious consideration to the A-11. What about you?

      • ck says:

        Sage: Guess I am trying to see what is happening w/basketball (NCAA/#1 GATORS) and, like you, have chosen to not get so involved w/NFL C–P (excuse my French, ha, ha)! Know there is no denying that he should be playing instead of doing endless infomercials…they are losing out IMO so another venue where he is appreciated might be worth considering; especially, if that happens to not be associated via NFL. They certainly have NO CLASS AND ARE OBTUSE!!!

  6. Bigfan says:

    No telling how this will play out? Only QB I have heard about getting released is Vick…the free agency QBs, rookie contract up etc. is a work in progress $$,$$$,$$$.$$? The Pro Days for several of the West Coast college teams are coming up later this month so one would think Timmy could get a look see if he already has not??? Stay Tuned…???

    • ck says:

      Bigfan: Thanks for the update and will have to “stay tuned” by having lots of patience.

      • Bigfan says:

        March 11 UCLA and March 12 USC and more PAC 12 Mountain West follow.

        Here are two that for some reason do not seem unreasonable??? Florida March 17 or Ohio March 13???

        Having said other than working out receivers at those respective schools on “Pro Day” for a peek per se. A private showing will be needed at some juncture with the goal of a camp spot…a shot????

        OK here is another way to possibly plug this together with the right offense…What team/teams need a backup similar to what they currently have? AND or what team/teams need a QB (draft or current) and are wanting a similar QB and a back up??
        When those coaches travel through…??

  7. andrea says:

    The person with no class (Elway) released Champ Bailey today. Typical way Elway does things – classless.

    Wonder if Bailey thinks Denver would have won a Superbowl with Tebow at the helm?

    Reality of the situation is Elway paid a choke artist 90 million dollars – no Super Bowl ring.

    • Sage says:

      I was really disappointed when Champ didn’t step to the fore in order to strongly endorse Tebow. Anybody who couldn’t see that Tebow was the leader that could help the team reach the top simply doesn’t deserve a championship, and that includes Champ. Too bad.

      Elway’s first couple of years of GM have looked fairly good, but that’s largely because he’s benefited from two great competitors, Tebow and Manning. Not likely Brock Osweiler will be able to do the same.

      Won’t surprise me to see that the team has a wheel in the ditch within a couple of years. Going to be hard to motivate the team after the SB shallacking. They’ll have the usual Manning 10-win season, but they’ll know they’re cream puffs when the playoffs roll around.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: All I can say is I shouldn’t be shocked b/c Elrot does what Elrot gets away with doing and this is yet another example of it along w/PM sanctioning same…hope they are getting their just deserts losing. Might also add that it is refreshing not to have to see Papa John’s featuring such a loser as well!!! Wow, what a mess and thanks for the info. Andrea.

    • Brandi says:

      This was sent to me this morning by Daniel Kelly, Former NFL Scout.


      I know there are many who disagree with me on Elway. Many see John as not being very high on Tim as a Player/QB. I’ve always found him to be extremely high on Tim in every regard. But Kelly noted something in this that always seemed like the REAL issue. Big John’s EGO and his determination to be and stay the Duke of Denver. Never in John Elway’s egoimagination did he ever believe there’d be someone more popular in the Rockies than him. Until Tim Tebow.

      John Elway has many good qualities. But he has an ego that ends up trumping many of them.

  8. Sage says:

    Here’s Brandi on Champ and Elway.

    Ha. Did you hear years ago when Elway got roasted for being a cheapskate with the candy on Halloween? The pompous pundits today act like it was discraceful to challenge Elway for that. But an inability to build bonds with people is part of his character.

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