Tim Tebow still ‘hoping’ for another chance in NFL

  • By Mike Huguenin

David J. Phillip / Associated Press
Tim Tebow is getting his start in broadcasting, but has yet to give up on an NFL career.

Tim Tebow “works every day” and is “hoping” for another NFL shot, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said.

“There are some conversations about it,” Meyer, who coached Tebow at Florida and remains close to him, told cbssports.com. “I don’t know too much. There’s hope and he says there’s stuff going on.”

Tebow didn’t play in the NFL in 2013 but has said he would like another chance. If not, he already has a fallback job lined up: He will be an analyst for the new SEC Network this fall. His contract includes an out clause should an NFL team come calling.

Of course, any team that signs Tebow also signs up for the media circus that follows him, making it a long shot a team would want that headache for a guy who would be a backup quarterback. Besides, he appears to have a higher upside as an analyst than as a quarterback.

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Meyer had much more to say about his current quarterback, Braxton Miller, who toyed with the idea of turning pro but decided to remain in school for his senior season. Meyer said it was a good decision, intimating that Miller — who should be a leading Heisman contender this fall — isn’t well-versed enough in the nuances of the position.

“I’ve talked to some general managers and some good friends of mine that are coaches,” Meyer said. “I’ve gone through every quarterback I’ve had, Alex Smith, I’ve seen what they do to those quarterbacks in those meetings as far as knowledge of the game. Same with Tebow. I had Cam (Newton) for a while but not that long. They are going to grind him. He doesn’t have the concepts yet. He’s working real hard.”

Miller is missing spring practice as he works his way back from shoulder surgery, and Meyer says the offense will be tweaked this fall to rely less on Miller’s legs.

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“Two years ago, he was our whole offense,” Meyer said. “Last year, we leaned on him too heavily in the Michigan State game (a loss in the Big Ten championship game). He’s still the best player. Some of those are just scrambles. Two years ago, almost all his rushing yards were called runs. This year, it was scrambles.”

A spread quarterback takes a lot of hits, and Meyer is cognizant of that.

“(Quarterback is) the most unique position in all of sports where you’re not ready for the contact,” Meyer said. “(To help) we’ll get the ball out fast, break contain and then teach him when it’s coming, get out.”

Miller’s growth as a passer will be closely scrutinized by scouts this fall. He is a big-time playmaker and dangerous as a runner, but he has to become more consistent and more accurate as a passer.

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9 Responses to “Tim Tebow still ‘hoping’ for another chance in NFL”

  1. andrea says:

    Of course – Tebow shouldn’t be allowed to play because of the “media circus” he brings.

    Wonder if this media circus reason to keep someone out of the N.F.L. standard will apply to others.

    I highly doubt it.

    • kim henderson says:

      tim tebow doesn’t ask for the media circus to follow it just does 3 things that messed tims career is all the people talking bad about his playing style are the anouncers that talked bad about tim and he did not get to play a full season and he still won a playoff game.the nfl teams needto give him a chance they need to watch the interview with trent dilfer and tom house and what the mechanics improve from day 1to day30 and their is a big difference.

  2. steftebowfan says:

    To me media circus means lots of fans, lots of viewers, and lots of money. I guess that is a problem ?

    • Brandi says:

      Consider the effort that has been made to paint the Galaxy of Tebow as simply a smallish group of zealots. When reality is, it’s the vast majority of Football Fans PLUS alot of people who hadn’t before found a reason to be interested.

      In painting it as a few “crazies”, it has also been easy to portray Tebow Fans as “forcing” him on the Field even if he fails. Problem with the caricature is first, he’s not done that. Second, Tim’s Fans don’t want to see him fail. If he was placed in the position and couldn’t cut it, most would be among the first to say Don’t humiliate yourself. Move on.

      The real problem NFL GMs have is the NFL not only can’t control his Fan Support, it’s become clear they can’t even diminish it by keeping him out of the League. This is and always has been an extension of the NFL’s War on Fans. If the League can get away with saying eat what we put before you and like it, that’s on Football Fans. Not on Tim. Or even, really, the NFL. I think it’s been one of the most incredibly stupid moves in Professional Sports History. But Football Fans will decide.

      Are they so hungry for Football, they don’t care if the biggest League bringing it doesn’t care what they want?

      • Sage says:

        Sadly, yes, it looks like they’re so hungry they will eat what’s put in front of them. Most people don’t think more than a few milliseconds beyond what “experts” or people in authority tell them to think. Others aren’t anxious for conflict or sacrifice.

  3. Sage says:

    No Super Bowl for Ralph Wilson. Would have had one if he’d acquired Tebow early. That’s what I believe. Combine Tebow, defense, committed players, and speial fan enthusiasm, and you’ve got lightening in a bottle.

  4. steftebowfan says:

    The media is doing a great job of misleading the masses. My family thinks Tim Tebow is no good because, “if he was that good surely the NFL would have hired him back already.” They think I am one of few fanatics the is irrational and I like Tim Tebow because he is cute.

    I try to remind them that they have never watched Tebow play, if they had, they might of caught Tebow fever too.

    I tell them that Tim has millions of fans, men and women who are very knowledgable about sports, more than most employed NFL players and they are not all screaming girls who think he is cute.

    My family forgets that I was totally fanatic over John Elway in the 80’s and 90’s because I liked his exciting play. They used to tease that he was a loser and horse fac, but stopped when he won his couple of Super Bowls and took over the Broncos.

    The truth is, I know a great exciting player when I see one. I actually pay attention and watch football and I become a fan of a team or player based on how they perform and if I see a special spark in their play.
    I like several teams and players and not only Tebow. I like the Patriots, Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and I love Demarius Thomas of the Broncos.

    I do not like Tebow because he is cute and a very nice Christian. Although he is cute and I do like my favorite players to have good moral character, I do not like a player only because are cute or nice. John Elway is not considered a hot item and I still liked him!

    I was the only person in my family that seen a spark in John Elway and the Broncos in the 80’s and 90’s and was teased all the time because they did not win until the end of their era. But I was accurate that Elway had something special that took time to fully reveal.

    Soo end of story.. My family still teases me and believes whatever the media says. I hope to once again laugh in their face when Tebow wins a Super Bowl or makes it big somewhere. Because “Stupid is as Stupid does!” Welcome to mainstream media in America!

    • The Mascot Army says:

      Tebow’s fans have watched most of the games he’s played in, while his detractors have rarely watched more than a handful (more likely cherry picked highlights/lowlights). Essentially, the people with the most knowledge think he can play.

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