Tim Tebow Rumors: Johnny Manziel’s Future Backup?

By Brian Ethridge – Posted: 03/02/14 10:26AM EST
 Tim Tebow

Tebow’s future in question. (Photo: Reuters)

Whether you believe Tim Tebow is capable of being a starting quarterback in the NFL or not, doesn’t really matter. The fact remains that Tebow has enough self confidence in himself to still not give up the dream of playing in the league. With that said, he has started to realize that no team is going to sign him right off the street as their starting quarterback, but he would still be interested in joining a team as a backup as long as he would have an opportunity to compete for the starting job.

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Whatever team drafts Johnny Manziel in the 2014 NFL draft this May, they will surely need a capable backup because of Manziel’s durability questions. That can only lead to rumors of a Tim Tebow signing.

Think about it: Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel will both go down in history as two of the best quarterbacks to ever play college football. How great would it be to see them on an NFL team together?

Not only would it make for one heck of a storyline, it would also make a ton of sense from a football standpoint. Both Manziel and Tebow like to scramble and run the football and both are very flawed passers.

If/when Manziel goes down to an injury and has to miss a few games, it would not take the rest of the offense a ton of time to re-adjust with Tebow under center because they are quite similar.

In addition to Tebow being a great backup for Manziel, he would also make for a great role model. Manziel has made a reputation for himself as a partier who likes to drink and have way too much fun at times. On the other hand, Tebow is seen as a great person, a great role model and one of the best leaders in all of football. If he could rub off on Manziel, it would only be a great thing for the team that drafts Manziel.

Even if Manziel never goes down to injury, signing Tebow still makes a ton of sense for any NFL team. Tebow is a great leader and his teammates have always loved him. And since Tebow has been out of the league for a while, he would no longer be a huge media distraction.

Nobody knows for sure which NFL team will invest a first round pick in Johnny Manziel, but whatever team does, they should strongly consider signing Tim Tebow as his backup. It would make a ton of sense for several reasons.

Buzzy Says: More BS

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9 Responses to “Tim Tebow Rumors: Johnny Manziel’s Future Backup?”

  1. tawk2 says:

    It makes me sick that anyone would even think Tebow would be Johnny Manziel’s backup! I am so tired of Tim being passed by in the NFL, I know Tim can out play Manziel no doubt about it in my mind.

  2. shaztah says:

    Agree Thawk. Also, how can this writer compare Manziel’s 2 years in college to Tims 4 years? What did Ole Johnny win besides the Heisman? Did he take his team to a national championship? NOPE! I will laugh my butt off when Manziel sucks.

  3. andrea says:

    The one thing Manziel has that Tebow does not have is a mug shot.

  4. Bigfan says:

    Brian must be snowed in and sipping on one too many “Hot Toddys”?

  5. ck says:

    Not liking this article and to all that would say am in agreement w/everyone here that this would not be the ideal for T2 b/c he deserves better and a whole lot better at that!!!

  6. steftebowfan says:

    So true. I am tired of all these guys getting looks and everyone ignores Tebow. Something bigger going on here

  7. Brandi says:

    I know that I’ve angered some of Tim’s Fans with this. But I started saying months ago that the Anti-Tebowists would start with the “Back-Up” talk and Tebowites…Don’t bite on it.

    The stories around some of the Teams for awhile have been that Tim’s position has been he wants a 2-year contract and a strong commitment that he will get a real shot at Starting QB. ALOT of people have poo-pooed that as either BS or that Tim has lost his mind then. But neither is the case.

    After New York, it’s the only smart move for him. I think the A11FL is built perfectly for him. But they have to convince him of that. I think that, right now, Tim and his “Camp” are finally doing things right. A11FL: Convince us you’ll be everything you say you want to be. NFL: Convince us there won’t be another Jets Den of Deceit.

    I like it.

    • ck says:

      Brandi: I am glad he is not giving up and caving! If it means that he gets to play instead of what has happened along the way then whatever he decides from here on out has to be from lessons learned…btw, don’t blame him for wanting a contract that spells it out instead of just LIP SERVICE!!
      (Your article about Champ Bailey was spot on except for the “washer” part.)

      • Brandi says:

        More “lip service” 🙂 (Your comment on the Champ Release article.) Glad you liked it. I’ve heard alot from the “It’s just Business” crowd.

        Tens to hundreds of thousands of people don’t pay tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy the “right” (and unending obligation) to buy Tickets for $Thousands and tens of thousands more to go to Plays, Concerts, Restaurants, basically anything else.

        Sports draw on passions and use those passions to get millions of Sports fans to make bad purchase decisions. SPORTS does that because to Fans, it’s NOT Business.

        It surprises me that there are so many these days who want to refuse to acknowledge that.

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