Tim Tebow Isn’t an NFL Quarterback

Posted by :brandileanne On : February 28, 2014


As talk grows of the possibility of Tim Tebow’s signing by the new A11 Football League, perhaps it’s time for some reality check by Tebow Fans.

Hey Galaxy of Tebow. I think Y’all can agree that I’ve been a pretty consistent advocate of Tim Tebow, Man, Football Player, Quarterback.

I have had numerous spats with both TebowManiacs and Tebow Detractors. I’ve never bought into the ‘Elway and Fox hated Tebow’ mantra spouted by Tebowites and Tebow “Haters” alike. I would never say Tim Tebow is going to be NFL MVP 6 times.

Nor would I ever say Tim was just a One-Hit Wonder in Denver. I’ve seen nothing that says he couldn’t be just as successful as an NFL Quarterback as he was a College Quarterback. And no guarantees he could be either. If the NFL ever stopped recruiting its GMs from Pussyville. But I have consistently stood firmly that he has earned the opportunity to show which it is.

I kept telling the Galaxy of Tebow don’t listen to anyone saying Tim’s not an NFL-Caliber Quarterback. Because they have nothing to base those assertions on other than their own biases.

Well Tebowites. I’m sorry. But it’s over. I’m convinced. Tim Tebow simply doesn’t measure up. He can’t compete. He’s doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the NFL. He’s NOT worthy to be an NFL Quarterback.

Before you change the channel and throw the remote at the screen, hear me out.

Tim has had too many failures in his NFL Career. He didn’t take his fat 1st Round Draft Pick Bonus Check and buy a big house, fancy SportsCar. Maybe some good Party blow. No, he gave it to Charity. Every penny of it. That should have been the first clue he wasn’t gonna cut it at The Shield.

Tim Tebow hasn’t run through a string of hot nubiles. He hasn’t even had a DUI. (leave that one to Peter. :) ) Nothing. The NFL is far too big a Platform for him. Too Big. Too scary. Tim obviously recoiled. He pulled his own Vince Young in his own way. He ran off to Children’s Hospitals.

I don’t know what drugs he was stealing off those kid’s medication trays. But it had to be some nasty stuff. Because it caused him to commit the only polarizing sin for an NFL Player greater than hanging onto your cherry or having no arrest warrants in another jurisdiction. He said…in actual Public, mind you…”I know I am a ‘Role Model’. The Professional Sports World shook its head in total disbelief. This kid’s never going to make it if he doesn’t get his head on right. But he went the wrong way even further.

Instead of snagging Game Tickets for his posse, Tim Tebow flew sick kids and their Families to Games in cities all over the NFL. And just to rub in it wasn’t pro forma PR, he had the audacity, insanity?, to actually spend time with them. As twisted an image that is for someone who has reached the status of NFL Quarterback, Tim Tebow showed he is unfit to call himself a peer with the god-like, too good to Play in the Pro Bowl, above the rabble gladiators who hold up The Shield. He used the one word so reviled by the NFL it is never uttered. He called the experiences with those young people facing terrible challenges “Humbling”.

That was it. The flickering lights of his career on that stage could already be seen. With only seconds left in a Denver Broncos dismantling by the New England Patriots on one of the highest-rated NFL Playoff Games in history, seen by most of his NFL wouldbe Colleagues and tens of millions of viewers, Tebow signaled the coming end of his NFL days by trying to rally his Teammates to get in just one more Play.

And the entire World witnessed Tim Tebow’s complete unfitness to call himself an NFL Quarterback. As Tim was waving his arm trying to get Broncos Players up to the line against a ticking clock, the “real” NFL Players slowly walked off the Field in dejection.

Galaxy of Tebow, it’s time. Past time, in fact, to give props to the Tim Detractors. They were right.

Tim Tebow is NOT an NFL Quarterback.



Same Sports Bimbo I’ve always been

Buzzy Says : yep, fingers crossed

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21 Responses to “Tim Tebow Isn’t an NFL Quarterback”

  1. Bigfan says:

    Nicely written

  2. David Oliver says:

    Neat Satire..

    Also: Tim Tebow Isn’t an NFL QB, Because:
    The NFL “Black – Ball” of Him Being an NFL is STILL in Effect ->

    Why is Tebow still “Black-Balled” by NFL?
    Because he is too “Polarizing” (Code Word of “New Speak” For “TOO – CHRISTIAN”!! )

    YES I have heard of many OTHER players – who have confessed Christ, including Russell Wilson, previously and have rooted for them:
    However, I have NEVER seen anyone of them – who dared to CONFESS – and THANK, “MY SAVIOUR – THE LORD JESUS CHRIST “– at the Beginning of any Post Game interview – So THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING – from him – and could NOT do anything about it – until they got rid of him!

    NOR have I seen the Rabid HATE Campaign against any player like TEBOW – To the Late Night Comedian, John Oliver, who said if he had one bullet – and had a choice between shooting Bin Liden or TIM TEBOW in the Head – HE WOULD SHOOT TIM TEBOW – yeah, this is all about his unorthodox throwing motion ?

    Anyhow that is the main reason – I have been OUT there for him – because he had crossed “THEIR THRESHOLD” and They Declared WAR to GET RID OF HIM!


    Basically – there is a “NOISE FLOOR” of FEAR – Such that Team Owners, Managers and Coaches – are FEARFUL of the PERSONAL REPERCUSSION of ATTACKS on THEM – IF THEY DARED TO MAKE SUCH A MOVE..

    IT is MUCH Easier to GO ANY OTHER WAY – WITHOUT THE RESULTANT ATTACKS from This Orchestrated Hate Campaign That Has been effective in Taking Tim Tebow away from any FAIR opportunity to show his “STUFF” In REAL GAME SITUATIONS in the NFL!

    In many cases as with the JETS – They were AFRAID he would do WELL!


    BOYCOTT THE NFL – Untill – They Remove this Tim Tebow “Black-Ball” Ban!

  3. Hoot says:

    Tim Tebow: LEADER.

  4. bubbaelvis says:

    Brandi, I think Kim must have just read your title and not the article. I thought it was very pro-Tebow. What you are saying is Tebow is everything an NFL QB should be as far as character, attitude,etc. It remains to be seen how good or bad he is as an NFL QB because he hasn’t been given the chance.
    Urban Meyer dropped that little tidbit about “stuff going on” with Tim and the NFL(I’m assuming that is what he meant). I would be surprised if there wasn’t. Surely someone would be at least a little curious to see how his training has improved him. I thought New England might have been the ones having him train with Tom House but not so sure since he signed with ESPN. I do think he will get back in a camp and will take full advantage this time.

    • andrea says:

      Very sad to read this. He was an American Hero first for serving his nation and a football player second. Rest in Peace young soldier.

      Stark contrast to many pro football players today – drunks, wife and girlfriend beaters and freaks.

  5. Sage says:

    Here’s Brandi’s latest. I agree. If there’s not an iron getting very hot in the nfl fire, Tebow needs to sign with A-11. Failure to do so would be his own mistake.


    • The Mascot Army says:

      It would be hilarious to see higher ratings in A-11 games than many NFL games, and that would absolutely happen with Tebow starting. I loved your Vince Young idea too. The NFL tries to manufacture stars while discarding real stars.
      A-11 can succeed by simply snapping up the under-appreciated college superstars that the “film-watching” fools ignore because their hands are too small or their wingspans are too short or their 40 time is .1 too long…because as we all know, those numbers are perfectly correlated with football success…the lack of busts from the draft is proof of that (yes, strong sarcasm).

      The meatheads making NFL decisions are too dimwitted to understand numbers, and so they bow down before any number thrown out there.

      • Brandi says:

        A11FL’s drumbeat should be…OK NFL, you build the League you think the Fans should have. We’ll build the League they want. Let’s see who Wins. 🙂

      • Sage says:

        I’ve felt for a long time the nfl was too small to showcase all the good QB talent. Very few guys get a serious chance to run a team. Look at Brady. If not for injury to Bledsoe, when does Brady get on the field?

        After awhile they say, this guy isn’t any good, or he would have gotten on the field. Let’s draft a rookie.

        A-11 will uncover a new group of stars. That’s another of my theories, by the way. If you took the bottom rung of nfl players and put them on a single team, some of those guys would excel within the group and become bona fide star performers. It’s group dynamics. In any group of 53 men, some will take initiative and start to shine.

  6. andrea says:

    A- 11 looks good to me.

  7. Bigfan says:

    A-11 should not recruit any violent crime or repeat felons! Now that might just generate interest.

    On another note how about those NFL owners, no more dunking the ball over the goal post and raised it 5 feet to better judge. Somebody stayed up all night on those 🙂

  8. andrea says:

    It has always been my contention that Roger Goodell and the 26 N.F.L. owners will never be mistaken for Albert Einstein.

  9. ck says:

    Computer needs work so will now have to use a laptop,,,advice, please, Buzzy. Should I get it fixed or buy a new one if it is dx to need a motherboard and if so, what would you buy? Thanks and hi to all:)

    Buzzy says: get a new one or a good used one off of Ebay and they all come out of three factorys in China so is just pot luck just hope it holds up.

    • ck says:

      Thanks muchly, Buzz…have good news about computer as it was all due to overheating b/c of a fan issue. Nothing too serious and decided to add extra memory to increase performance…lots cheaper than the alternative! Don’t wish to use the laptop as much due to it being a backup and possibly risking getting a virus even though it is a MAC and the one that was fixed was a DELL 🙂

      Kinda sad about the Gators…coulda/shoulda/woulda:(

  10. ck says:

    And, no, this is not an April Fool’s joke ha, ha!

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