Jets South, Otherwise Known as the Jacksonville Jaguars

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Posted by :brandileanne On : March 11, 2014

Oh for those simpler times when there was a clear leader for NFL’s Most Dysfunctional Organization. Everyone can say it in unison. JETS-JETS-JETS.

But Jets South is giving Jets North a run for their money.

After spending two years saying the reason the Jacksonville Jaguars had no interest in Football’s biggest ATM, particularly in Jacksonville, was because they had Blaine Gabbert, they traded him to San Francisco for a 6th Round Pick.

Anyone who knows anything at all about Football knows Big12 Quarterbacks are a huge risk. If they’ve ever faced a hard hit, it was in High School. The Big12 has been College Football’s best breeding ground for fragile Quarterbacks for years. Gabbert did not disappoint. The fetal position has been Blaine’s favorite Play call since he was thrown out on the Field as a Rookie and realized the days of Flag Football were over. Even the pillow fighting they call Football in the NFL makes Big12 Football look like a track meet in body armor. No touching the man in the lane next to yours now. boys. Someone might fall down and get hurt.

If His High Holiness, Lord Commissioner Goodell the 1st is to be believed, maybe one day the NFL will shrivel up into such Pussyballness that Players like Scared of his own Shadow Sunshine can thrive. But until all hits are finally outlawed, that day’s not here. Anyone other than the Gene Smith Desperate Defender Squad who later came out of their cocoon and admitted they’re actually the Anyone But Tebow Club has long know Gabbert wasn’t the answer to the question…Franchise Quarterback?

Where Shad Khan has made his biggest mistake has been in believing standing up for the beliefs of his GMs is the same as being an Owner. His second biggest mistake has been trying to convince himself the Anti-Tebow Club in Florida is bigger than the half empty Stadium. It never has been and never will be. No matter how many half-assed excuses for Quarterbacks..or General Managers…he parades out.

On the plus side though, the girlish squeals from Dangerous Dave and Tony the wouldbe Scion whenever they come up with a new spreadsheet must warm Shad’s cockles. But they don’t keep the Jaguars in Florida.

Neither does allowing the Jaguars Front Office to become as big a mess as the New York Jets; which is precisely what has been taking place.

I don’t know if Gus Bradley will become a quality Head Coach. But hiring him has been the only decision made in the Khan Era that looks like it has any hope of being an intelligent move. Everything else about the Jaguars should just be scrapped. The trade Shad Khan should be trying to make is swapping General Managers with the Jets. Idzy has no chance of fixing the Rex & Woody Show. And if there’s any Organization that deserves Dave Caldwell, it’s the Jets.

But the Jaguars are coming up on them quickly.



Same Sports Bimbo I’ve always been.

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  1. ck says:

    Well, that just about sums it up imo and wish Brandi would substitute certain words; otherwise, it gets to the point of what is wrong w/NFL…ineptitude on a GRAND SCALE VS MISPLACED PRIORITIES!!!

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