Heads-up NFL: Losses of your own are on the horizon(TKS Sage)

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  1. Sage says:

    It’s nice to hear (at least the rumor) that the A-11 has large financial backing. Manziel vs. Tebow is certainly fun speculation.

    If Tebow signs, I’m a ticket buyer. It’s been too darn long since we’ve seen him play. Little did I know that the playoff loss against the Pats would be the last start for years to come.

    States like Florida and Texas can certainly support more football, IMO.

  2. bigfan says:

    US$75,000 to US$100,000 salary with a 50% bonus for winning…and the NFL losing Billions…Sorry but I am more than a little dubious.

    Sounds like a cut above arena football? And that is because it is outdoors.

    Let’s get through this coming season.

    • Sage says:

      I share some of your skepticism. What’s a little interesting, though, is that the article is from a jets blog. In other words, no anti-nfl bias.

      A big key for A-11 is whether they can attract good athletes. Seems there have been plenty of other strong players who, like Tebow, have been disregarded by the nfl. I’d love to see them play and generate great games. Vince Young is an example. Guy used to stride two yards at a time and fall forward for another yard. A monster. His coach, jeff fisher, was a pure imbeccile who would have preferred Matt Leinart–even after VY was rookie of the year.

      The A-11 needs to unlock some of this talent and excitement.

    • Brandi says:

      There’s only a little I can say about what’s coming. But expect an average Player Salary of around a $Million a year. If it goes higher than that, it would be from pressure by the Fans. But there’s no interest in starting Bidding Wars.

      As for any announced numbers of any kind, A11 is walking very carefully. You can always go up. But going down, as alluded to by Cuban’s comments, is a whole different beast. It’s the stuff that puts even established Leagues at serious risk.

      The A11FL Founders plan on being very competitive without appealing to those ONLY interested in money. They want Players more interested in Community and Football than status.

  3. bigfan says:

    And recently from Coach Meyer…

    On Tim Tebow working for one last NFL shot: “You’d imagine how he works. Works every day. He’s hoping. There are some conversations about it. I don’t know too much. There’s hope and he says there’s stuff going on.”

    • Sage says:

      Thanks for the UM quote. Clearly there is no nfl team that has any strong plan for Tebow, or they would have exercised the option by now. He’s been there for the taking for a couple of years.

      I am hopeful Tim will sign with the A-11 and start something new.

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