Daniel Kelly: Tim Tebow – The Future Hall of Fame QB (TKS Sage)

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Daniel Kelly is a former NFL Scout – NY Jets to be exact. His book “Whatever It Takes” is out now, and you can check it out HERE.

If I was named as a GM in the NFL, the first thing I would say from the podium is, “I want to begin by giving my Lord and my Savior, Jesus Christ, all the Glory for this amazing and incredible opportunity, because without Him, none of this would be happening. It’s also at this time I’d like to introduce to all of you, the team’s new and undisputed franchise starting quarterback, Tim Tebow.”
Tony Razzano saw greatness in a quarterback from Notre Dame that many thought lacked arm strength named Joe Montana. Ron Wolf saw something in Brett Favre back when things weren’t working out for Favre in Atlanta. John Schneider saw what the rest of the NFL missed in Russell Wilson. I see it in Tebow. 
My favorite saying in life is a quote by Jonathan Swift, “Vision is the art of seeing what’s invisible to others.”
Back in 2010, I was invited to the NFL Scouting Combine to sit on the scouting panel for Sports Management World Wide. After we were all done sharing our stories about how we got into the NFL, someone in the audience of about three hundred people stood up and asked, “Tim Tebow is the most controversial player in this year’s draft, I have to ask the scouting experts what are your thoughts?” The moderator turned and looked directly at me and asked me to begin. 
I leaned into my microphone and said, “Tim Tebow will be a superstar in the National Football League. A lot scouts will miss on him, because he’s not textbook, but he was 37-3 at Florida and his intangibles are off the charts.” 
The other four guys sitting along side me on the panel killed him. Across the boards, one by one they took their shots. One guy said, “Maybe he’s got a chance as a tight end or an H-Back.” 
No, Tim Tebow is still a future Hall of Fame caliber quarterback. Tim Tebow is still a quarterback capable of winning multiple Super Bowls. I stake my scouting reputation on those statements. 
Tebow’s level of faith and boldness is absolutely incredible. I haven’t seen many players in the league with his level of passion and excitement either. He has the ability to inspire and draw greatness out of others that they do not even know exists within themselves. I am absolutely convinced, Tebow could go back in the huddle and say, “Ok, huddle up, huddle up, we’re all going to walk on water together, on three, on three, ready, ready break” and the other ten guys would immediately look for the nearest kiddie pool on the sidelines and they’d get their cleats wet. That’s what Tim Tebow has been blessed with. Don’t worry about his footwork, his throwing motion or his arm strength. Save all that jargon for the other quarterback’s scouting reports. 
It was a miracle Tim Tebow was ever born in the first place. From the way the story goes, Tim’s mom, Pam, was advised to get an abortion during the pregnancy because of health concerns. Pam and Tim’s dad, Bob, would not hear of it. They prayed and they trusted God with their gift. Bob told God something to the effect that if He gave them a son, they’d would name him Timothy and raise him to be a preacher. 
That’s what the critics don’t get about Timmy T; his Creator heard their prayer. 
It’s for this precise reason and this reason alone the league has sent this young playoff winning quarterback into exile. I’ve never seen anything remotely like it in my thirty plus years of watching the game. Every team in the league clamors for a young franchise quarterback and several teams in the league right now don’t have anything like Tebow under center. The Browns, Jaguars, Vikings and Rams immediately come to mind. 
In 2011, the Broncos brought in veteran Kyle Orton. With Orton at helm, the Broncos hit the proverbial iceberg early on and found themselves sinking at 1-4. Enter Tim Tebow, stage left. All season long everyone knew Tebow was going to take off and run and while he wasn’t exactly Barry Sanders, still, few could stop him. Against all the odds #15 led Denver to the playoffs and even won a playoff game, not just against anybody, but he did it against the Grandfather of NFL defense, Dick LeBeau and the vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers who have started collecting rings on their other hand. I’ll never forget that game. 
It’s known on Wikipedia as the “3:16 Game.” According to the Wikipedia report, Tebow threw for 316 yards. Tebow averaged 31.6 yards per completed pass. The ratings for the game peaked in overtime as 31.6% of households in America were glued to the screen. The game took place on January 12, 2012 – exactly 3 years to the date Tebow famously wore the John 3:16 eye black during his BCS Championship win. By the afternoon of January 9, 2012, Twitter reported that the event spawned 9,420 Tweets per second, setting a new world record for a sporting event. It was also the second most-Tweets per second event of all time. John 3:16 became the most searched term on Google that evening and the following day. 
John Elway quickly realized that he was losing his city to this young polarizing quarterback and sent him packing in favor of an old veteran coming off four neck surgeries named Peyton Manning. Kudos to John, for he also knew what he was seeing in Manning, but the thought did cross my mind during the Super Bowl if Elway wished Tebow was still there to come off the bench. 
After Denver parted ways with Tebow, this is where this story gets even weirder. The same New York Jets that Tebow defeated only months prior end up trading for him, but then they never really gave him a fighting chance. 
Instead, the Jets penciled in Tebow at left bench and before you knew it and without any merit whatsoever, Tebow was once again known as someone who couldn’t play quarterback. Can anyone in the National Football League give me a witness? 
Can someone schedule a press conference to let all the “Who’s in Whoville” know what really happened in New England? All Tebow did there was lead yet another come from behind victory in the Patriots pre-season finale. That must be it. That’s what did it. Cut him! Cut him! 
It gets more interesting, no other team dared to reach out to him down the stretch. Several teams signed lesser-proven quarterbacks and one team in Texas even signed a retired quarterback who is now a high school teacher to be their back up in the most important game of their season. 
As some of you may recall in an article for Touchdown Europe prior to last season, I stated about Belichick and Tebow, “Bill will do an amazing job with Tebow. Tebow makes minimum mistakes and keeps the ball moving downfield. That’s what Bill loves!” I will admit, I was really surprised when Tebow didn’t stick in New England. Robert Kraft even seemed to love him from everything that was reported. 
I thought, well it didn’t work out in New England, but there was still a chance Tebow would end up in Chicago with one of his quarterback mentors and biggest supporters prior to the draft, Marc Trestman, but that didn’t happen either. That one really surprised me. 
This goes way deeper than what meets the eye. 
Tebow was signed by New York and New England for one reason and one reason alone, in an attempt to crush him. Sounds almost like an order from the top of the food chain has been issued. 
The reason Tim Tebow scares the hell out of the National Football League (no pun intended) is because Tim Tebow does things that completely defy logic while giving all the glory to Jesus Christ. Things happened in and through Tim Tebow that they couldn’t explain and they couldn’t stop on the field either. Tebow is the greatest threat to the establishment that has ever laced ‘em up. The way I see it, Tim Tebow has a level of anointing on his life the world has not seen since King David in the Old Testament. All the league’s collective brainpower seems to be able to do little to stop him when it’s Tebow Time. Their best and only real shot to stop this thing from spreading any further is to keep him out of the league. Reminds me of story along the same lines about Tebow’s Lord and Savior. 
The league can have their motives, but the truth is, God has allowed this to happen according to His will, plan and purpose. As powerful and in control as the top executives in the league think they are in their own heads, the reality is, they are only pawns in this end game. In my opinion, God has allowed this for two reasons; too let it become more impossible looking to people and to draw Tim Tebow even closer to Himself in relationship in preparation for what’s to come. 
Critics can say whatever they want. God Bless the critics, for they know not what they say and write. 
The next time the clock strikes Tebow Time, good luck to the greatest minds in the game. They’ll learn what Goliath learned. 
While the rest of the football world is focused on all the free agents and all the prospects in the draft, I thought I’d send in my scouting report. 
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13 Responses to “Daniel Kelly: Tim Tebow – The Future Hall of Fame QB (TKS Sage)”

  1. kim henderson says:

    like it s the coaches and gms need to talk to trent dilfer because he and a quarterback guru have fixed tim and he is ready to play some nfl football they need to watch that video of tims improvements as day 1 and day 30 that trent has made .someone needs to give tim a tryout they wont besorry.

  2. andrea says:

    They should give Tebow a shot considering he won 7 games as QB in 11 regular season games with Denver. 10 teams last year won less then 7 games.

    Yet, I believe I am on to something when I say the mainstream media does not want to tolerate a football player who proudly proclaims his Christian beliefs. Tebow is being blacklisted from the N.F.L. and I read two other Christian QB’s are now in the same boat. . Kirk Cousins was asked the “gay football player question” and is being vilified by the mainstream media for his Christian answer. A draft prospect Derrick Carr has the media all bent out of shape because he believes like Tebow that his position as QB in the N.F.L. can be used as a platform to spread his Christian beliefs to the public. It appears Kirk Cousins and Derrick Carr’s fathers are both ministers like Tebow’s father.

    Yet the mainstream media loves everything the gay football player is saying and if you disagree with him, you are a bigot.

    So it is looking to me Tebow’s best shot may be the A-11. Hopefully a new league will not put up with the mainstream media nonsense like the current N.F.L. commissioner.

    I always liked it when Spider used to say – Peyton Manning is a Christian and the media doesn’t hate him. Well there are two reasons for that – one Peyton keeps his religion to himself and does not like to talk about it to the media and number two – it looks like Peyton had a troubling incident in college with a female trainer and he had to settle two case out of court regarding the matter.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Didn’t know about the out of court settlements, but it seems in line w/his non-character whereas T2 is all about higher standards plus character!!! Agree w/you Andrea.

  3. David Oliver says:

    Great Post – Maybe these Truths will be Recognized and Justice will perhaps Prevail! AS I have shared my belief previously:

    Why is Tebow still “Black-Balled” by NFL?

    Because he is too “Polarizing”
    (Code Word of “New Speak” For “TOO – CHRISTIAN”!!

    YES I have heard of many OTHER players – who have confessed Christ, including Russell Wilson, previously and have rooted for them:

    However, I have NEVER seen anyone of them – who dared to CONFESS – and THANK, “MY SAVIOUR – THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – at the Beginning of any Post Game interview – So THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING – from him – and could NOT do anything about it – until they got rid of him!

    NOR have I seen the Rabid HATE Campaign against any player like TEBOW – To the Late Night Comedian, John Oliver, who said if he had one bullet – and had a choice between shooting Bin Liden or TIME TEBOW in the Head – HE WOULD SHOOT TIM TEBOW – yeah, this is all about his unorthodox throwing motion ?


    Anyhow that is the main reason – I have been OUT there for him – because he had crossed “THEIR THRESHOLD” and They Declared WAR to GET RID OF HIM!


    Basically – there is a “NOISE FLOOR” of FEAR – Such that Team owners, managers and coaches – are FEARFUL of the PERSONAL REPERCUSSION of ATTACKS on THEM – IF THEY DARED TO MAKE SUCH A MOVE..

    IT is MUCH Easier to GO ANY OTHER WAY – WITHOUT THE RESULTANT ATTACKS from This Orchestrated Hate Campaign That Has been effective in Taking Tim Tebow away from any FAIR opportunity to show his “STUFF” In REAL GAME SITUATIONS in the NFL!

    In many cases as with the JETS – They were AFRAID he would do WELL!

    SO THEY REFUSED TO USE HIM AT ALL AT QB, even if it meant continuing to lose. THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEIR FANS ! The only solution may be to:

    BOYCOTT THE NFL – Till They Remove this Tim Tebow “Black-Ball” Ban !!

    • ck says:

      David Oliver: Glad to see you agree too about showing some action such as “boycotting” and that hits them where it counts in their pocketbooks!!!:)

    • Brandi says:

      The War the NFL has declared is NOT on Tim Tebow. It only feels that way to many of his Fans. Pro Sports Leagues have only one compass…the Fans. They are the only ones who can keep a League headed in the right direction.

      Most Owners don’t only care about money. But it is a big motivator. The GMs in every League except the NFL primarily care about Fan and Media Relations. It is only the NFL where the GMs act like Fans and Media are nothing more than an annoyance to be snubbed at every opportunity. Leagues in a Collective Bargaining world struggle to avoid being in a constant battle with the Players.

      It’s only keeping the focus on the Fans that keeps Leagues from self-destructing. EVERY Pro League has gone through it. They lose focus on the Fans, drift and sooner or latter the Fans fight back and the League begins listening and responding again. NASCAR Fans still talk about how it’s not what it was because they stopped caring about the Fans. They’re working on it; but aren’t quite there yet. The NBA went through it in a big way, became known as the League of Thugs and the Fan backlash hit them so hard, the League and Union had to take a step back and regroup.

      The NFL is where the NBA was back then. But they seem determined to stand their ground and not change. The “Blacklist” of Tim Tebow is about one thing and one thing only…Putting the Fans “in their place”.

      NOT just Tim’s Fans. All the Fans. The NFL wants to not be about Football and instead b about “The Shield”, whatever that is. And they are determined to have the Fans quietly consume whatever product they put on our plates, whether Fans like it or not.

      Tim Tebow’s “Blacklisting” is perhaps the most glaring example of that. Fans overwhelming want Tebow. The league says loud and clear. “You are nothing but Fans (groan). Who cares what you want. You’re not smart enough to know what you want. Only WE are smart enough to know what you should want. And you will get only what we want to give you.”

      That’s what’s happening. When/If Tim lands on an NFL Team, NOTHING will change unless the League and Owners recognize AND PUBLICLY ADMIT, they have been wrong. And bring Tim back that way.

  4. Bigfan says:

    The story rings true unfortunately. The Lord works in mysterious ways and we must praise Him for that. How this all will unfold in the coming days and months only He knows. The good part about that Timmy knows that and has placed all his trust in Him!

    • ck says:

      Bigfan: Yes, he does work in mysterious ways and the outcome is much better than anyone could have imagined…so, “stay tuned”:)

  5. ck says:

    This article is one of the best and thanks Sage and Buzzy for a great post.
    We have not believed for NOTHING!!! Time for T2 to get the opportunity he is destined to have…THANK YOU GOD!!!

  6. ck says:

    Whatever it takes will probably be a best seller b/c Daniel Kelly obviously gets it…might have to go and purchase this one too!!! Already have TEBOW’S BOOK “THROUGH MY EYES” AND IT WAS A BESTSELLER AS WELL!!!:)

  7. kim henderson says:

    is there anyone out there that can tell the chances that tim gets a tryout with a nfl team this season.i have been to trying to find the video that show arm mechanics that improved I sure would like to see that video again als trent dfler was also on that tape talking about how he has fixed the mechanic were and tim is ready for his tryout the other teams want be sorry for picking tim tebow.

    Buzzy Says : It was posted here look back thur the old entrys.

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