A letter to the GM of the Washington Redskins(Tks John I posted this before but it worth rereading)

Dear Mr. Allen

By Daniel Kelly former NFL pro scout on Mar 18 2014, 10:01a 154

The eyes of a champion – Tom Szczerbowski

A letter to the GM of the Washington Redskins


Dear Mr. Allen,

Tim Tebow is still capable of winning multiple Super Bowls and he is still a Hall of Fame NFL caliber quarterback. Though my dream is to be a part of your team, I am willing to stake my scouting reputation on these statements and push everything up on the table for this one.

Like you, I go way back with the Redskins and when I look at Tebow, I see him in the same light as Sonny, Billy and Joe Theismann. He perfectly fits the persona of the Redskins tradition and he has what it takes to become the greatest player to put on a Redskins uniform since John Riggins. I personally guarantee he will lead you to standing upon the platform to receive your first Vince Lombardi Trophy if you sign him and keep him on your roster.

I know I will come under heavy fire for writing this article, but this isn’t about me and if it takes me being verbally crucified to get this scouting report to you, so be it.

Here is my evaluation:

Everywhere Tebow has gone, the overwhelming consensus on him was he couldn’t do this or he couldn’t do that. Few thought he could be a high school quarterback and he responded by leading his team to a state championship. Fewer thought he could be a big time college quarterback and he responded by leading Florida to a 34-6 record and a BCS National Championship. Fewer yet thought he could make it as an NFL quarterback and he responded by taking the reigns of a 1-4 team in Denver and leading them to a playoff victory. He didn’t get a chance to do much of anything in New York and when he was in New England last year, he led the Patriots to two preseason victories. In the preseason finale he threw the game-winning touchdown pass with only six seconds left and won it in dramatic Tebow fashion.

Tim has consistently attracted the attention of extremely successful and innovative people in football. This speaks to his ability. Among his biggest documented supporters have been Sam Wyche, Marc Trestman and Jon Gruden.

He was drafted by Bill Belichick’s protégée, Josh McDaniels and he has been signed by Belichick himself. This also speaks volumes about Tim’s abilities.

This by itself is an extremely unique dynamic that Tebow has attracted this level of interest and attention from coaches representing both the Bill Walsh tree and the Bill Parcells tree. This crossover is worth mentioning because it is exceptionally rare as is the potential of what it means.

When I wrote up Tebow coming out of college, I’ll be the first to admit some of his passes looked like dying ducks, but then I started to see something very clearly unfold right in front of my eyes. Tebow consistently showed the ability to move his team down the field while making very few mistakes in the process. Whether it was through the air or on the ground, he methodically and consistently kept the chains moving. Most scouts in the National Football League have and will continue to miss on Tebow because he doesn’t fit the mold and he isn’t exactly textbook in terms of what they have been trained to look for within their team’s well defined systematic philosophies, but the bottom line is this, Tim Tebow is a winner. His leadership abilities and his intangibles are off the charts. People within the league are quick to criticize his mechanics, but they are also very quick to forget what Brett Favre’s mechanics looked like. The Grandfather of NFL defense, Dick LeBeau, found out the hard way in overtime just what kind of pass Tebow is capable of throwing. Many teams throughout that season knew Tebow was going to run, but yet, very few could stop him. He is very physically strong and he runs with purpose.

Tebow is tough as nails and he’s as selfless as they come. His picture belongs in the Dictionary next to the term “team player.” He’ll do whatever it takes to win and his extremely high level of faith causes him to do so without question. He would become the team’s greatest supporter of the head coach’s voice and he’d be an incredible encouragement and presence in your locker-room.

Last summer, an idea came through my mind along with the name of, “Q3.” It’s a revolutionary offensive system where two quarterbacks are in the game at the same time. Greatness in the NFL is defined as being different. This is completely out of the box and this system would create irreconcilable problems for opposing defenses across the boards. There are so many variations that could be run out of various personnel groupings, it would prove to be mind-blowing. Imagine RGIII under center and Tebow lined up in the backfield. RGIII takes the snap and pitches the ball to Tebow who runs towards the left sideline, what’s he going to do, run or throw? How will the secondary react? Will the corners come up to provide run support or will they drop into coverage? Tebow makes his choice accordingly. This is only one example. I believe this system would put your Redskins in the Super Bowl this season. The league hasn’t seen anything like this since the “Wildcat” when Parcells and Sparano took the Dolphins from being the worst team at 1-15 to the playoffs in what stands as the greatest turnaround in league history.

Signing Tebow would not create a quarterback controversy; instead on the contrary it would harmonize the two most dynamic quarterbacks in the league. They’d be on the same team at the same time working together in concert. The dynamics of having RGIII and Tebow working and playing together would be unlike anything the league has ever seen before.

As impressive as what Tebow has done on the field, someone pointed out to me, it is even more impressive witnessing what he has done since he’s been exiled out of the league. By all rights, Tebow has done nothing wrong in terms of his performance to merit being on the outside looking in, but yet he has not spoken one word of complaint about his situation during this entire time. This exemplary type of character has been tested under fire and it has been proven to be remarkable to say the least. Though Tebow’s dream is to continue on as an NFL quarterback, his trust in God has shown to outweigh his own understanding. Tebow has walked the walk on the world’s stage.

The critics have no real evidence to substantiate their claims against Tebow. All they can do is verbally attack him because they do not understand his unorthodox style and they do not like who he is. That does not change the fact that all Tebow has consistently done is win at multiple levels and in multiple places while attracting the interest and attention of some of the greatest football minds and millions of fans in the process. I appeal to you and humbly request; if you can see what I am saying, please give Tim a chance.


Daniel Kelly

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  1. andrea says:

    June 20th and June 21st 2014 – Tebow will appear at the “Wildfire Men’s Impact Weekend Conference” at the USF Sun Dome.

    I think the USF Sun Dome is somewhere in Florida and it looks like a men’s event (I do not think women are invited but I could be wrong).


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