Will Tim Tebow Be At NFL Combine 2014? Rumors Have Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, Jaguars, Buccaneers Scouting QBs

Tim Tebow Rumors

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9 Responses to “Will Tim Tebow Be At NFL Combine 2014? Rumors Have Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, Jaguars, Buccaneers Scouting QBs”

  1. ck says:


    • SB says:

      That’s incorrect. While I hate what the Broncos did, they simply jumped at the chance to get Manning. And remember, the Broncos were very accommodating to Tim and gave him the choice between the Jets and the Jags. The Jets clearly mismanaged him and the argument could certainly be made that they intentionally screwed him, but the Broncos most definitely did not intentionally try to hurt him.

      • Brandi says:

        I agree. The Broncos even were saying to other Teams at last year’s Combines that the jets would have Won Games with Tebow at QB. That sort of thing is a huge taboo in the NFL. But…this is just a guess…they apparently felt Tim got a raw deal in NY.

        Elway is Ego Central. (And I’m not so sure Peyton is much better.) But I think he believes Tim is good for the League.

        I forget who it was. But somebody here used to use the term… NIMBY. Most Teams…at least the Owners…want Tim in the League. Just with somebody else.

  2. andrea says:

    Sorry, I disagree. When McDaniel was fired from the Bronco’s – Tebow took it upon himself to meet with the owner to see where he stood with the team. It was then the owners responsibility and Elway’s to decide on his status with the team. Now all the reports that I have seen says Elway did not like Tebow at QB.He did not trade him – Elway kept him on the team and when Kyle Orton stunk up the place the fans demanded Tebow start (remember the famous billboard?.)

    Elway was so smug and sure Tebow would quickly self – destruct he had him start over 2nd stringer Brady Quinn. Quinn was told after Tebow stunk up the first couple games, Quinn would then become the starter.

    Tebow won seven straight and the Tebow media circus exploded. Quinn and Orton were furious at him and so was prima dona Elway.Anyone remember when Tebow won a game and the T.V. camera focused on Elway who was obviously teed off at Tebow.

    Tebow got a raw deal in Denver.

    It seems if I remember correctly the search to get Peyton Manning took several weeks as he visited a couple teams. Yet in the weeks Manning was traveling around no one in the orginazation even had the common courtesy or decency to call Tebow even once to appraise him of the situation.

    As I recall,when Manning visited the Tennessee Titans,the QB at the time(Hassellback) received regular briefings of the situation.

    So Brandi, when you say the Broncos talked Tebow up at last years combine – it is kinda like letting Lizzie Borden cut up the Thanksgiving turkey.

    Buzzy Says : Hey Lizzie was found not guilty.
    I know the story, Lizzie Borden took an Axe gave her mother 40 whacks
    When she saw what she done gave her father 41

  3. Kevin says:

    I remember being a fan of Tebow when he went to Denver even tho I am a Seminole’s fan. He had some good playing time & some bad which is expected as a rookie. My opinion changed when I heard him do an interview on radio. He said he was still in bed, couldn’t keep from laughing even tho nothing funny was being said. More of a laugh of arrogance. When he was asked about the situation that was currently going on in Denver with him possibly being traded, he laughed and said he was still asleep and had didnt even thought about it. We all know if your Tim Tebow playing in the NFL, you’ve thought about the rumor or possibility of being traded. Maybe he was having an off day, but he sounded arrogant, cocky & like he didn’t give a s##t about what was going on.

    • tawk2 says:

      Kevin where is the link to that radio interview? I would like to hear it, too me Tebow has always cared about being a NFL quarterback. I am sure others would like the link as well,

  4. andrea says:

    Seems to me that if you lead a team to a playoff win and Elway does not even have the basic courtesy of informing you of the developing situation – what can you possibly say?

    Reminds me when Tebow went to the Jets, the publicity department forced Tebow to go on Stephen A. Smith’s radio program and also had Tebow go on Boomer Eisioson’s radio program. Both men?(Stephen and Boomer ) constantly bad-mouthed Tebow every chance they could. Total waste of Tebow’s time .

  5. Jim says:

    Kind of old this story of why Tebow can’t do this or that as great as everyone that is a qb. Games are won when he plays. While he doesn’t throw like everyone else, everyone else can’t run like him either. Since his entry into the NFL, he has worked to change his throw, he keeps working out. Quite a few teams could really use him. No reason not to have him in the NFL. This ‘put down’ Tebow attitude just keeps on and on. Meanwhile, time goes by, and one of the greatest college ball players is losing hi time in the league he has always wanted to play. It would be nice to just get him somewhere and either he plays, or is a back up for a year or two. The hype will blow down. There are many quaterbacks that don’t do things rigiht, or choke at the wrong moment. I don’t see people kicking them to the curb. Its so old now, I couldn’t care anymore. Yes, I am a Gator fan but the NFL is nothing more than macho man group of hard working people who don’t want this guy in there, another hard worker who keeps on trying. Its sad to see the effort so many players have, and their attitudes. Tebow would be a great addition to some franchise. Let him play.

  6. Baron says:

    I could see him in Kansas City. I think he’s cut out for the Chiefs. His character level is an intangible that makes his upside very high.

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