Tim Tebow Takes Control


 Broncos QB Tim Tebow has taken leadership to a new level. Hear from experts and his teammates as to why he’s the main man on and off the field.

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One Response to “Tim Tebow Takes Control”

  1. ck says:

    If only they would have done the right thing and kept T2 then they could have had a WIN instead of another loss!:D This was due to an inept ELROT & CO. w/an incapacitated mentally as well as physically retired QB PM who folds under pressure due to protecting his broken neck from the pressure of being sacked!!! Most would have done the right thing, ESPECIALLY, SINCE HE IS TOO OLD NOW FOR THE POSITION AND THAT WAS PROVEN WHEN THE SEAHAWKS TEAM CONSISTED OF THE SAME AGE AS T2 AND THAT IS 26 YEARS!!! BELIEVE THAT WILL BE HIS LAST TRIP TO ANYWHERE AFTER THAT HUMILIATING LOSS ON THE WORLD STAGE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE HIS MAJOR FLAWS AND NOT EVEN WES WELKER COULD HELP…PRICELESS IMO!!!

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