Tim Tebow has a job offer to play quarterback


Former New York Jet Tim Tebow is starring in two ads for T-Mobile, but he has an offer from a spring football league to play quarterback. (T-Mobile)

Kevin Manahan/NJ.com By Kevin Manahan/NJ.com The Star-Ledger
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on February 07, 2014 at 1:52 PM, updated February 07, 2014 at 2:27 PM

 Now that he’s done rescuing puppies, can Tim Tebow rescue his playing career? (Which, frankly, also has been a dog since he left the Denver Broncos.)

The former Jets quarterback has a job offer (kind of). To play quarterback (kind of).

But, of course, it’s not from, Bill Belichick or any of the other 31 NFL head coaches. The new A-11 Professional Football League wants him, although there is no indication that Tebow is returning the interest.

New league. Uncertain future. Questionable talent pool. It ain’t Pete Carroll overnighting a contract, that’s for sure.

According to sfexaminer.com, league officials have had discussions with Tebow’s representatives about playing in the fledgling league, which has yet to announce the location of all of its franchises.

“He is perfectly built for this football league,” league founder Steven Humphries said. “He’s my favorite football player and always has been.”

Added A-11 commissioner Scott McKibben: “We would love to have Tim Tebow join our league. Tim Tebow stands for everything we think the game ought to represent — character, values and role-modeling for young players.”

(McKibben said nothing about all those incompletions.)

The best place for Tebow (and tickets sales) would seem to be with the Tampa franchise, given that Tebow went to the University of Florida and remains popular in that area.

Tebow is working for ESPN as a college football analyst, but he might have some free time until ESPN’s new SEC Network launches in August. With the A-11FL a spring league, Tebow might be able to work around the ESPN schedule — which using the new league as a showcase for NFL teams.

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11 Responses to “Tim Tebow has a job offer to play quarterback”

  1. Sage says:

    It’s almost time to take this. If no NFL offers by spring, do it, Tim.

    • Brandi says:

      I’ve been working with these people for months. Our Organization and the A11FL are partnered on a Program to send thousands of “disadvantaged” kids to Games every week in every A11FL Stadium. This has been in the works since before Tim signed with the Patriots. And Scott McKibben would never allow anyone in the League to talk of Contract Offers publicly.

      They kept telling me they weren’t going public (officially anyway) until after their Network deal was done and announced. Then the first thing he did was bring up the Contract Offer.

      The “3 or 4” discussions would just be with Jimmy Sexton and since Tim was released by the Patriots. Because up until then, they were working with a Tebow Family Adviser who set up The Tebow Foundation. They wanted it all informal up to that point.

      McKibben has been very conservative with everything he’s said. And he knows the first thing that was going to happen was Reporters were going to try to get a response from the “Tebow Camp”. Clearly he expects that response to be a positive one. Or, at a minimum, the “we’re in discussions; but can’t say more at this time” sort of thing. Because otherwise, they’re setting the League up for one massive black eye that will hard to recover from. And McKibben knows that. It’s probably why they wanted to gauge Tim’s interest before getting Jimmy sexton involved in the first place.

  2. Bubbaelvis says:

    I’d rather see him in the NFL. It will take this new league years to be close to competitive with the NFL. There is no guarantee it will be successful. I don’t even see it as being a stepping stone to returning to the NFL, at least not until it becomes established as legit. He could go out and throw for 500 yards a game and have a completion % of 99.9 and people would say it doesn’t mean anything because this is a Mickey Mouse league. If he signs there would be major buzz and excitement but until the quality of play is NFL level, it will be seen as another failed try at knocking off the NFL. I hate to say it but if he signs he is giving up on his dream. I’ll still watch but with a little sorrow for what could have been.

    • Brandi says:

      Or he could be the first Player to go to the Pro Football Hall of Fame from the A11FL. (Folks forget. It’s NOT the “NFL HOF”.)

      I like what the League is about. I also don’t like any of the directions the NFL is headed. They’ve become so Anti-Fan they don’t even try hard at hiding it anymore. The NFL’s been this way before. The 60s. The 80s. Both times, it took Competition to get them to re-focus on the Fans.

      The League always had “reasons” why it lost touch with the Fans. In the 60s, it was having to completely re-work its Business Model to deal with this new thing called television. In the 80s, it was dealing with the reality that huge parts of the Country had No NFL. Today it’s both “Safety” and Global Pressures. But the answer to problems isn’t turning your backs on the people who got you where you are.

      If there’s anyone who thinks the NFL hasn’t done that, I’m not sure what league they’re watching. But it isn’t the NFL. The way Tim Tebow, the Most Popular Player the NFL has ever seen, has been treated is one of the prime examples of that.

      If Tim goes back to the NFL now, the NFL will continue down the path it’s on. Tebow Fans will give up fighting for everything they believe in, including Character, Values, the Value of all of those Intrinsic “Intangible” Qualities that give Humanity to Humans in the name of sticking it to Tim’s Detractors.
      Buzzy Says : there is a rumor around here that TT will not sign with A11 , Its NFL or Bust.

    • Sage says:

      Like you, I’d prefer to see Tebow on football’s biggest stage. But after an entire season in which all 32 teams said “no thanks,” is there any rational reason to think they will change their minds? I don’t think so.

      Sure, he’s been practicing. But the group-think and bias have become so ingrained that it’s unlikely a few complements from pundits will change the minds that need to be changed. Banishment is banishment.

      He’s been off the field for two entire seasons. He can’t wait forever. Frankly, it might one day be sweeter to watch Tebow lead the A-11 into success than to watch him brown-nosing block-headed NFL potentates. All the momentum that came with a first-round pick and successful 2011 is simply gone. Whereas I thought he would win 3 Super Bowls in 10 seasons, now, the 2-year loss of time makes me wonder if he could even as he otherwise would have.

      Sorry to be negative, but the last two years have given no reason to be optimistic about the NFL. None. He got lip service from Robert Kraft. Worthless.

  3. Bubbaelvis says:

    Well said. It would be great to have a fan centric pro league. I am just not sure it will be taken seriously unless they can get some big time talent and even then it will take years to become NFL – like established and legit. Tim is a game changer but he can’t be the only big name. Even the WFL signing Csonka, Warfield, etc. Couldn’t make it.

  4. andrea says:

    I’m not sure where I stand on this yet. I would like Tebow to play in the N.F.L. However, I don’t have much information on this league as of now. My first focus is what is best for the country. If the league is going to be building new stadiums (construction jobs)and hiring people for various other jobs to fill – it could be a plus for the U.S. economy since the economy right now stinks to high heaven. Would like to know more about the league before I decide. It would be nice if the A-11 league would locate some teams in areas that need economic help – for example West Virginia.

    • Brandi says:

      I can only tell you what we’ve been thinking in Florida. For over 3 years, we’ve been working on rolling out a project to bring a million jobs to Florida, get a statewide Rail/Transportation System tied together, build one of the World’s Largest Sports & Entertainment Complexes, boost $100 Billion annual increase in State Economic activity and restore the $Trillion-Plus in lost wealth and equity the Recession took away from Floridians.

      But we needed a Sports “Centerpiece”. There was an effort to buy the Rays and make them Fan-Owned and both the Jaguars and Bucs were looked at also as possibilities. But both MLB and the NFL are dead-set against average Fans owning anything. When A11FL came along, I spent alot of time making sure they’re committed to Fan-Ownership and Community Involvement. They say they want to be half Football half Community/Charity.

      So we made the Tampa Bay Bandits that Sports Centerpiece of that larger Economic Development Project.

      IMO, other cities need to do similar things. The example I’ve used with the A11FL folks is if the Players are like they’re on “Community Service” sentences and come in with their “I spent 10 hours with Youth Football and two hours at a Children’s Hospital last month. Check my Community Service obligation for the month filled, that’s not going to cut it. Players in every Sports, every League do that. A Commitment to Building and Supporting Communities, has to be just that…a Commitment. The League and Teams have to have Purpose in the Community for it to really count.

      So far, they’ve been on board with that thinking. But they’re leaving it all up to the Fans themselves.

      Is this the sort of thing you were talking about Andrea?

  5. andrea says:

    Yes that is what I am talking about. I like the idea of Commitment to the Community and the possible economic development for Florida sounds great.

    It just sickens me to no end that we have lost men (and women) in Iraq and Afghanistan and their service and surviving children are basically ignored by the country while N.F.L. football players stayed home when their country was attacked (the one exception was Pat Tillman) and these football players hang out with the Hollywood and hiphop scum.

    Would it be too much for these N.F.L. owners to designate one day a year and have these children of the deceased servicemen come to the ballpark and have a playday with the atheletes and maybe a lunch?

    As far as I’m concerned my number 1 issue is jobs. It sounds like the A-11 league has teams in Florida and California. I’ll have to see how things develop.

    A-11 sounds great to me so far as I agree with Sage – it looks like Twbow is being strung along by the N.F.L.

    • Brandi says:

      The first project A11FL and we agreed to work on together is the Arthur J Dukes Care for Kids program. It’s a Joint Program between Care Sports & the A11 Football Game. Every Regular Season Game in every a11FL Stadium, 2000 to 6000 Seats are set aside for Disadvantaged Kids & their Families, including the Game, Food, various Goodies like jerseys, etc. and in many instances a chance to meet some of the Players and such. There are Special Customer Care people designated at every Stadium specifically to take care of the Groups, make sure they have a great time.

      That’s Orphans, Foster Families, Handicapped Kids, Severely Economically hard hit Families and Families with various other hardships. Families of Soldiers abroad, wounded, etc. would certainly fall into that.

  6. ck says:

    The verdict is still out for me and, hopefully, he hangs in there despite the many obstacles…lets see how they treat this guy who made headlines recently and if that doesn’t say bias, nothing does!!!
    Anyway, like all the comments and NEVER SAY NEVER!!!

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