Tebow to Dallas Rumor

The Dallas Cowboys are coming into the 2014 with some questions art quarterback and while Tony Romo is the starter, there is a void at the backup position with Kyle Orton possibly not returning and that could open up room for an experiment with Tony Romo or possibly a trade for Ryan Mallett.

Yes, we know, these ideas are very unlikely, nearly impossible to pull off and something that won’t be going down, but still, the Cowboys have to do something in case Romo goes down. Last season the team had to turn to Orton at the end of the season against the Philadelphia Eagles and while he performed well, he did not play up to Romo standards and the team ended up out of the playoffs again and that is why out of the box thinking like Tebow or Mallett could be an interesting road to take.

Tebow has not been able to get back into the league after his time with the NY Jets and the New England Patriots and now that his TV career is taking off, it’s likely he won’t play this season in the league, but would it be the worst thing in the world to try him out? Jerry Jones loves a spectacle and Tebow would not be considered an option to start, which could help keep the media at bay and it also could add an element to the offense that has been missing in Dallas, as they are fairly predictable with how much they threw the ball last season.

According to Pro Football Talk, there is a chance that Orton will not return and this means that Romo could be the only QB on the roster heading into the spring. The team will bring on a free agent or two and that could help, but if they can get one of those players for a cheap price, why not go for it? The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Stephen Jones said that he is unsure of Orton will return and that would open up a spot for another QB on the roster.

“No I don’t know [if he’s coming back],” Jones said. “But I haven’t gone and asked him.”



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2 Responses to “Tebow to Dallas Rumor”

  1. Sam says:

    I hope there will be rumors soon that teams are testing Tim…

  2. ck says:

    Guess they finally figured out that Orton was not the ticket…time for them to realize who is…GO TEBOW!!!

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