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@DenverBroncos1    I lived in Denver,,, and loved the Broncos….. But the way they treated Tebow? They were treating him poorly, not giving him any support even while he was winning for them,, bringing them back from 1 and 4 having not been to the playoffs in years. Tebow throws for 300 yards against the #1 defense in the NFL in his first playoff game and the Broncos Coach and Elway would still not say anything positive about him… Then after getting Manning,,,, they can’t even let him sit and learn from Manning for a couple of years???  They knew he would have done it and not made a peep. The crowd would not have been clamoring for him so there would have been no controversy.  The only word I can use is “Classless” ……. 43 to 8???   I was only sorry that it wasn’t 63 to 8…. I hope the Broncos classless ways keeps them winless in the Super Bowl forever. I would feel the same if I still lived there. Still a fan??? I hope your sons and daughters are treated exactly the same by their employers…… And no,,, It is not because I am a “Christian”, I’m not,,,, It is because I am a human being and hope to see people treated fairly, honestly and with some decency….
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  1. Sage says:

    Rob Morgan nails it. That’s exactly how this long-time, *former* Broncos fan feels.

    Starts at the top. Not even sure Bowlen’s senility excuses his classlessness. And it carries right to the bottom, with many of the classless fans. I was left wondering what we’ve been doing all these years. Rooting passionately for guys in the orange jerseys because they’re supposed to be better character than the others. And then the Broncos just cashier their most valient performer ever.

    Those still on the bandwagon apparently want nothing more than the smug satisfaction of knowing “their” team won. Utterly empty.

    Their fandom is so shallow it doesn’t really even seem as if they were hurt by the 43-8 beat-down that was just as bad as the 55-10 beatdown by San Francisco in 1990. They’re thinking about the draft, counting next year’s expected wins with Payton Manning. Anyone with a brain should realize this team isn’t going to win an actual championship for years and years to come. The league itself smells a looser.

  2. andrea says:

    I never heard of Rob Morgan but I agree 100% with his post. He does a much better job than I can.

    If I really wrote what I think of John Elway – I would not be allowed to enter heaven.

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