MisUnderestimating ‘The Tebow Phenomenon’

Posted by :brandileanne On : February 8, 2014
In 2011 John Elway said “The NFL has never seen anything even close” to The Tebow Phenomenon. It was too big for the League because as Mike Bianchi stated…Tim Tebow “once again” has proven he is “Bigger than the NFL.”

In great Machiavellian fashion, The Shield has raised its sword to defend itself against all enemies Foreign and Domestic. Even if that means possibly infuriating a Force bigger than itself. Now the NFL is The Black Knight in a Monty Python Film. A Body-less head shouting “Come back here and fight me like a Man.”

From the earliest days, The Tebow Phenomenon has been misunderstood and underestimated. Now we enter Chapter Two: The Football Story. Or, as the A11FL early Detractors might say, ‘The Faux Football Story’. Enter “The Great Pretenders!”.

Well, let’s hope not.

A11FL Commissioner Scott McKibben says Tim Tebow is what the new League wants to be. For the sake of Football Fans everywhere; here’s hoping he understands what that really means.

The Vatican asked Tim Tebow to help them change the nature of Professional Sports Worldwide. We signed up. I “Volunteered” the A11 Football League to join in that endeavor. Scott McKibben, a devout Catholic, was thrilled.

Trying to change the hellish nature of Professional Sports that’s building around the Globe is one hell of a task. Certainly not one the NFL would ever sign up for. That hellishness is becoming its bread & butter.

Here’s the deal in a nutshell. Where Tim Tebow and the NFL are concerned right now, it’s a Don McLean song. This League was never meant for one as beautiful as he.

OK, the end of Over-the-Top. Here’s what has been so completely misunderstood about The Tebow Phenomenon. Detractors and Casual Observers have tried to characterize it as a small but vocal group of “Fundamentalists”…and Gator Nation. With a bit of SEC Snobs thrown in for good measure. Well Statizenry, once again you show your ignorance of real numbers.

You don’t reach the stratosphere of Most Popular Man and Athlete on the Planet if that’s the extent of your Support Group. You don’t even make the next thousand Also-Rans.

The Tebow Phenomenon is about one thing. Disenchantment. Disenchantment with the direction the World is headed. Disenchantment with the way Professional Sports has now become the worst Charlie Sheen SitCom of itself. Disenchantment that there’s nothing and nobody to look at and say that’s “Genuine”.

The Steve Martin Movie “Leap of Faith”. Let me tell you kid, there’s one thing you can’t contend with and that’s “the genuine article”. Tim Tebow is the genuine article.

And people around the World, people of many countries, many languages, different religions, faiths, cultures see it. And gravitate to it. Because they don’t see those very often.

I’m not talking about some “Saint” in sackcloth. Tim Tebow is a young man who enjoys himself. He loves the company of pretty girls. He also loves the company of sick kids. He can hang with his beer drinking drunken sailor talkin buddies. Or the self proclaimed holier-than-everyone old church ladies.

He is what he is. And he has proclaimed and committed to sticking to it…that he knows he’s a Role Model to young kids. I hear every day “I don’t want my kids looking up to Athletes as ‘Role Models’”. I’m calling “Bullshit!”.

Athletes have been Role Models for thousands of years. Ain’t NOBODY gonna change that. Even the millions of self-indulgent athletes who have sullied Sports.

THAT is the problem. The Basic Nature. Kids are going to look up to Star Athletes. Adults can try to bullshit themselves and everyone else all they want that they should look somewhere else for guidance in life. Keep wishing. Keep saying that. It is what it is and deep down everybody knows it.

And THERE Sports Fans is The Tebow Phenomenon. He’s what Sports at its highest aspiration of Strength, Character and Pure Honest Value is all about. And a whole lotta people know it.

And that has scared the bejeezus out of the blowhard functionaries of the NFL. They’ve got to put those Tebow “Crazies” in their place. And they keep telling themselves that. That it’s some smallish fanatical group of zealots.

But it’s not. It’s billions of people around the World who are disenchanted with the World they see wrecking their guts as they know it just ain’t right. But they don’t know what to do about it.

If the Tebow “Crazies” ever rally ’round a cause, there isn’t a force on earth that could stop them. Because they’re not crazy. And fortunately for everyone, there’s a whole lot of them.


Same Sports Bimbo I’ve always been.

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16 Responses to “MisUnderestimating ‘The Tebow Phenomenon’”

  1. Sage says:

    This is a righteous essay.

  2. Sage says:

    Tebow is the antidote to decadence.

    Although this article is not about sports, it’s about the encroaching decadence in politics and society–among the ruling class. The article isn’t a rant about morality, but about abandonment of standards.


    • ck says:

      Nice article Sage and now I know where you glean your info at “Bard” and need we say more. The excellence for which America was known for is quckly fading and that, I find, is more than sad b/c the dream probably won’t last much longer unless God grants a miracle or two (conditions will have to be met on that though).

  3. andrea says:

    Great article by Peggy Noonan.

    I have my pitchfork ready.

  4. andrea says:

    Very good article by Brandi.

    Still waiting to see how the media elites treat circus #2 – we know what they really think of circus #1 (Tebow – not good enough to play in the N.F.L.)

    I disagree with the media elites on their opinion of Tebow – but after all I live in flyover country and what the hades do I know?

  5. David Oliver says:

    I always appreciate Brandi’s unique and personal – INPUT !

    However, I really do not think the Background “Noise Floor” Has changed at all though, as far as him being given ANY fair opportunity to compete at the NFL QB Position – since I wrote this in December:

    Why is Tebow still “Black-Balled” by NFL?

    Because he is too “Polarizing” (Code Word of “New Speak” For “TOO – CHRISTIAN”!!

    YES I have heard of many OTHER players – who have confessed Christ, including Russell Wilson, previously and have rooted for them:

    However, I have NEVER seen anyone of them – who dared to CONFESS – and THANK, “MY SAVIOUR – THE LORD JESUS CHRIST” – at the Beginning of any Post Game interview – So THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING – from him!

    NOR have I seen the Rabid HATE Campaign against any player like TEBOW – To the Late Night Comedian, said if he
    had one bullet – and had a choice between shooting Bin Liden or TIME TEBOW in the Head – HE WOULD SHOOT TIM TEBOW – YEAH, this is REALLY – JUST – all about his unorthodox throwing motion ? RIGHT!

    Anyhow that is the main reason – I have been OUT there for him – because he crossed “THEIR THRESHOLD”



    Basically – there is a “NOISE FLOOR” of FEAR – Such that Team owners, managers and coaches – are FEARFUL of the PERSONAL REPERCUSSION of ATTACKS on THEM – IF THEY DARED TO MAKE SUCH A MOVE..

    IT is MUCH EASIER to GO ANY OTHER WAY – WITHOUT THE RESULTANT ATTACKS from This Orchestrated Hate Campaign That Has been effective in Taking Tim Tebow away from any FAIR opportunity to show his “STUFF” – In REAL GAME SITUATIONS in the NFL! In many cases as with the JETS – They were, IN REALITY – AFRAID he WOULD do WELL!

    • ck says:

      David Oliver: Great post as well and concur w/Andrea!!!:) Sad, but true and why we should show up in support of T2…stop being the silent majority for a change!:(

  6. andrea says:

    I agree with everything David Oliver has written.

  7. Bigfan says:

    Good article

  8. Brandi says:

    Not to push my own stuff. But I’ve got a quote from the new USFL that I think Tim Tebow Fans will find interesting…and infuriating.


  9. bubbaelvis says:

    They sound like Jacksonville’s front office. Morons all.
    It is mind blowing that someone hasn’t signed Tebow. I thought filling the seats was a big deal in the NFL. He is guaranteed to bring the crowd in.
    I was hoping to hear his name mentioned as being a possibility with some teams during the combine. Instead we get Michael Vick to the Jets rumors.
    Does anyone know if any GM’s, Coaches, or Scouts have gone to see him workout in L.A.? What could it hurt to take a look?

  10. andrea says:

    I doubt if anyone will mention Tebow’s name to to the adverse “circus” it would bring from the mainstream media.

    I think if anyone gives Tebow a chance it will be hidden from the media as much as possible.

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