Why Tim Tebow Should Get Another Shot as an NFL Quarterback

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By Austin Green(Correspondent

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18 Responses to “Why Tim Tebow Should Get Another Shot as an NFL Quarterback”

  1. ck says:

    Thanks Buzzy for posting. See, he will get another chance and after hearing Joel Osteen’s message…another and another and another, etc. Guess God knows better than anyone!!!

  2. bubbaelvis says:

    I’m glad someone thinks he will get a chance, but to suggest he is a third string QB is selling him short. He is as good as a least 13 of the starting QB’s in the NFL right now and that is without “fixing” his throwing mechanics. I believe Trent Dilfer when he says he throws better now and can’t wait to see him play again. How much better is a fixed Tebow. This year off may be the best thing that has happened to him. The story of next football season will be the comeback of Tim Tebow.

  3. Brandi says:

    There will come a day when NFL Owners wake up and realize they have failed in explaining to their organizations what a Professional Sports Franchise is and what it isn’t.

    Regardless of the reputation of Sports Franchises as believing abusing their Customers is the easiest path to profitability, they still understand, beneath it all, that if they are not giving the Fans what they want, sooner or later, they have trouble keeping their business viable. NFL Owners let the threat fester that they would bank the money from the TV Networks and cancel the Season as a negotiating technique against the Players. ESPN alone pays the NFL as much as all Ticket Sales combined. Yet the Owners waited until the Networks were about to blow up before publicly stating they had no intention of using the tactic if they didn’t get what they wanted from the Players. But they sure pushed it to the brink. And it took the Networks…NOT the NFL…to kill the tactic.

    The Trust between the Networks and the NFL may never be the same again.

    The same situation exists with Fans. If they believe long enough, strong enough, that a League doesn’t really care what they want, sooner or later, the impact on that League’s business becomes too much to ignore. If they let it fester, they may never again have the Fans Trust no matter what they do.

    Tim Tebow has deserved a shot at Running a Team for one simple reason. He’s the Most Popular Player the NFL has had. That he has been successful, simply makes it easy for an Owner to tell doubters in their Organization that it is up to Tim to actually Fail…on the Field…and sustained failing before their opinions carry any weight. Tim Tebow has “earned” it with the Fans…the NFL’s Customers. That NFL Teams are sending off the message he must now earn it with them shows more about how lost from the Fans the Teams have become. That more NFL Fans don’t see this simple correlation should shock them. Because it may mean NFL Fans have forgotten what being a Fan really means. Fans of No Other League would put up with it.

    • ck says:

      Brandi: Agreed. Sooner or later when they have totally alienated their fan base and wonder where all the money went, they just might get a clue!!! Whatever happened to the “customer is always right?!” Guess they can watch all those $$ taking off when the fans invest their money elsewhere where they won’t be ignored to the point of frustration!!!:(

      • Brandi says:

        There are smart, knowledgeable people working for the NFL. There are very good hearted Owners and Team Presidents. But what I’ve heard repeatedly for months is “Nobody is listening to us.”

        The Lawyers have been running the League. So long as they continue to do so unchecked by those in the League who love the Game (and love the Fans), I just don’t see things getting any better. The GMs and Tebow…the “circus”, “too popular to sign”, etc…comes down to the structure of NFL Organizations doesn’t take the Fans interests into account. GMs get paid the same for empty stadiums as packed ones. They get paid the same for Fans standing in protest outside Team Offices as Fans standing cheering in the stands.

        What’s worse though, in my opinion, is many think this is how it’s supposed to be. Many NFL Fans have adopted the NFL’s arrogance of self-anointed superiority. Today it’s biting Fans who actually have passion in the butts. But in the long run, it means a League that is bleeding Fans. One that even some NFL Owners have admitted it can no longer replace with new ones. They’ve run out.

        • ck says:


  4. Sage says:

    To have Tebow out is hard enough, but watching the donkeys thrive makes it even harder.

  5. andrea says:

    Jimmy Stewart was once asked what was the secret to his success. His answer – treat your customers as “partners”. I agree with Brandi – the owners and the N.F.L. act like they know everything and if you don’t like it tough.

    I have three brothers who have been football fanatics their whole life – until the last couple of years. If they miss watching a football game now – their attitude is “no big deal”. Ten or 20 years ago they would have had a fit if they missed watching a football game.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: I remember how glued to the TV I was every time I knew Tebow would be playing that is for sure and not so much now unless it is when certain teams deserve to LOSE!!

      • ck says:

        Will say that T2 made football exciting to watch as you would be on the edge of your seat waiting for the IMPOSSIBLE TO HAPPEN!

  6. Hoot says:

    Tim deserves to be treated like a QB rather than any other positional player or for any other purpose (sell tickets and jerseys). He is here to play QB. He has worked on his passing skills all season. He is a proven winner.

  7. Bigfan says:

    Part of me says how can they not?

    The other says I have been surprised before!

    Be here before Brandi can jump the Shark :)…sorry Brandi I couldn’t resist.

    • ck says:

      Bigfan: Think I have heard that one before and Sage brought it up…”Jump the Shark” which is now what is done for interest as in “Happy Days”! Brandi has it down, will say that!!! She has the market cornered on what the NFL is up to and if they know what is good for their balance sheet, had better start paying attention to THE FANS!!! Saw the Vice President of the NFL on TV and was considering contacting btw!! Even if it is not well received at least did something…hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  8. ck says:


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