Trading for Tim Tebow was a mistake, former Jets GM now says

Jay Busbee



Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Former Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum, the man who traded for Tim Tebow, is now looking back on his career in New York. He’s expressing some regrets, and guess who’s right at the top?

“Obviously we made a couple mistakes,” Tannenbaum told CBS Sports Radio, “trading for Tim Tebow most notably.” The Jets dealt a fourth- and sixth-round pick to Denver to get Tebow in March 2012, and then proceeded to use him in no discernibly logical fashion whatsoever. Tebow’s fans claimed that he was a playoff-winning quarterback who wasn’t being used effectively; his detractors claimed that he simply didn’t have the skill set to compete at an NFL level.

Regardless, the Jets went 6-10 in 2012, and Tannenbaum got the boot. So too did Tebow, who caught on for a preseason stint with the Patriots but got cut before the season began.

Tannenbaum also talked about problems that the Jets roster had from the bottom up, but you don’t really care about that, do you? No, you want more Tebow, so here it is: Tannenbaum added that he believes Tebow will return to the NFL. “I would never bet against Tim,” he said. “We used to have an expression that Tim’s the type of guy who’s either going to be successful or die trying. His relentlessness and passion … I would think he’ll get another opportunity.”

We shall see. Tebow is currently employed as a commentator for ESPN’s SEC Network, but has made no secret of his desire to continue to seek a job as a quarterback in the NFL. Begin your smart comebacks to his heartfelt dream in 3, 2, 1 …

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28 Responses to “Trading for Tim Tebow was a mistake, former Jets GM now says”

  1. Sage says:

    Mike, your mistake was Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano (sp).

    Brandi pegged Sparano as well as anyone possibly could when she compared him to the North Koreans.

    • David Oliver says:


      And Tim’s mistake was believing ALL their lies and misrepresentations!

      • ck says:

        David O.: Yes, that is the REAL mistake…talk about sour grapes!!! All they need to do is look in the mirror; especially where that mess called Ryan is concerned. Wonder when he will be on his way out as well. The reason they stunk even more was b/c they were too scared to let T2 WIN GAMES ALL THE WAY TO THE SB!!!

      • ck says:

        David O.: Hey David, here is someone who I definitely agree with and know you will too! Found this on Bleacher Report dated 01/19/2014 by Austin Green: “Why Tim Tebow Should Get Another Shot As An NFL Quarterback” and in the comment section it was then written by NaNa: “Nobody has the brains and guts to admit that Tim Tebow changed the NFL with his play in 2010 and 2011. Tebow’s incredible athleticism and performance in 2010 and 2011 proved the spread-option could work–Now the Niners and Hawks run that offense. It’s unfortunate that Tebow is not with his team (Denver) and going to the Super Bowl.”

        Buzzy: Hope you can find this article as you would like it too!

    • The Mascot Army says:

      What about Sanchez’s contract?

      • tawk2 says:

        Don’t you remember “Sanchez gives us the best chance to win” lol.

        The Jets especially Rex Ryan never wanted Tebow, and he hated when Tebow led that 95 yd drive against his Jets to win the game. Rex found a way to put Tim in his place by humiliating him in various positions and always putting other quarterbacks on the field before him. Karma will bite Rex in the butt down the line.

        If Tebow would have been given a true chance to develop and play on the Jets at the quarterback position, they would have won more games, its that simple.

        It have been really quiet on the Sanchez front I wonder if anyone will trade for him?

        • ck says:

          Tawk2: Right about that too and agree it was payback for being humiliated by losing in Denver to T2 and even suffered a “HUGE” case of indigestion b/c of it!!!

    • ck says:

      Sage: Go Sage…you’re on a roll!!!:D

  2. Bigfan says:

    Rear view mirror is always clear.

  3. Brandi says:

    One of the All-Time Best assessments of Timmy & the Jets…

    The Onion:

    “Jets Say Tim Tebow May Still Have Prominent Role As Scapegoat–

    Contradicting statements made last year, New York Jets general manager John Idzik announced Monday that the team is still interested in keeping Tim Tebow on the roster as a much-needed excuse for next season’s struggles. “In terms of being a scapegoat, we’ve never denied Tim’s effectiveness,” said Idzik, even suggesting that both Tebow and Mark Sanchez could return to split time as a major media distraction. “We relied heavily on Tebow every game last year, and we think he could be our fall guy again. But don’t get me wrong, we’re considering all our options when it comes to finding players we can pin all our problems on. As you saw, we just worked out David Garrard last week, who has years of scapegoat experience.” Idzik told reporters that the Jets will also consider platooning several overpriced free agents and high draft picks as scapegoat.”

    The Jets and Tebow are like that scene in the movie “The Paper” where ‘George Castanza’ plays the NYC Sanitation Dept Commissioner or something like that and he gets all upset ab out being called out in the paper and freaks out…”I know the ___Dept is (messed up). It was (messed up) when I got it.”

    That’s the Jets. They were a total mess BT (Before Tebow), a total mess now and will probably be one until Woody Johnson sells the Team to someone who starts acting like an Owner, comes in and cleans house from the foundation up.

  4. tawk2 says:

    I see MSN is milking this story, now Yard Barker is on it. I wonder how many stories will come out of this one story, geez!

  5. steftebowfan says:

    WHAT a LOOZER !!! This story just makes him look bad. The only mistake here was Tim taking that job without kicking and screaming for his dear life!!

    • ck says:

      Steftebowfan: Right about that as they should lose and lose often due to all their lies/antics!!! Besides, they have no credibility and T2 was destined for better than that messed up place!!!

  6. ck says:

    Well, will have to say the name kinda fits “Shutdown Corner” only it needs to be “Shutdown Column”, ha, ha!!!

  7. tawk2 says:

    The biggest mistake the Jets made was not playing Tim as their starting quarterback! That being said how come Sanchez’s 56 million dollar payout has not been addressed? Sanchez really has been earning his salary, lol. That is if you want to count butt fumbles and turnovers, lol.

    So why doesn’t MSN and others follow that story? I seen where Mike Tannenbaum even addressed it somewhat in one of the recent interviews. The reason why is because the press wants to hate on Tim every chance they get. Tired of the media and the bias analyst.

    The Jets were a mess before Tim came there and they are a mess after he left. Brandi you are right they will continue to be a mess under Woody and the staff there now. I still feel “what goes around, comes around” Karma will have the last word in the end.


  8. tawk2 says:

    Here is a breaking story about Geno Smith, I did not find it on the front page of MSN yet though. Here is the link, the updat at 10:40 pm at bottom tells it all. Geno is full of himself and it clearly shows. He was not arrested but cannot fly on this airline anymore, Geno brought up racism, not his bad behavior as the problem.

    The Jets have so much to worry about, lol.

    • ck says:

      Tawk2: Agree they have got their hands full!!! Especially, when they renewed Ryan’s contract…talk about problematic/immoral, lol! Haven’t heard a word about the other mess that starts w/”S”! Like you mentioned, all of that $$ could be used elsewhere instead of wasted. Glad T2 does not have to deal w/NY and all of its nightmarish PC garbage etc.!!!

  9. andrea says:

    No surprise – I’m rooting for the Patriots!!!!!

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Me too or should I say, was?! Also, was hoping the 49ers would win. Well, I doubt Elrot will be winning the SB and believe that CAN AT LEAST BE SOME “DIVINE JUSTICE” FOR ONCE WHERE THEY ARE CONCERNED!!!
      Kinda funny how Elrot at the end of the game was giving the fans some credit when before he chose to not listen to them more than not!!! Still know that was Tebow’s Team that he helped lead to all those previous WINS/PLAYOFF WHEN THEY WERE NOT WINNING AT ALL & ALMOST BANKRUPT IN MILE HIGH MANURE LAND!!!

  10. ck says:

    Forgive the toxicity…just a little perturbed at the moment thinking about the above scenario and needed to vent just a little, ha, ha.–o.k., ALOT!

    • tawk2 says:

      I can relate ck. I am frustrated with Elrot at well! My hubby is a 49’ers fan and sad they did not win. There were some calls during that game that were very questionable to say the least.

      Anyways I am by far not a Seahawks fan but I am pulling for them in the Superbowl! It would be something to see them win with an offense similar to what Tebow played, Tim opened the door for all these other option quarterbacks, and he cannot get a job what is up with this?

      • Hoot says:

        Sorry Niners didn’t make it, but I do think Seattle makes a better match up for the Broncos. Their defense is awesome. We’ll see in a couple of weeks.

      • ck says:

        Tawk2: Yes, I believe the niner’s should have won b/c they were leading for the most part and believe like someone stated that it is rigged!!! Here’s to a SB in which the Bronco’s lose and wouldn’t that be a bigger loss than the playoffs?!!! Another thing, they deserve to lose and lose BIG IMO and hope T2 and ALL HIS FANS HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!!!

  11. andrea says:

    CK you are a better person than I am – I get physically ill whenever I see Elway so I didn’t watch the game at all yesterday.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Actually, you are to be commended as you stuck to your principles and curiosity, unfortunately, got the best of me. Well, it just goes to show you if they would have had T2 on the Pats then they could have been the ones going to the SB IMO and would it have been worth it to see Elrot’s face then!!!:D

  12. steftebowfan says:

    I agree Tebow on the Pats would have mixed things up even if he was just a decoy. Defenses could not ignore him and it would have given Tom more room to throw. He could of handed off or thrown short to Tebow or Tebow could have come out for a series or two. No imagination leads to no SB. I do not think it was worth keeping Gronk off injured reserve and take that roster spot from Tebow Gronk still did not play the first few weeks anyway. He could of come in later in the season and maybe not got hurt. Oh if we could turn back time!!

    • ck says:

      Steftebowfan: Very true. One day soon, hopefully, we will be able to see a REAL FOOTBALL GAME W/T2 AS THE LEADING NFL QB!!!:D

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