Tim Tebow Topless Football Workout at USC, Reportedly on Way Back to Pro Football

By Rachelle Corpuz | January 24, 2014 11:03 AM EST

Tim Tebow was spotted doing some football workout at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Is Tebow prepping up for a comeback in the National Football League (NFL)? TMZ has the exclusive photos here.

Despite that fact that Tebow works as an analyst for college football now, he has never given up his dream of becoming a quarterback for the NFL. He is determined to land another shot at the premiere football league even though no team has expressed interest in him.

This is not the the first time that Tebow was seen practicing at the USC campus. In September 2013, Tebow was also spotted training at the campus of the said university. Watch him in the video below:

Video courtesy: YouTube/iFolloSports


TMZ also reported back in November that Tebow did another training session at USC. The source of the entertainment news Web site told TMZ that Tebow spent four hours on the football field working on his throwing skills.So, Tebow has really been a regular at the university for quite some time now. Well, it looks like Tebow will have to condition his body and get back to his pro football shape because ESPN’s Trent Dilfer revealed that Tebow may be on his way back to the NFL, reported O.canada.com.During the ESPN’s NFL Countdown on Sunday morning, the network ran an infomercial featuring Tebow working out and training with Tom House, a former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher who has delved into coaching the throwing mechanics of NFL quarterbacks. Aside from Tebow, House has also shared his knowledge to help Oakland Raiders’ quarterback Terrelle Pryor improve his performance in the NFL.

“There are a lot of times, I mean I’m just being honest about it, that it can get tiring, it can get a little frustrating and you have to find that place inside of you that wants it,” said Tebow on the topic of his love for the game of football, despite the fact that he hasn’t been able to live his NFL dream.

Tebow’s continued training only means that he’s really not ready to end his NFL dream just yet. “I love it,” said Tebow. “When you love something and you’re passionate about something, you wanna go after it,” he added. Tebow went on looking teary-eyed and said that the outcome of all his training and hard work doesn’t matter to him. “It’s okay because I’m not gonna have to turn around and live with regrets and saying ‘Man, I wish I would’ve trained harder, I wish I would’ve pushed myself, I wish I would’ve done more’ because every day I push myself to the limit,” Tebow concluded.

Tebow is nowhere deserving the amount of mockery he gets from his critics. He’s just a person who wants to live his dreams. Tebow may already had a shot at what he thought was the fulfillment of his NFL dream, but it’s not over yet. He’s still young, and no one can stop him from pursuing his football career.

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