Tim Tebow Shows His Wild Side in Super Bowl Ad

T-Mobile commercial shows the NFL star doing everything from rodeo to hanging with bigfoot.

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17 Responses to “Tim Tebow Shows His Wild Side in Super Bowl Ad”

  1. andrea says:

    Sad. Very sad. Commercial could have focused on positive things Tebow is doing i.e. charity work but instead a commercial highlighting the fact that Tebow is out of an N.F.L. job. Why Tebow continues to hang around with these Hollywood/entertainment goofballs is beyond me.

    As the old saying goes “You sleep with dogs,you wake up with fleas”.

    • SB says:

      Are you really serious? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this commercial whatsoever. There is plenty of exposure about his charity work, it doesn’t need to be in a commercial. This may end up being one of the better SB commercials. In fact, this type of light hearted exposure will probably help him in getting back in the NFL. It’s already been documented by legit NFL analysts that he’s training extremely hard to get back with a team.

      • Sage says:

        I’m serious. What’s next, Jay Leno’s couch? The commercial puts him right where smelway and detractors like him, on par with reality tv stars.

      • David Oliver says:

        Come on, this is Not intended to be a Commercial for Tim Tebow,
        but T-Mobile – WHICH is not even mentioned till the end?

        It is a play on Words “No Contract”

        It shows his open personality, is innocent – yet shows off
        his diverse personality – while remaining consistent with his
        True SelF Beliefs – yet also shows the “MAN” that he is and
        keeps him visible for the NFL – but brings in income to use as
        God Directs.. I Think it was great and a POSITIVE attention Getter!

        Fun and Humor are Positive HERE !

        Please give him some SLACK..

    • ck says:

      Andrea: I am seriously not impressed and it was not something worth promoting as in making a joke out of not having a “CONTRACT” AND WHO ELSE DOES THAT EXCEPT THE PEOPLE USING OTHERS MISFORTUNE TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK!!! He needs to get somebody else to manage his advertisements who does not lower his CLASS ACT!!! Not the first time that this type of sit. has had his fans not agreeing on certain venues; it makes you wonder if all that Hollywood C-R-A-P is not rubbing off?!! (Like the saying too and oh so true–DOGS=FLEAS!” If you want better results then why lower standards? Makes no sense to me.) Do we really want to see more Miley Cyrus and Madonna? Hope they don’t go that far to get attention…GEEZ! Refuse to watch and try not to even though it is somewhat like watching a train wreck happening!
      Yes, it is alright to not take yourself too seriously, but that goes beyond being tasteful or clever…embarrassing? Yes, I think so too and he deserves better than the disrespectful low-lifes that are so common any more and act like they are doing him a favor negatively managing this business!!!
      (Btw the ad w/mom was done much better and not in poor taste! So much for the shock value on that I guess…hmmmmmmmmmm!)

  2. lex says:

    SB, I agree with you. It is nice to see this lightheartedness by Tim.

  3. tawk2 says:

    I agree it’s so nice to see Tim having fun in this commercial! I am sure it will be a fresh pace from all the underlying sex and beer commercials. Although we are not watching the Superbowl in our house. My hubby’s team the 49’ers are not playing, plus he has to work that night. Go Seahawks! I really enjoyed this, thanks for posting Buzzy.

  4. andrea says:

    Of course I’m serious. Was’nt too long ago Tebow was doing a pro-life Super Bowl Ad. Now Tebow is being relegated to slapstick. I’m sure all the Tebow haters will love this spot. I can just see Stephen A. grinning from ear to ear.

    I’m totally clueless how this commercial will help him get back into the N.F.L. Just more fodder for the Tebow circus.

    • Hoot says:

      Tim’s commercial with his Mom…where he tackled her wasn’t slapstick? He’s got a sense of humor too 🙂

      A commercial helps him in advertising his name and gives him money. His training that he did during the season and his work ethic should help him get back into the NFL.

      What’s fodder for the Tebow “circus” is how his fans react to the adversity he faces.

      • ck says:

        Hoot: Forgot that Tebow’s Fans are not given permission or supposed to be “REAL FANS” and we all know how nice it is to go somewhere where there are the other fans who are rude/obnoxious etc. Would rather be a Tebow Fan b/c at least he IS a “role model” rather than what passes for the NFL lower standards. As far as “circus”, if you haven’t noticed the only category that fits that would be the media that creates this HYPE for ratings due to his enormous popularity and you need to face the “FACTS” about that!!!

      • David Oliver says:

        Amen !!

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Keep posting as you are batting 1000 and then some w/truth!!!

  5. andrea says:

    Does’nt Denver have a back up QB? 36-8 Seattle 4th quarter Super bowl 2014 .

    I am estatic!!!!

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