Sources: Bucs to hire Lovie Smith

January 2, 2014 news services

Lovie Smith has reached an agreement to become the next head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, sources told ESPN.

The former Chicago Bears coach will replace the ousted Greg Schiano on a four-year deal, according to sources.


There is a fifth-year option for Smith at the team’s control, a source said.

 Smith met with the Glazer family Tuesday and was offered the job, according to sources. Talks for a contract extended until Wednesday when a deal was reached in the evening.

Terms of the contract weren’t known, but sources said Smith is expected to make in excess of $5 million a year.

Smith will bring in former Cal coach Jeff Tedford to be his offensive coordinator, a source confirmed. Smith may also bring in Rod Marinelli as his defensive coordinator, according a league source. Recently fired Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier had been mentioned as a potential defensive coordinator candidate as well, according to a source.

The Detroit Lions were also interested in Smith, but he preferred the Bucs job. He has previous ties to the organization having served as an assistant under Tony Dungy.

Dungy, now an NFL analyst for NBC, took to Twitter to laud the hire.

  Tony Dungy         @TonyDungy

Congratulations to the Bucs. I think they made a very good choice in hiring Lovie Smith. Now I’m excited about watching the Bucs next

Fox Sports first reported news of Smith’s agreement with Tampa Bay.

In addition to Schiano, the Bucs also fired general manager Mark Dominik on Monday. With no general manager, Smith will have control of his coaching staff and a huge voice in personnel.

Schiano was 11-21 in two seasons as the Buccaneers’ coach and had three years remaining on his contract, which he signed in 2012.

 The Buccaneers, who entered the 2013 season with high expectations, stumbled to an 0-8 start before finishing 4-12.

Schiano was also embroiled in controversy involving former quarterback Josh Freeman, who was cut by the Buccaneers in October shortly after he was benched.

Freeman was compelled to acknowledge his presence in the NFL’s substance-abuse program due to a prescription for Adderall after the information was leaked to the media. Schiano vehemently denied he was the source of the leak, however.

Information from ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter and’s John Clayton, Pat Yasinskas and Ben Goessling contributed to this report.

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8 Responses to “Sources: Bucs to hire Lovie Smith”

  1. tawk2 says:

    I wonder if Lovie Smith likes Tebow? If not I guess no hope in Tampa for Tim. Anyways hope everyone has a great New Year, all we can do is hope that Tim will find a NFL home that truly believes in him, keep the faith like Tim does.

  2. Sage says:

    Smith is a reasonable hire, but it shows how conservative and uninterested in experimentation the league is. A known mediocrity is almost always preferred over a newcomer.

  3. andrea says:

    Looks like Brandi has been right all along. So far 3 of the four playoff games this coming weekend have not been sold out as of yet.

    Buzzy Says: The Packers Playoff Game is blackout local TV At the TT playoff game they sold Standing room only Tickets

    • Brandi says:

      Than ks Andrea. 🙂 It’s not popular to say to people the NFL’s “Popularity” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But the NFL has been driving the average fans away for years. The Fans seem to finally have gotten the message and are saying “OK. We can find other things to do with our time and money.)

  4. The Mascot Army says:

    I just wanted to remind everybody about this video from that infamous Darlington video with Fox in 2011. Keep it bookmarked.

    It is media malpractice that allows the public to continue thinking Tebow’s throws into the dirt highlights were unintentional.
    “Beach it”

    • Sage says:

      Can you imagine following Fox’s advice, getting dinged for it, and never getting to use it as an excuse? I think Tebow will rise again. Sure hope so.

    • Brandi says:

      “Media Malpractice” is just another name for NFL Media. DispicableME2 Media. Springer Sports. Call it anything you like. It’s worse than all other Sports Media combined. No actual Analysis. 15-second soundbite running themes. And nobody cares.

      Virtually the entire National NFL Media was oogling over the Jets-Broncos Thursday Night Game because they’d finally get a chance to watch Tebow & the Broncos Play. No matter how many of them said it…no matter which Network from ESPN to FOX, CBS, to the Food Network…no matter who the “Big Name” NFL Commentator. Nobody cared that, despite admittedly NOT having even watched Him/Them Play a single Game, they’d all felt authoritative enough to have critiqued Tebow’s Play and “explain” the early TeBroncs Wins.

      NFL Fans completely ignored it. NFL Media is as awful as it is because NFL fans couldn’t care less. They want to be entertained and they don’t want to have to think. But it doesn’t stop them from exercising their right to display their Superior Football Knowledge. (Just like their NFL Media heroes.) 🙂

      Buzzy Says As andrea says some of the wildcard games are blacked out for local TVbecause the cant fill the stadiam/

      • Sage says:

        Brandi, you’re writing is some of the most interesting sports fare on my radar. I imagine there are some other interesting sports writers, but I haven’t explored for awhile.

        By “interesting” I refer to content that transcends group-think and echo chamber.

        Do you have any writers or tweeters who you follow? I’d be espciallly curious to know of the ones who are not in the national spotlight.

        I find Skip Bayless somewhat interesting. A couple of guys at itsalloverfatman write well, though I boycott Broncos stuff. Lombardi was decent.

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