Kaepernick Resembles Tebow More Than Manning

 Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick (Photo credit: Mike Morbeck)

San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick three playoff games this season resembled Tim Tebow much more than Peyton Manning.  That’s not a put down.  Were it not for the outstretched arm and acrobatics of Seattle’s Richard Sherman, Kaepernick would be meeting Manning in Super Bowl XLVII in spite of a sputtering passing performance.  Instead, my observation highlights that while Peyton Manning or Tom Brady may be viewed as the pinnacle of QB play, y, alternative QB skills can serve teams very well.  Until the final drive on Sunday, Kaepernick had thrown for less few yards and completed only 9 passes, less than 50 percent of his attempts.  Those numbers pale in comparison to Manning’s 400 yards and 32 completions. Yet, San Fransisco stood less than a touchdown away from victory and would have scored only 2 fewer points than the Broncos had Kaepernick connected with Michael Crabtree and the pivotal play.

Kaepernick’s legs, rather than his arm, pushed the 49ers to a 17-10 lead as their passing game sputtered, and their their running backs gained only 30 yards.  His legs, as much as his arm, defeated the Green Bay Packers in the Wild Card round.  Even without Kaepernick, the Super Bowl will pit a QB much more like Kaepernick in Seattle’s Russell Wilson than he is like Manning, Brady, or Green Bay’s Rodgers.  Wilson’s regular season rushing stats were nearly identical to Kaepernick’s with over 500 yards for the season.  It is often in the most competitive games that their legs factor into the equation more.

The trend toward mobile QBs is not going away.  Yes, Colin Kaepernick needs to and likely will become a better passer, and as he ages, use his legs less.  There will continue to be QBs who perform at high levels by focusing exclusively on their passing skills, but that does not mean every team should go that direction or try to eliminate the running of players like Wilson or Kaepernick as quickly as possible.   Neither San Francisco or Seattle would have played for the NFC Championship by trying to plug in some second or third rate imitation of Manning, Brady, or Rodgers — or, for that matter, players with modest NFL success like Cincinatti’s Andy Dalton.

Which leads me to Tebow.  Jim Harbaugh won’t be throwing Kaepernick off the bus because of the loss Sunday night or his erratic throwing over the playoffs.  (Of course, if he could replace him with Peyton Manning, maybe he would.)  Kaepernick has led the team to a Super Bowl and an NFC Championship in a season and a half as a starter.  So why is Tebow on the outside of the league looking in?  To many commentators, he’s now the butt of jokes.  He’s no Manning, that’s for sure, but he’s not that far away from Kaepernick, now cannot even find a job as a backup.  That makes sense for clubs that run passing-only QB offenses, but for those that use their QBs to run, it doesn’t.

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10 Responses to “Kaepernick Resembles Tebow More Than Manning”

  1. David Oliver says:

    So why is Tebow on the outside of the league looking in?

    I Still believe it has little to do with football but with much

    to do with the $$ NFL and NFL Media AGENDA – Controllers and

    their political rhetoric against Tebow as to being just

    “TOO Polarizing (Again – Their NEWSPEAK Code Word for being JUST
    “Too Christian”!)

    However, one of TT’s Former? Chief Hater`s – TRENT DIFER – has done

    a strange “Turn – Around” – and is Now Recommending Tebow to

    Team Owners and GMs – As a NL WORTHY QB ! So, we will have to

    wait and see if there are new developements, forthcoming from this

    Political NFL Caucus from – behind the scenes for a new direction or

    re-evaluation of these NFL $$ Controllers`s future continuing Agenda?

  2. Sage says:

    The big difference between Kaepernick and Tebow is that if Tebow had first-and-goal to tie the Super Bowl in the fourt quarter, he would not waste it on incomplete passes to Crabtree. Instead, Tebow would drag the entire opposing Ravens team into the endzone.

    Is my contention dogmatic? I suppose. Yet after having watched him and his approach, it seems so obviously true.

    Heard some chatter yesterday that McD is still in the Cleveland mix. Don’t know if McD would bring Tebow in, but a person needs hope.

  3. Sage says:

    Here’s Brandi with a few words on Cleveland.


    • ck says:

      Thanks Sage for the info. and have to say Brandi seems to have the inside track when it comes to what is going on. She is proven right on a lot of her statements.

  4. shaztah says:

    Sage, Cleveland already got their coach. I am glad I read this here because I can just imagine the hate and vitriol that was said on the original page.

    • ck says:

      Shaztah: Looks like the new GM is a T2 fan in Cleveland…glad that Buzzy does a pretty good job of editing the not so pleasant posters too!

  5. Bubbaelvis says:

    He can win games with his legs like Kaepernick and has the poise and leadership qualities of Wilson. Actually, it should be stated the other way around as in Kaepernick can win games with his legs like Tebow and Wilson has the poise and leadership qualities of Tebow.
    I did not realize that Pettine spoke so highly of Tebow. Cleveland could be a winner if they pickup Tebow but it looks like they are falling for Manziel. It would be smart of them to sign Tebow and use their draft picks for the areas they need to go to the next level.

    • Sage says:

      Great point. Pick up Tebow for a song, and use a 1st round pick on a great supporting player.

      I mourn the loss of a chance to see Tebow develop with Damaryus Thomas and Decker. McDaniels put some pieces in place. Gets no credit.

      • ck says:

        Sage: Tebow was obviously the franchise NFL QB and Elrot’s “EGO” was unable to handle T2 breaking any record he set!! Decker and DT with Tebow would have been the SB ticket for Denver and actually would have won unlike the pseudo they have in place that is over rated and on his way out IMO!!
        Guess I never get tired of stating what the truth has been over and over for some time…

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